Tuesday, August 28, 2007

We've been having some lovely weather lately. Too lovely. The sort of 'lovely' that makes me think that Summer's going to come galloping across nice and early. Hmph.

Aaaand, the cubs and I went to see the Transformer's movie again tonight. For the last time at the cinemas, I suspect, as it's coming to the end of its run. Unless the cubs ferret out a special showing at an independent theatre. They're just slightly obsessive enough to go looking, too. Eh well.
Seen the movie five times now. Unfortunately I did doze off for a short while - not for nearly as long as I did during the last Star Wars - but woke up refreshed in plenty of time for my favourite bits. :) Still dead impressed with the CGI.

The cubs' school concert was last week. I've seen worse.
No, it was fine, and the kids all looked like they were having great fun. One of the spotlights fell off the wall at one point, though, that was exciting - nobody hurt - and the Preps got to do their little dance twice cos the first time they forgot to pick up their cowboy hats...
It was a very late night, though. I'd picked Mum up earlier in the day, and then I had to drive her home. After an hour's driving we got there around 11.30. Cubs and I stayed overnight cos there was no way I was going to be able to drive back again!

Wellp, looks like I'm handing Mum's car back in a couple of days. Not feeling particularly gracious about the whole thing, but I knew it was only temporary right from the start. Been spoiled, being able to drive around for almost a year. [sigh] Could be worse, though, we could live in an area that had sucky public transport. See, there's an upside to everything.

Oh, almost forgot to mention the lunar eclipse this evening! Cloud obscured the view a lot of the time, but it cleared often enough for us to get a good look at the changing moon. Intriguing - it really was red for a short time there. :)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Thank you, Joules! I have my archives back. Though cos of Blogger's 'improvements' to a perfectly good system, they're not tucked neatly away behind a link.

Ten months after her stroke my Mum has regained her driving license. Yay for her an' all that but it means I have to give her car back. [grump]
Eh, doesn't matter - I used PT for years it won't be that hard to get back in to the swing of it...

Badger and Rocket have received their acceptance letters from the high school of our choice. :)
(Honestly, I would've been stunned if they hadn't got in - we live just down the road from it - but still, 'tis a good thing to have confirmation.)
And, oops, cubs are going on camp in a couple of weeks - better makes sure they've got everything they need. Soulsis, can I borrow the sleeping bags again, please?

And an honourable mention to Soulsis! She's been helping me find stickers for my OotP sticker books! Between us now I've only got 69 left to go. :)

Friday, August 10, 2007

I'm glad I'm intelligent. [musing] I'd imagine life would be that much harder if you're stupid.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

[frown] Where have my blog archives gone?
My anniversary here is coming up and I wanted to check the actual date.
Archives... 'not on this server'. [pout] Hm, I think I've got some of the earliest ones backed-up on my hard-drive. I think. Unless it was the previous hard-drive, in which case gods only know what's happened to them. Tch.

(Aaaand just checked and I do have a back-up of sorts. First post was August 26th, 2002. Five years, blimey. Maybe I should have a cake on that day? Heh, any excuse... :)

[grin] Cubs and I have seen the Transformers movie four times now and I'm still completely buying the illusion. If the cubs have their way we'll see it at least once more before it disappears from the cinemas.

I worked hard today, harder than I have for a long time, I think! Today was my first time volunteering in the kitchen at a local meals-on-wheels centre. Just for a couple of hours but my word there's a lot gets done. I'm sure once I get the hang of the routines I won't feel like I'm flailing quite so much.
Why am I there? Our caring, sharing government has decreed that, yea, should I still crave help from our most noble leaders, then unto them should I render a portion of my time, either to work or to look for work. At first the word came from on high, that, yea, volunteer work in an approved community activity could verily count towards my tithe but as the mystery was unfolded to me, lo, I discovered that this was not so. But, the downtrodden do still require volunteers and I did most solemnly declare my aid to be forthcoming...
Long story short: despite what I'd been told, volunteer activities don't count towards the 'work for the parenting payment support, you worthless parasite, look for a real job or you don't get any money!' 'initiative' but inbetween angsting and railing at the government I can spare a couple of hours a week to help out where I'm needed.
Not happy about it all, however.
Anyway, tra la la, could be worse...