Saturday, January 31, 2009

Three days in a row of 40+ heat and society is falling apart! Srsly! Transport, electricity and the 'net have all had 'difficulties', and by 'difficulties' I mean severely disrupted train services due to buckling tracks; large portions of the state blacked out by an overloaded electricity grid; and my webz server falling over. [grump]
Lots of people are going to the beach, apparently.
... why? Don't they know how hot it is out there? Sheesh. Wouldn't do me any good - I don't need 30+ UV protection to stop the sunburn so much as spakfiller! I look at the images of people baking on the sands and I don't see healthsome frollicks, I see melanomas and skin like leather. [shudder]


Egad, cubs go back to school on Monday! There's so much to do! Cos of course I've been putting it off all holidays cos there's been plenty of time. Oops. : )


This article caught my eye: "Sexy swimmer denies Thorpe relationship". It amuses me that her surname is Beard. [snerk]

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cubs are sleeping over at a friend's place tonight. Not the first time they've been away from me but I'm really missing them this time. Eh well, they'll be home tomorrow and then their (boy) cousins will be staying over with us for a couple of nights.


The cubs, their dad and I went to see Valkyrie this afternoon. It was quite good, gripping in places with believable performances, even from Mr Cruise. Amazingly, the cubs' father had no quibbles about the accuracy of uniforms, vehicles etc; one of his bugbears in historical fims. I did have a quibble however, about one of Stauffenberg's justifications for Hilter must be deded!!!1!!, but, after consulting with the resident military historian (cubs' father) we concluded that it could be within the realms of possibility, just not very likely. Anyway, I was kind of chuffed I picked it up.
Cubs' father and I did have a few reservations about taking the cubs to see this movie - it was the first non-comic/tv show 'M' rated movie they'd seen at the cinema. But it wasn't too graphic, or gruesome, and they enjoyed it, declaring it 'awesome!', though I suspect that was because of the explosions (and military hardware) rather than the emotional and political ramifications of Hitler's assasination. : )
What I really enjoyed though, was sitting with the cubs and their father afterwards discussing potential 'what ifs...' of European history. [grin] So cool...


And, yay! I'm all safely re-enrolled for another year of study. Good news, too - all our workbooks this year are included in the 'materials fee'. Phew! That'll be about $300 I won't have to find...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Joules prodded me. "Don't you think it might be time for a blog update?"
Oops, well it has been a month...



Xmas: very quiet. The cubs and I went with Mum and Soulsis et al, to a restaurant. Food was good, though the cubs and their (boy) cousins hardly ate anything of the set menu. Alas, they were too old for the 'kids' menu so couldn't have chicken nuggets and chips. [rolls eyes]

New Year: crowded. Niki, Soulsis and I took advantage of the free (therefore crowded) public transport to go in to (crowded) Melbourne for the free 'family-friendly' fireworks on the Yarra. Show only went for 15 minutes but it was fun. Been a long, long time since I've seen live fireworks...
Then we - plus the rest of the families - squeezed our way out of the (even more crowded) city and on to the (even more crowded trains) as the non-family party people tried to squeeze in. Won't be doing that again in a hurry.
Made it back to Niki's before midnight, though, so we toasted the new year in there.
Resolutions? A few.

School Holiday: ongoing but rapidly drawing to a close. Cubs and I have managed to get out and about a bit.
We went to the Melbourne Aquarium! Penguins! Fish! Happy Lutra!
We house sat for Niki. Cubs really enjoyed having a room each. And I finally got to see Garth Marenghi's Darkplace. It was so laughably awful! And very clever. I've been to Romford; I'm sure I don't remember there being a spooky moor... (And having watched the program I finally got to read Joules' fics. So funny, and so accurate! [snerk])
We went to Nana's for a few days. We had a ride on the Healesville Trolley, and a visit to the Blue Lotus Water Garden. Nice.
We've seen movies. Madagascar 2 (better than the first. I laughed.); Bolt 3D (excellent animation, ludicrous plot); and Igor (amusing, bordering on witty in parts but otherwise not that engaging).

Upcoming: busyish. I'm re-enrolling for the second (final) year of my degree course in a few days. Woot! I haz new stationery and a cool metallic Batman (not Dark Knight) contact with which to cover my student diary! I'm all set.
Also, I've promised Joules a slashy fic for her birthday in February... Better get on with that then, eh?