Sunday, February 29, 2004

Eeeep! (refering to the last post)
What? I can't even watch? <pout>

(nicked from Onna's blog:)


Feeder Goldfish

Battle Rating

lutra was hatched from an ancient egg, uncovered in the arctic

Can your fishy beat lutra ?

'Can your fishy beat Lutra?'
Humph, with that score anybody could... (But why would you want to? That's such a pretty fish!)

Oooh! The cubs' father took them swimming this afternoon so I indulged myself and watched the first four eps of 'X'. Oh man this is so much better than the squished together edits that comprised the movie. Though having seen the movie the first ep is one big spoiler. <g> But then again, maybe it's not. We're briefly introduced to the main characters but not told which side they're on, or how the story itself is going to end - plus there were some characters I don't even remember from the movie.
Going to save up now and get volume 2! There's some intriguing bishies - er, characters - that I want to know more about. : )
The ningen says she's not 'homicidally possessive' of papa at all, and if you don't stop drooling and put your tongue back in your mouth she'll rip it out and blindfold you with it...

[shakes head] No idea what she's on about...

I overheard a conversation on the bus the other day. Heh, difficult not to overhear it as the guy (it was essentially a one-sided conversation) was speaking very loudly. From what I could gather, he was thinking about entering a Stand-up Comedy competiton and was trying out his material on the hapless person sitting next to him. For a start he only had 3 jokes, that were desperately unfunny, and he insisted on trying to explain why they were sposed to be funny which blasted to atoms any hope of funniness they had. <shakes head> And then he asked his 'audience' how he'd rate the material if he was one of the judges! Very glad not to get involved in that conversation - it's usually me that sits next to the weird ones!

<big eyes> Joules showed me the gifty-pics she received from Onna and Thorne. Cor! As Joules said, Thorne draws a very sexy Butch, and Radittsu is completely wriggle-worthy! (Though I'm observing from a distance, with my hands behind my back, cos the big ape is one of the few bishies Joules is homicidally possessive about. <smirk>)

Saturday, February 28, 2004

mmm... fishies... : )
The cubs and I went to the Aquarium today, nice and early so there were no crowds. I got to spend a decent amount of time with the cuttle(cuddle)fish, watching them change colour as they glided about their tank - just lovely, such interesting creatures...

My next AC is teetering on the brink of being finished (hoorah!). Gods it felt like I needed a crochet hook or something to pull this one out - sheesh. Now I'll tidy up another chapter of Dancing then think about doing something else. Right, what's clamouring to be written? Heh, what isn't...?

Soulsis, her boychiks and a friend popped round this evening and we all trooped down to Smorgy's for dinner, which was fine, but the discussion Soulsis and I had later about the sort of mini-commune we'd live on (in an ideal world) was much more satisfying. <g>
One day, perhaps... (or failing that I'll just write about it.)

Thursday, February 26, 2004

Happy Birthday, Joules! <tackleHUGS> Health and happiness this year, sinam... and please let me know what's in the mystery parcel! : )

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

The ningen says yes, Brian Eno, from the album Here Come the Warm Jets. Then she drifted off for a moment, muttering "ah, Eno... forgotten how much I like his stuff... must dig out the tapes..."

Found a (very scarce) copy of the Velvet Goldmine soundtrack in my favourite multi-media shop yesterday. I swooped upon the longed-for item, and, clutching it to my breast, decided there and then to treat myself. (I've been reading Dickens again, can you tell? <g>) I only really wanted the CD for one track, 'Baby's on Fire', by the Venus in Furs. It's a cover of a Brian Eno (?, Joules?) track, which I'm not familiar with, but I love this version. It grinds on in a deliciously sleazy/erotic way, this image helped of course by it being the background music to the orgy scene. Hee... <smirk>
Ooh! Reminds me... There's a beautiful little snippet of a scene in VG that I remembered today and it's started something bubbling. Not sure what I'm going to do with the idea yet but I've made a note of it - we'll see what happens.

I got the best showbag today! (For those not familiar with the term, a 'showbag' is basically a sample bag).
In Collection Maintenance we had a practical demonstration about book-coverings (paperbacks & hardbacks with/without dustcovers) from a library specialist supplies company. The class was given sample bags of different types of covering material and tapes, but best of all the samples were substantial enough for there to be heaps left over. Plenty for me to play with at home. : ) I have plans now for covering alllll my books... better start stock-piling the materials...

Tch, unfortunately I've not been able to finish the AC chapter I've been working on (sorry, Joules) but it's not far off completion. I really need to organise myself a little better so I can do everything I want. Heh, now the first flush of enthusiasm for studying is out of the way I can be more objective about my goals.
And speaking of goals...
The cubs and I have been talking/planning our next house and they've decided they want to paint their rooms. I explained that they probly wouldn't be able to do that unless we owned our house rather than rented it, which led to a discussion of how we could afford to buy a house. To cut a long story short, we decided that one of our strategies will be a collaborative effort at writing children's books. <bg> You can look forward to the adventures of Sharky - the weird shark sometime in the future...

(Thank you to Joules for posting this - I can't get into Blogger atm - grrr...)

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

So there we were, the cubs and I, having dinner at Smorgys when one of my little loves casts a solemn gaze at me over his dessert.
"I'm going to sacrifice this jelly." he intones then plunges his spoon (which he'd been holding dagger-style over the bowl) into the quivering pink heart of the sweet...
What? Don't look at me - I've got no idea where they get it from!

Monday, February 23, 2004

Okapi sent me this quiz. It's cute, but way too easy to manipulate. (Though I did answer the questions as honestly as I could, the first time, and came up as an American Mink, or something. Eh, otters 'r cuter. : )

Your weasel is the American River Otter!
Your weasel is the American River Otter. Fun and
playful, you're the life of the party! Talk
about an animal that knows how to have fun.
Good news: You're the only animal, besides people,
of course, to have built toys! How cool is
Bad news: As fun loving as you are, some people
think you eat too many damn fish, and water
pollution's no spring picnic either.

Which weasel are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Saturday, February 21, 2004

What can I say? <g>

The good thing about the cubs having their own backpacks is that when we go out for the day now my backpack is so much lighter cos I'm not carrying all the food.

<happy sigh> Fishies in 3D...
The cubs and I went to see 'Ocean Wonderland', the new IMAX movie, today. It was lovely, worth getting up ealier than usual on a weekend for. : )
We wandered around the museum afterwards, or rather, I trailed after my cubs as they tore off to explore. There's a new exhibit, the Virtual Room. It's essentially a 3D, 8 sided screen thingy that you walk around (wearing your 3D glasses) and it's like looking in at something, the orientation of the object/scene changes depending on where you're stanging. Tch, didn't explain that at all well, but it was very interesting. There's a dinosaur movie coming on there in March, could be fun. <g>

Friday, February 20, 2004

When the wind is in the North, that's when the pilchards do come forth.
When the wind is in the East, that's when there's a pilchard feast.
When the wind is in the South, pop a pilchard in your mouth!
But when the wind is in the West that's when pilchards are at their best...
Don't mind me, just reliving SCA highlights...

I am enjoying this series of Wire in the Blood, I love crime programs that get inside crinimals' heads. I'm annoyed I didn't see the first series though, but eh, it's available on dvd if I really want to hunt it down.
And Crime Team last night was fun too (they get modern day 'investigators' to try and solve decades old crimes). Of course, my enjoyment of it was fuelled by me guessing the right suspect again. Hee.
(Oh, I didn't pick the murderer in Death in Holy Orders last weekend but my excuse is the cubs were being little sods and not trotting off quietly to bed so I missed most of the important, clue-laden dialogue while I was 'negotiating' with my children.)

Heh, with Joules' help chapter 3 of Dancing is now finished (more or less, there'll inevitably be small changes later... Never satisfied, can't help fiddling with things, tch...)
Might be able to get the next AC finished this weekend, with any luck. : )

Thursday, February 19, 2004

Not that I've been following the US election thingy all that closely - or indeed, have any real clue about what's going on - but does John Kerry look like a talk-show host? Or is it just me? Heh, if you're going to have a talk-show host as a president I think Oprah would be a good choice...

I had poached eggs for dinner tonight and the empty egg shells were seized by the cubs with great delight. Why? So they could do the 'how much weight will it take before the egg shell cracks' experiment. They used 4 half-shells and piled books on top of them. The first one cracked pretty quickly but by the time the last one gave way there was 4 kilos of books on top of it.
And my cubs have learnt that the weather forecasts on the news are important. They actively watch them with us, and can understand all the graphics and what they mean. (This is impressive, I was half-way through high-school before I realised the strings of triangles didn't represent schools of sharks. I never could explain why they appeared over land masses...) The cubs are also learning to not be happy when hot weather is coming. It's not so much cos they don't like the heat but that when it's hot we don't do anything interesting that doesn't involve staying at home in front of the fan. <bg>
Don't expect this to be scintilating, or coherent... : )

Got to the crackly stage of the cold, where the sludge in the lungs start to move. Wot fun, eh?

School yesterday wasn't bad, not as good as Tuesday's classes but I suspect that's cos Tuesday is the first day of the academic week for me and everything's bright and shiny - if you know what I mean?

Was in the cubs' school library today - as is my wont on Thursdays - helping the new little preppies learn how to use the library. Not sure why but I don't seem to be having as much trouble this year remembering their names. Last year's batch I was still having problems in fourth term. Eh, maybe my brain's switched on or something.

This George Carlin quotes site came from Niki.
I especially like this one...
One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor.
Tequila's sposed to be good for respiratory infections, isn't it?

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Soulsis sent me these. : )

Some Of The Best T-Shirts say....
Every time I hear the word "exercise" I wash my mouth out with chocolate.
Cats regard people as warm-blooded furnitute.
Dangerously under-medicated.
Earth is the insane asylum of the universe.
Buckle up. It makes it harder for the aliens to snatch you from your car.
Physically pffffffft!
<giggling> Thanks, precious!

The class that made my brain hurt last week wasn't so bad today. We discussed the differences between monographs, serials, and series. Not hard to understand and cos I've had some library experience I'm finding I've got a framework to hang information off so it's actually making sense. <g>
I've had a minor cold for the past couple of days, caught from the cubs (who I've been watching closely, willing them not to be sick enough that I'll need to stay home with them on my school days). Would've coped fine except the air-conditioning in the classroom exacerbated the symptoms. Heh, once I got outside for some fresh air it all settled down. Hn, hope I haven't given the bug to anyone else in my class.
Irresponsible, perhaps? Maybe, but I wasn't going to miss this, only my second lesson - that just reeks of not taking the course seriously. : )

Ack! I hope you're not affected by the floods, Val, they look nasty.

Awww! Piro and Seraphin (creator and um, helpmeet [?] for MegaTokyo eloped at New Year and have only just now told anybody. That's so sweet...
(<shoves the fluffy bunny back in her box> Bah! Humbug!)

"Lead him down the labyrinthine path to... <sultry pause> Chamber 17..."
One of my all-time favourite quotes from a movie. Hee, extra points for anyone who can guess which movie it is.
I still think that's a great title for a place - Chamber 17. Maybe I could name my next bedroom that. Heh, Chamber 17 at Chez Otter... Got a nice ring to it...

(Well, whaddya know? The Oxford Concise Dictionary (1975) doesn't have an entry for latté.)

My latest AC is finished and posted, and the next one is simmering nicely. Chapter 4 of Dancing is next on the list though, I'll get that reviewed first.

I'm currently watching the Tacky Trek episode 'Mirror Mirror'. Those Imperial uniforms are so cool! You've gotta love an evil empire that has spangly gold sashes as part of the package...

Sunday, February 15, 2004

Tch, Kittenkong's made no attempt to catch the mouse that's been lurking in the kitchen but I've just had to rescue another skink from her. Idiot cat, can't she tell the difference between native and introduced species?

Well I hope everyone had a better V day than I did.
<sigh> Don't mind me, I'm just grumpy from the heat.
Whitman's, Onna? Yum! I don't think I've seen any here for at least a year. Damn annoying, I really like that brand, and some of the tins were just beautiful.

Rage, the late-night music program on our government station, had a V-day inspired play list last night, though I suspect it was based solely on the song having the word 'love' in the title.
'Love will tear us apart?' Oh yes, dead romantic.
Unfortunately I wasn't able to stay awake long enough to see if they played the 'stalker song' ('Every Breath you take') or 'Venus in Furs'. (What? I think a song about willing submission is romantic. : )

Saturday, February 14, 2004

Friday, February 13, 2004

Damn, I'm good. : )
Watched the first episode of the new series of 'Wire in the Blood' and I picked the murderer in the first 5 minutes. True dinks! I did get a bit distracted by the 'evidence' presented during the program but my initial choice turned out to be the right one. <smug>
Heh, the second part of 'Death in Holy Orders' is screening on Sunday night, I wonder if I'll have guessed correctly there as well? I think I know who defaced the painting but I doubt they've got anything to do with the murders.

<blinks at the mouse scuttling across the lounge-room floor> ... where the hell is the sodding cat when I need her?
Hn, maybe it's time I expended some energy on the housework – but not tomorrow, it's sposed to be really hot again.

Hee! The cubs and I are members of the Melbourne Aquarium and not only do we get free entry to that magical place (and 20% discount in the gift shop) but every now and then we get invitations to special events. Next weekend we're going to the IMAX theatre for a special screening of a new 3D film, 'Ocean Wonderland'. Isn't that cool!

Joules (bless her) has beta-ed chapter 3 of 'Dancing' for me and made a couple of interesting suggestions. I'll have a think about those but in the meantime I've started my next AC chapter.
And when that's done I'll review chapter 3. : )

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Discovered today that with a 10 a.m. start I can get the cubs to school and still be home in time to catch the right bus. I'd rather not have to do it but it means I don't have to be late to school if the cubs' father can't take them in.
Two more subjects today, Collection Maintenance and Occupational Health & Safety. CM is a hands-on subject about the practical considerations of looking after a collection, very useful, and has got me all inspired again to organise my own little library... Of course, my library is still in boxes in the garage but I can at least think about what I'd like to do with it.
OHS is another intensive class that'll take me a little while to get my head around, but it's an important subject and I think is going to be very interesting.
I didn't realise that my first class, CM, was 3 hours long until this morning. It goes from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. with OHS following directly on from 1-3 p.m.
Ack! - quoth I - When am I going to get to eat lunch?!
This was a burning question considering I hadn't managed to have any breakfast. I couldn't see me lasting 5 hours on just a cup of coffee and a banana, but we got a small break during CM, long enough for me to cram in a couple of the bacon sarnies I'd brought along.
Also found out some interesting things about my ID card too – I can use it as a library card, to borrow items, and as a photocopy card. Neat, eh?
Full-time students, I discovered today, basically attend for 2 long and 1 short day, a 'long' day being 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. That's less time than I thought, and not that much longer than I'm doing which is 2 short days of 10 – 3. Thinking about it, once I've finished doing the first year subjects part-time, depending on how things go I might be able to do the final year full-time. Something to consider.

Was watching re-runs of the original Batman this afternoon. Gods, I love that car. I've sat in it, you know. The original Batmobile (or one of the 6 made for the show) did a tour of Australia years ago. I've got a photo of myself and a friend, Belinda, sitting in the car, grinning like idiots... Well, I'm grinning like an idiot, and wearing my blue, hard plastic Batman helmet. Ahhh... Good days.

After looking at the pattern for my quilt I think I have enough of the background material left over to do the border sashes. Which is good cos I honestly couldn't be buggered trying to find another type of material that'll go with all the colours. There isn't enough, though, to do unbroken strips, but that's hardly a problem. : )

And I do believe I've wrestled the third chapter of 'Dancing' into submission. It was one of the first things written, back when I hadn't given a lot of thought to details, and it shows. It took a hefty re-think to smooth it out but it's much tighter now.
I originally planned to have titles for the chapters but might have to scrap that idea. Not all of them are titled at the moment and there'll be no point if I can't come up with something suitable for the rest of them. It'd be a shame, some of the titles are close to my heart, but there has to be consistency.
(And while I'm at it... <GLOMPS> Joules [and Sue]... They know why : )

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Well that was interesting...
First day of study after a decade of anything but. Public transport – and the cubs – co-operated and I got to school in plenty of time for my first class, which was a communication topic - Dealing with Customers/Clients - nice and fluffy. (And the tutor was one I had for similar subjects the last time I studied and she remembered me : ) My afternoon class, however, made my brain hurt. It's one of the actual work/library-related topics - Information as a Product - and I had to prod my thinking onto unfamiliar paths. Not that difficult, ultimately, but I'm a bit rusty with literal and factual, as opposed to imaginative and creative. I've got homework for this subject too, from the workbook, which is a little awkward as I haven't been able to afford the workbook yet. Oh well, if worse comes to worse I might be able to photocopy the relevant pages before my next class.
I explored the library during lunchtime. Not all that interesting, it's mainly stocked with items for engineering, computer and information, but then that's hardly surprising seeing as those three are the main subjects studied on this campus.
It was an interesting mix in my classes, too, only a few school-leavers, the rest were mature-age students, a good proportion of who were in the throes of career changes. Heh, well that was the reason I started this course initially. I loathed my dead-end clerical job and was looking for something to make a career out of, and hey, I've always loved books... <g>
I enjoyed my first day, with it's little challenges, and I don't think it's going to take me long to settle into study again.

Talon, sorry to hear things aren't the best. : (

Monday, February 09, 2004

Ack, I was going to do an update then Joules asked me to check my latest Dystopia chapter in the browser and I got distracted. Tch, can't remember what I was going to say!

Let's try anyway.
Right, well, 'Chink' is finished and posted in Dystopia now...
Orientation went well, didn't take long at all.
Oh yes, try this: type 'french military victories' into Google and hit the 'I'm feeling lucky button'. <smirk>
And I'll get to work on chapter 3 of 'Dancing' then do my next AC.
Is that it for the moment?
Heh, has to be, I've got to pick the cubs up from school in a little while.

Sunday, February 08, 2004

<g> ... and speaking of Gremlins, Joules is hosting a worryingly cute little story of Sylverthorne's called 'A Succesful Experiment'. (It's in Wordwrights not The Zone so you don't need a password to view it!)

I babysat for Soulsis last night so she could go to a party. The cubs and boychicks played more-or-less nicely together though, as usual, when it came to bedtime I had one or the other of the boychicks coming out to tell me my cubs were keeping them awake. : ) Happens every time - but they eventually all fell asleep. Hee, got most of the ninth quilt strip finished while I was there.

I've got orientation day at the college tomorrow, then classes start on tuesday. I think I'm ready for it...

Saturday, February 07, 2004

Hee, Joules has just finished a gorgeous little Gremlins lemon based on a gorgeous picture Valkyrie drew for her birthday! It - and the pic - are posted in Darkside. <bg> Mmmm.... lemony....

And I've just read Goodtwin's latest Professionals short, 'In the Field of Conflict', based on the Kate Bush song 'Army Dreamers'. <sniffle> So sad. (I think if you want to read this one you'll either have to become a member of the Prosfanfic list, or email Goodtwin herself - email addie available on application. <g>)
I've just woken up from a fascinating dream!
I was role-playing a character in a Cyberpunk game (and consequently became that character) a very rich, very influential fixer, a broker if you like between the people who want things done and those that can do it.
I'd given my partner/husband a gift of 8 clones, 4 of him, 4 of me, force-grown in a vat, and was happily involved with all of them. Interestingly, my 4 clones consisted of 3 males and a female. One of the males was noticeably less intelligent than the rest, and I was fascinated, besotted with the female, playing with her hair and dressing her up like she was a doll. : )
In the game/dream we were in New York, which was flooded. I was watching the mucky brown water cover the land and flowing under the buildings thinking that that would force the rats and the homeless to the surface.
Interesting, eh? <g>

(Oh, and boffles? Breasts. Must be another aussieism. : )
The ningen says bratling likes Teen Titans too. Apparently he's worked out that his favourite episodes are the ones with the theme sung in Japanese (if it is Japanese - it might be Korean...) He's shown no particular leaning towards any of the characters, though - nor any tendency to want to dress up. (Takes after the ningen. She doesn't care what she wears as long as it's comfortable. And not pink.)

She has a Teen Titans comic, by the way - the one with Starfire's origins in it...

What are boffles?

Friday, February 06, 2004

Hee, I've just had a surprise visit from Soulsis and Niki! (and my niece and nephews : ) As always, they came bearing gifts... A couple of jars of gourmet olives (nummy!) and a really pretty bowl and matching cups with a fishy design. <g>

The cubs and I watched the first episode of Teen Titans today. Someone please tell me they're all at least 16 - it's just wrong to hanker after someone younger than that. One of my cubs really likes Starfire, so much so he said he wanted to make her costume for himself. I said he'd look a treat in the purple boots and short, purple skirt. He agreed but was pondering how to make the boffles... (OK, is this the behaviour of an incipient fanboy? <g>)

Well, Joules' First Light is cracking along nicely, can't wait to see what happens!
And I'm about half way through my next Dystopia chapter. Again, not a long one - 5 pages seems to be about the average for anything of mine at the moment.

It was very hot yesterday but I can't complain. So far, apart from that scorching spell at the beginning of summer and the occasional hot day since, the weather's been quite mild. Mind you, February tends to be the hottest month of the year - heh, just as the kids go back to school. We've had some rain at least, the water levels in the storage dams is higher than it was at this time last year, which is good news, but it's still lower than is comfortable.

Thursday, February 05, 2004

[shakes head] The [ping], evidentally, was because the ningen's had an idea for a spider-related ficlet for the DarkRealm... I suppose I could let her get away with that...

I got to solo process my first 3 books today. : ) Dead easy, really. The picture and fiction books didn't need a call-number and the non-fiction book very helpfully had its call-number listed with the other publication information inside.
The Dewey number 158 is for self-esteem, apparently. Heh, can learn something new every day...
The school principal spoke to me today - I'm not going to be left completely alone in the library <curses> one of the other mums will be dropping in to help. Mind you she won't be in on the same days I am and - bonus - she actually works in a library so I'll be able to pick her brain about cataloguing. Well, I'll be able to leave her notes asking questions, I guess. : )

Started my next Dystopia chapter. When that's done I'll review the third chapter of Dancing.

Welcome home, Val, glad you're back with us. : )

(Nicked from Joules' blog, re: riding spiders...)
Well, if the hairs were the same relative size, they'd look more like wire than hair, I suppose... Not terribly comfortable. Would need special saddles. And bridles. And special leatherworkers to make them. Heh, whole new cottage industry... [ping]
.... do I really want to know?

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Heh, so that's chapters 1&2 of 'Dancing' finished ready for proof-reading. <bites nails>

Tch, over a year of hand-sewing and it's only now I've managed to pierce the skin on the tip of my middle right finger from pushing the needle through the material. Bloody hurts and if I don't pay attention I keep doing it. Eh, oh well, it's one of the hazards of handcrafts I guess. : )

Spider rides? Eeeuuww! The mounts would be all... hairy... <shudder>
Yesterday went well. Having learnt from my experiences a decade ago I made sure I got to the enrolment thingy nice and early. Was out of there in an hour and a half after putting my name down for 4 subjects, then being processed and paying the fees. I'll be studying two shortish days a week (from 10am - 3pm) for the first half of the year at least. Hopefully I'll be able to skulk into some more subjects in the second half. The 3pm finish is good but I've still booked the cubs into after-school care on those days cos I still won't be able to get there on time to pick them up. Fortunately they're looking forwards to it - they get to do a lot of fun things at after-care. : )

Heh, I really like the photo on my student ID, it makes me look like a bright-eyed, rosy-cheeked, happy little dumpling of a woman. <bg> Much more in keeping with the image I have of myself than the photo on my drivers licence.

Onna, I like the idea of an end of AC party! (And I think Joules especially will deserve it by then, ne? <g>)

Found out yesterday that Pat, the other library volunteer, won't be coming in for a while cos her husband's unwell. Eeep! That leaves me all on my lonesome! Not that it's a problem really for the majority of the duties but I'm not at all confident about cataloguing. Eh, if I'm not sure what dewey number something should go under I can always ask, right? And think of the hands-on experience I'll be getting for my course! : )

Oh, and finished the eighth strip for my quilt, only 7 to go. I'm half-way done!

Monday, February 02, 2004

Heh, enrolments tomorrow. I'm glad I rang today though, to check exactly how much money I'm up for in fees. It's not that expensive, all considered but they won't accept part-payments. Ack! Cue mild panic attack... After a speedy reorganisation of the finances I think I can cover about 100 hours of class time, about 4 subjects worth. Bit annoying, I was hoping for more, but the good thing is I might be able to pick up some more subjects later in the year when the finances are off life-support.

I'll be studying at the TAFE in Box Hill which might be just the teensiest bit of a problem - that's where all temptations of Asian tat shops are, I'll have to walk through it all at least once a week. : )

Actually, could that be a collective noun?
A flock of birds - a temptation of shops? <g>

Okies, the first chapter of 'Dancing' is kind of finished, time for the beta-readers to pull it apart so it can be reconstructed into something better.

(nicked from Onna's blog:)
Jackson Pollock - one word - barf.
ROFL! Each to their own, sweetie, each to their own.
<whispering> It's OkapiPrincess' birthday today, but I'm not sure she wants anyone to know about it...

I've plotted out my next AC and Dystopia chapters, and almost finished the latest new thing I started a few days ago (heh, so much for the backlog). I'll finish it off this evening though, right now I'm getting back to 'Dancing'.

Sandra Delete's 'Boy Meets Boy' finished in January, which is bad, but she immediately started a new one - 'Friendly Hostility' - which is good. It's only updated on saturday and sundays, which is bad, but it's shaping up to be a quirky, but bizarrely funny story centered around Fox's (from BMB) parents, which is good.
In short, I recommend it.

Sunday, February 01, 2004

<whimper> Watched the last episode of Trigun last night. Dammit! So many questions unanswered! I did enjoy the series, thank you for recommending it, Joules. : ) It's not my favourite by any means but it's definitely in the top 5. Trigun didn't grab me from the start, like Be Bop did, or have me watching wide-eyed from the edge of my seat like Yami no Matsuei but I was well and truly hooked into it by the end. The characters were real and there was some beautiful animation, <g> ... and Vash has got to have the cutest nose ever!

But on the plus side, having finally finished watching Trigun I was able to go and read the only thing on Joules' site I hadn't looked at yet - 'Interludes', her Trigunfic. <soppysniffle> I much prefer your ending, sinam.
(Awww, and thank you for the mention on the Haadri blog! <noble look> One does one's best...)