Thursday, April 29, 2004

<pats self on back> I've managed to stay away from ebay for a whole month!
And to celebrate... I'll be staying away from it for another month. : )
Hn, actually, Thorne, I've been thinking about that scary pic of yours... I think I've got a place for her in Dystopia, if I may borrow the disturbing creature?
Not quite sure what she'll be doing, precisely, but it's bound to be... interesting. <eg>

Happy Birthday, Soulsis!

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

It's Mother's Day here soon.
The cubs' father asked me if there was anything I wanted...
<smirk> I gave him a list.

... and it warms my heart (yes, that's sarcasm) to see the shops have prominently displayed slippers, nighties and dressing gowns, vacuum cleaners and irons, cos that's what mums really want for all their hard work, isn't it?

Thanks, Andi, for recommending Essex Boys; having a morbid fascination with the Brit underworld I really enjoyed it. : )
Sean Bean was great, as always, thoroughly unlikeable but still compelling. There was one plot loop I thought they could've done without, though. It just didn't hang together with the rest of the story, in my opinion, and it felt too... pat. Removing or altering that arc wouldn't have changed the ending and could've made the movie stronger over all.
But that's just my opinion. : )

I stand corrected on the matter of Alan Garner. I've just finished a book of his that I actually enjoyed. 'Elidor'.
It's odd but his language in this one doesn't seem to be quite so stylised, and it was much easier to read and generally more interesting. I wasn't thinking 'come on, get on with it...' while I was reading.
I could see why Joules was affected by it, though for me the ending was far too abrupt to make an emotional connection. This feels like another book he concluded before the story was finished.
Anyway, this one I could recommend. : )

Soulsis' birthday tomorrow!
'k, I got 18/20 for one of last weeks tests – an easy pass. That makes 3 of the 4 term one subjects I know I won't have to repeat : )
Enrolled in another subject yesterday, Materials Receipt, on Tuesday mornings – looks like that will be my only subject this term. I figure at this rate it'll take me at least 3 years to finish the first year's course content. Eh, no problem, not in any hurry...

<growling> Oooh, that Cathy Bradford (from The Bill') gets right up my nose!
The UK is a year or so ahead of us in episodes, I'm very tempted to get onto the Bill site and find out what happens to the psychotic cow. And Polly's just been arrested for murder!

I'm about half-way through reviewing Dancing but can't help casting longing glances at the other prettyshinys jostling for my attention. I'm resisting, for the most part. I know this wanting to go off and frolic in the fields of imagination is just another way of putting off the work that has to be done if I'm going to make a go of becoming a published author.
(Yes, I do plan to get back into it today while the cubs are at school but first I'm just going to zip off and read the latest chapter Joules has sent me from the sequel to 'First Light'... : )

Monday, April 26, 2004

The egg hasn't done anything yet...

[moved to 2nd June]

The next closest 'special day' is Mother's Day - wonder if it'll hatch then?

Ack! The cubs have gotten bigger! Dang - have to get them some more clothes. Ah well, I was due to hunt down some winter clobber for them anyway...

I've noticed a change in their sibling dynamics recently, as well. The clingy cub is now quite happily ranging away from me, very content to go off and do his own thing - which drives his brother nuts. M can get very upset when S doesn't want to do/have the same thing and he's constantly deferring to S even for simple decisions like what they want for lunch. <sigh> No doubt we'll cope with this the way we've coped with everything else.
(Heh, parent-teacher interviews next week - the cubs have warned me, tactfully, that their teacher might not be completely complimentary about them... <eyebrow> Oh really? Do tell...)

Hee, I've got all of the First Light chapters now - can start reading through at my leisure. : )
You know, I grump about the cubs' father not looking after his children for any lenth of time except by special arrangement, but it's not all bad. I'm the one that generally gets to take them to the fun places.
Anyway, the cubs and I went to the Museum yesterday, to see the Bugs Alive exhibition – again. : ) Still couldn't bring myself to look too closely at the spidery things but was still entranced with the rest of it. (Some of those metallic coloured beetles are just beautiful!)
The cubs' father wasn't using the car so I drove us in to the city. Gods it's so much quicker than public transport – took about a third of the time, and what with parking and petrol, cost about the same as the fares would've. Not a good idea to get used to using the car so much, though, means I'll just miss it all the more if I don't have one when I move.

Mmmmm... found some ginger-flavoured gummy bear lollies. Yummy! (And I don't have to share with the cubs cos though they like the taste of the sweets they don't like the 'mouth-burning'. <evil smirk> Oh dear, such a shame...)

I glanced at an article/review in a newspaper last week about something Duran Duran related. The title of the item (was it a book? CD? DVD? No idea...) was 'Sing Blue Silver' and I had to smirk smugly and inform my coffee companion that that was part of the lyrics for 'The Chauffeur' (circa 1982) from the Rio LP...
Heh, 1980's BritPop Trivia 'R Us...

Cor! Joules has almost finished reviewing 'First Light', all 60+ chapters of it. <g> I'm following recommendations and waiting 'til I've got all the chapters before I reread. This is very exciting!

Saturday, April 24, 2004

I'm not usually one for gadgets but I saw something yesterday that had me with my nose pressed up against the display cabinet. It's a portable DVD player, about a third of the size of a lap-top computer – the screen is a little bigger than your average paperback book.
<big eyes> How cool is that?
Yes, yes, if I wanted to watch something in privacy for the same price I could get another TV and DVD player and put them in my room but I love the idea of being able to watch your movies/whatever anywhere – on the train, in the loo, tucked up in bed... <bhg>
I'll put it on my wishlist...

Woke up to the sounds of a downpour early yesterday morning and it showered heavily on and off all day. 'bout bloody time! Even though it hasn't been terribly hot we've been desperately dry for weeks. I really hope some of this is falling in the catchments. Water storage for Melbourne is currently around 48%, which is better than the 42% this time last year but it's still well below optimal.

The cubs' schools 'integrated topic' this term is mini-beasts (ie: insects and spiders). I know a couple of the teachers are a bit thingy about spiders – it must be hard having to lecture about something you're phobic over.

It's the ANZAC day weekend which means a day off on Monday... for everyone except Victoria. <grumble> Not sure if this is one of the public holidays our last, unlemented state dictator - er, premier - sliced out of the calendar. Hn. Oh well, we've got a curriculum ('student free' <chortle>) day in a week or so to look forward to anyway.

Almost finished my next AC, that should be posted some time this weekend. Then what? Umm... Eh, I'll think of something.

Thursday, April 22, 2004

<giggling> ... this example of man-on-a-stick crass (though funny) commercialism came from OkapiPrincess... (Yes, it is a joke. I think.)
Oh, it might take a while to load.

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Awww... : ) [egg moved up to wed 26th april]

I'm glad I did that little bit of review for the test last night. Didn't know a lot of the answers off the top of my head but I had a clue where to look for them in the module notes. I know I answered one question incorrectly but if that's all I've got wrong I'll be happy.
<deep breath> ... and that's the last of my wednesday afternoon classes.

I may not like Alan Garner's work all that much but I can't say the same for Sherri S. Tepper. I've read a lot of her novels over the years and I still find myself thinking about them. She writes sci-fi, kinda; they're uncomfortable stories about ugly times and places. Everything is 'put right' by the end of the story but there's rarely a happy ending for the main characters. Sacrifice and loss are common themes but the endings can still be hopeful, uplifting. There's nearly always a strong feminsit undertone in the stories, one of the reasons I'll happily pick up a Tepper book when I see them. My favourite is 'The Gate to Women's Country' - not because it's probably the closest thing to a fluffy bunny story she's written, but because she's exploring socio-political themes that are close to my heart. : )

Started the next AC (while I'm on a roll) but Joules and I have made a pact to nag each other about our novels again... starting friday... <g>

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

My cubs have asked me not to swear anymore. Heh. We'll see how we go, though admittedly my language does get a bit fruity when I'm stressed. : )

I had a test today - one that I'd completely forgotten about. Oops. And naturally I'd not looked at any of my work over the holidays so what had been good, solid knowledge at the end of last term had evaporated. Eh well, I'm not confident I did all that well but if I've cocked up too much I can take it again.
I have, however, done some review for tomorrow's test, though that's for the subject that makes my brain hurt so I'm not getting too blasé... : )

Right, I've got a place in another tuesday morning class for this term, and I'll find out tomorrow if I've got into the wednesday one as well. Assuming all's well, they'll be my only 2 subject for this term which won't hurt at all. I'm enjoying studying but I know I'd be more motivated if I knew right from the beginning what classes I was doing for the whole year. Next year I'll be more organised.

This very, very funny thing came to me from a mailing list but its origin is the Bad Mothers Club. I love this site, it's a whiff of sanity amongst the 'perfect mother - perfect life' nonsense foisted on us by just about everyone...

Top Ten Crafty Ways to Make Your Children Help In the House

1. It's Not About 'Helping Out'

Forget this completely, because 'helping out' implies that housework is Your Job and the family are only picking up their own toenail clippings as a Huge Personal Favour. Also, your idea of helping out - vacuuming, washing up, excavating the Neolithic apple cores from behind the sofa - may not concur with theirs: rinsing a teaspoon every Leap Year.

2. 10 smiley faces = 1 hour of Beyblade
Of course you've done this, haven't you? And maybe you've offered payment - please God they're not yet aware of the minimum wage. Or, if you're really sorted, perhaps you've put smiley faces on a chart where, say, 10 smiley faces = one hour of Beyblade. But for those of us who have normal, shouty, sulky children, try throwing in a bit of BMC small print of your own...

3. Financial Incentives
While paying children to do their chores helps, withholding pocket money for not doing them helps too. And fining them for being completely arsey about it Really Helps. I pay my 9 year-old to do his chores, but I also impose a 'whinge tax' which means more than three minutes of moaning, stamping and huffing and I start taking 10p off his dosh. He once kicked up a mighty stink about emptying the dishwasher and to his rage, ended up being fined 50p. It still gives me a warm bad motherly glow thinking about it. Especially as he still had to empty the dishwasher.

4. There is no such thing as Laundry Levitation
There's an African proverb which says: 'If you can talk, you can sing, and if you can walk, you can dance.' Here at BMC we say: If you can pick up a Beyblade, you can pick up your own dirty pants. And if you can put a Bionicle together or concentrate on your Beyblade without becoming unaccountably exhausted, you can pick up your laundry. And stick it back in the drawer. This means laundry to be replaced in appropriate drawers. It may be stuffed in any old how, but if you grit your teeth and stick with it you might just avoid the ghastly results of the prevalent teenage belief that laundry levitates from floor to laundry basket, to washing machine, and back to drawer. Of course, they get that from their fathers.

5. The Alzheimer Principle
Every time your child 'forgets' to do a chore, you 'forget' to add crisps to their lunchbox. With my son, a few days of carrot sticks soon breaks his spirit - and miraculously restores his memory.

6. The Allergy Card
Some children go through a rather tiresome ecological stage where they suddenly become 'allergic' to cleaning products. Buy them rubber gloves and a surgical mask, and don't forget - this sudden concern for the environment and the profits made by evil conglomerates can be turned to your advantage. They won't be wanting any Nikes, then, will they? Or - well, just about any item of nice or fashionable clothing.

7. Deliberate Incompetence
If they make a pig's ear of the washing up they can do it again, while you accidentally tape over Robot Wars with Mansfield Park.

8. In a minute!
If you keep getting the "In a minute" riposte, write down the time and date of their insubordination. Then when they want a lift to a party or a pair of trainers that glow purple and pick up Kiss FM, respond with: "In a minute". Yes, they'll hate you, but teenagers hate you anyway.

9. The Burning Martyr
Avoid my old Irish Aunty's mistake which was to sigh heavily, purse her mouth tighter than a cat's arse, emanate smoke and then Do What She'd Asked My Uncle To Do Five Hours Ago. ("Sure it's easier to do it meself.") That's why my Uncle ended up pronouncing: "I don't like women with too much education. They start answering back".

10. And Remember...
Don't expect cheerful obedience. Settle for sullen compliance instead. But think on this: every time your offspring picks up their socks or unloads a dishwasher with only a few muffled curses, you're that much closer to a child who won't turn out like my Uncle.

Monday, April 19, 2004

Bizarro dream last night. I was obliquely warned about a piece of evidence - a tissue - that could link me with a murdered man. I found the tissue in the bin where I'd dropped it, then had to dispose of it. My best option, I thought, was flushing it down a toilet (a: it would take the 'evidence' away from the scene, and b: it would break up in the water and disappear - heh, dream-logic...) but no matter how hard I tried I couldn't get rid of the bloody thing. Every toilet I visited was either broken or locked, or there was some weird beaurocratic/arcane stumbling block, so I eventually decided to take the risk and just drop the tissue in another bin, in a park, and hope for the best.
Interesting, ne? : ) What is it I want to disassociate myself with but can't?

'Revolution' the AC side-story, is posted in the Desert Dreaming sequence of that section. Thanks for coding, Joules!

1st day back at school and there was much rejoicing...
Heh, Peter Costello the Federal (Liberal) Govt Treasurer was at the school assembly this morning (<scratches head> I think he's the federal representative for the area) doing the politician/photo opportunity thing, presenting some Aus flags to a student and teacher who are going to Japan soon for a conference. I see this man on the news nearly every night, but there was no sense of awe, or anything seeing him in reality. He's just a guy in a suit who can't tell a joke to save himself...

Sunday, April 18, 2004

There are barking frogs, Thorne, I've just double-checked. : )
Much rather have a barking frog than a spider...
The video clip for Herbie Hancock's 'Rocket' was playing on the telly last night. Ok, I thought, it's been years since I've seen this, surely my robot phobia has improved enough I can watch these animated mannequins without twitching?
Nup. Lasted 10 seconds before the freakiness got to me and I had to walk away.
I have a deep, deep mistrust of robotics (probably because of Dr Who <g>) with reactions ranging from my skin-crawling to wanting to smash them into little pieces. It's not all robots though, the machines on Robot Wars don't bother me, but anything human-sized or bigger... <shudder> Car-manufacturing 'bots are particularly disturbing. They move so smoothly, so precisely they're just not natural. I see them and can't help thinking what would happen if their programming screwed up. ('You'd get a lot of wrecked cars!' quips the cub's technophile father, but he's just blind to the danger... : )

Finished the AC side-story, 'Revolution', it'll be coded and posted soon (thanks, Joules!). Heh, wrote a snippet of a future AC chapter too - a little scene that's been tickling me. : ) And the cubs go back to school tomorrow! <happy dance> Time to get back to work!

If I was Dr Doyle (from the Victorian crime-drama 'Murder Rooms') I'd give up on any idea of marriage... Every woman he's formed an attachment to has died and/or been a murderess. And as for that Dr Bell popping up all over the place to save the day.. What is he, psychic? Sheesh.
<g> I'm still enjoying the series though. (Not one word from you there, lurking in th' thicket!)

Saturday, April 17, 2004

<blinks> One of my cubs is giving the other a 'sword massage' (his words). He's hitting his brother - who's lying prone on the kitchen floor - with the flat of a plastic sword...
(Ah, and now he's hit him too hard and there's squealing. Tch. : )

Busy day with the cubs, we visited the Polly Woodside Maritime Museum and the Aquarium. The cubs enjoyed the play area in the museum most of all, (lego and wooden boats and signal flags, oh my) but weren't all that impressed with the centrepiece – the restored barque. I loved the ship though, quite happily indulged myself in a few sea-going fantasies while traipsing all over it. : ) It's another place I'd like to go visit on my own. Heh, the last, and first, time I went to see the Polly Woodside was in High School – been trying to get back there ever since. I secretly enjoyed the excursion – all of my mates said it was boring. <g> Ah, I can't help it, this nautical bent, I spent 5 weeks on a ship at an impressionable stage in my life. Heh, wonder if we'd travelled by 'plane when we immigrated to Australia I'd have a thing for aircraft instead?
<happy sigh> ... and it was lovely seeing the fishies again. The baby Murray Crayfish are an inch long now and exploring their tank; the Growling Tree Frog tadpoles are just beginning to sprout legs; the young Port Jackson sharks are as cute as ever and the resident Pirate recognised the cubs from our last visit a couple of weeks ago. : ) Does all this mean we go to the Aquarium too often, do you think?

There was a report on the news tonight about a (non-fatal) car crash. The paramedic interviewed said 'Both vehicles have been significantly destroyed.'
Tch, 'significantly destroyed'? As opposed to just a little bit destroyed? Honestly, I wish people would think about how they use absolutes before they speak. Here's one of my favourites, also caught on the news: 'This is very unique opportunity.' Wow! Double-plus good or what?

[... <happy squeak/giggle - absently wondering how far sound will carry across the pond on a clear day>...]

[streak of green and blue with narrowed golden eyes dives for the bower: Lutra disappears in a shower of jasmine petals, drifting feathers and bright emerald mane...] *MINE...*

Friday, April 16, 2004

[... right... fresh petals, furs fluffed, large pre-order put in at the Lemon tree...<settles down to wait>...]
It was easy enough to find the lyrics for 'Gimme Danger' but no mp3 as yet. The song's been playing itself over and over in my brain – I feel another songfic coming on. In fact... <ping!> ... this could easily be the follow up to the last songfic I wrote. Yeah, that'd work!
Oh dear, I'll have to listen to/watch the clip several dozen times while the idea bubbles. <smirk> My cubs are just going to love me, I can hear it now: "Muu-uum!? You're watching that again...?"

Finished the AC side-story (hoorah!) but I need Joules to check it before I can truly say I'm done. The Elga chapter is next in line, I think, then I really should stop procrastinating and finish 'Dancing'. Gods, I love what I do: there's so much stuff circling in holding patterns in my brain I need an airtraffic controller to keep track of it all (but then again, the mid-air collisions can be spectacular and very inspiring... : )

Washing machines are wonderful things, aren't they? Especially when they flood. Tch. Oh well I needed to wash all those towels anyway.

Thursday, April 15, 2004

<happy sigh> I had my Velvet Goldmine fix last night. I love that movie, it's so beautifully, sensuously trashy and tragic. And there's nuances too, depths and layers that I'm finding the more I watch. I wonder though, did Kurt Wilde remember Arthur Stuart? Possibly not but I think he recoqnised something in the journalist, which is why he did that significant thing he did. : ) Well, I think it's significant, others might just say: 'Huh?'
Annoyingly though, there's 2 brilliant songs in the movie that aren't on the CD soundtrack. The first is Slade's 'Cuz I love you' – that won't be hard to find, however, any compilation of the band should have it. The second is a cover of Iggy Pop's 'Gimme Danger' – could probly find the original without too much trouble and possibly there's an mp3 of the movie version out there somewhere. (It's by the Venus in Furs with Ewan Macgregor singing.)
And speaking of Eye-candy McDrooly... <smirk> He can't do a convincing American accent but damn he's pretty, especially when he's waving his bits about. Hee!

The cubs and I went to see the new Scooby Doo movie today.
I enjoyed it more than the first, probly cos <gasp> there's character development for Velma. The less-than-subtle moral of this movie is 'You're perfect just as you are', which is... nice, I guess, if laid on with a trowel - everybody gets to ponder it at some point.
Scooby & Shaggy are still annoying but Seth Green's a cutie and an asset to any movie he appears in.
We also saw a preview for the Garfield movie... <head in hand> What next? The Hair Bear Bunch movie? The horror... the horror...
<choked whisper> I've seen them too, in the background of a Cartoon Network station advert... They've not been forgotten...!

2 pages into the AC side-story. Woohoo. : ) Fingers crossed it'll be finished by the time Joules gets back from her break.

Heh, the bright-orange material is washed and ready to cut. I'll make up 10 stars, I think, that'll be enough to spread over the 15 strips, and leave me some of the material to use in something else.

We were inundated by praying mantises last night. Ok, there were only 2 but that's still 2 more than we usually get! I watched one of them hunt. Very interesting, though it walked right over a moth. Tch, big big eyes, tiny tiny brain. : )
(And just for the record, skinks tickle when they run under your bare foot as they try to escape the ravening cat-monster...)

Ack! Just remembered I've got a test when I go back to classes on Tuesday! Hn, better pencil in some alone time to do some review. Wonder if I can get the cubs' father to take them somewhere on the weekend?

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Happy Birthday, Goodtwin!

There's a praying mantis come inside - it was watching me from the ceiling as I moved about the kitchen. Silly thing, it'd never be able to eat all of me at once...

Bleurgh... Not a happy Lutra - the temperature reached 32 degrees today. <pout> The summer weather was sposed to have ended by now. (But no, there's no such thing as climate change.) Feels like the temperatures coming down a little now, hopefully it won't get too hot tonight.

I've started the AC side-story, and the next chapter for Elga. Couldn't do much though - aside from the normal holiday distraction of cubs underfoot I've had a headache for the past couple of days and it's just not shifting. Finding it hard to focus on anything at the moment. Eh, if it follows pattern it'll be gone by tomorrow morning. Partially self-inflicted, too much cheese and chocolate over the weekend : ) and spending 3 nights on my mum's couch probably didn't help.

On the up side, Niki and Soulsis stopped by for a visit this afternoon, Soulsis, as always, bearing gifts. <g> (Did I mention she gave me the cutest otter un-birthday card on Sunday?) A little, cloisonné fish dangly, a multi-coloured tea-light candle holder (very 70's, hee) and a rare (for Australia) Golden Arches of Doom happy meal toy - one of the Hello Kitty limited release toys, in this case a 2000 Dear Daniel Millenium Wedding plushie! <happy squeak> You know, if I'm not careful, I could end up being a Hello Kitty collector...

<bg> Go check out Sylverthorne's site. In her gallery (miscellaneous section) there's some Dystopia/AC fan-art! Most recently Thorne's drawn Angel (Kitty) as part of the 'Herding Cats' piece, and a portrait of Joules' Maria (Angelfish). Shoo! Go see! : )

Cool! Just found this word in the dictionary (Oxford Conscise 1964):
majuscule: Large (letter), whether capital or uncial.
I guess that would make it the opposite of miniscule, ne?

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Good weekend up at mum's, but I'm glad to be home. So are the cubs, they were making 'homesick' noises last night.
Soulsis and her cubs came up to Mum's on Easter Sunday then we all trooped off to the Alexandra timber train Museum thing. Hot, way more people than last time, but the kids all enjoyed themselves. The cubs and I popped down to the town's Easter Show for a short time as well. Nothing terribly interesting for me (ie: the stallholders were nearly all local businesses, wineries, alpaca studs, etc, no second-hand/antique sellers) but I did pick up a kilo of gourmet potatoes to try ('pink eye' [don't laugh!] pale, waxy flesh, ideal for boiling. Mmmmm...) The cubs got a go on a huge bouncy-castle/giant slide, so they were happy.

Heh, after 5 years of mutual antipathy my Mum's siamese cat and I have reached an understanding. He no longer takes a swipe at me as I go past and even went so far this weekend as to walk across me to get to Mum's lap. He still bullies the cubs, though, and they're still scared of him. Eh, we'll work on that.

<sigh> Probly spent too much on the cubs this weekend what with toy swords, and beanie kids (bears dressed up as a meerkat and a policeman) and milkshakes and shark-shaped face washers. : ) I haven't overspent my budget though so it's not really that much of a problem. My special treat was some lovely, bright-orange material from my favourite patchwork shop. I'm going to make up some stars from it and replace some of the less-liked colours in my quilt. <bg>

... it is possible to have too many easter eggs...

For years I'd thought that my primary school in England had let us go home early so we could watch Neil Armstrong's first moon-walk live. I checked with Mum and she only remembers us watching it on the news that night. Hm. That sort of makes sense, I guess, after all, we didn't get to go home early to watch Charlie being invested as Prince of Wales. Heh, not sure how accurate this memory is but I remember sitting with the rest of my (smallish) school in the darkened hall watching the event on a television. <g>
Also, prompted by a program Mum and I watched, I asked her if she'd been one of the children evacuated during the second-world war. She was, sent away from Portsmouth to Leicster for a year. Fascinating - I should ask my Mum questions like that more often.

[<grumblepout> ... I get back and now you're gone... wish the ningens would organise themselves better... ]

Saturday, April 10, 2004

[smirk] The ningen is trying to eat duck-flavoured ramen while still sniffling after reading what she says is the best Yami no Matsuei fanfic ever... heh, not often a piece of writing makes her cry!

The end of Elidor did, though (you'll see why when you get there, and knowing the ningen). And she loves Alan Garner's writing (well, apart from Red Shift), was completely enthralled when she first found his books and immediately started looking into the background. Heh, even as a child she was a researcher, scouring her Larousse to learn about the characters, events and objects in the books... very frustrated when she couldn't get hold of a large scale map of the Edge, I remember... And the books were partly responsible for her lifelong fascination with mythology. And love of elves...

[shakes self] Intriguing how different people react differently to different styles of writing.

[growl] And your ningen is taking you away for the weekend again, and you no sooner get back when mine is haring off to the back of beyond (well, somewhere with no computer access anyway) 'til the following weekend. Damn them! [stalks off to find something to kill]

Friday, April 09, 2004

Oh dear, to do justice to this little AC sidestory I have planned I'll have to go back and reread the first (and probably the second) chronicle. <hand to forehead> Such a chore... Hee.

Finished reading Alan Garner's 'The Moon of Gomrath, his sequel to 'The Weirdstone of Brisingamen'.
... and? Where's the third book?
I don't mean that to sound like I was so enthralled that I must have more, dammit! I mean I was left with the overwhelming impression he hadn't finished the story. (And this was written in 1967 – I don't think there is any more of it.) I'm not a great a fan of Garner anyway but leaving the narrative hanging this way is just annoying. True, the (few and far between) bits of the book that struck a chord (and which, incidentally, were the reason the books were recommended to me) were magical but for the rest? I find Garner's language convoluted yet plodding, his plots simplistic even for the target audience of 10 - 14 year olds. Any book where my attention wanders in the middle of an 'action' scene (a battle, being chased by unspeakable horrors etc) or I'm able to put down in the middle of a sentence without a qualm doesn't have that much going for it as far as I'm concerned. I had a similar reaction to Garner's 'Stone Book Quartet', and 'Elidor' and 'The Owl Service' (which I haven't finished yet) all of which begs the question: why have I read so much of something I don't like?
Meh, beats me. Maybe it's that sunny optimism gland? It can't be as bad as I remember, right? : )

Gods, I'm such a sook...
Watched the George Harrison memorial concert (filmed in 2002) tonight and spent most of it in tears. Fair enough I've loved most of the songs performed that night for years but it always means so much more when something's sung in requiem for a friend. Tch, was even sniffling through the rendition of Monty Python's 'I'm a lumberjack and I'm okay'... How sad is that? <g>
But it was Ringo Starr singing 'Photograph' that really did me in.
"Every time I see your face,
It reminds me of the places we used to go.
But all I got is a photograph,
And I realise you're not coming back any more..."
Waaaaah! <sniffle>

There's something blonde and cute in the opening credits of Astro Boy. I think it's a robot, I think it's male, but I'm not sure. Heh, if I was really that interested I could go hunt up some websites and find out, couldn't I?
And why do all the humans have huge noses? They can't all be comic sidekicks...

Not packed as yet for the weekend though the clothes are all sorted out at least.
This would all be so much easier if I had a car. Eh well, the cubs like the train journey.

<happy squeak!> Just read something that Joules wrote for me, which no one else will get to see until the end of the OT series! Definitely worth waiting for - the fluffy bunny's smiling dreamily. : ) <glomps Joules> Thank you!

(And that little flash of AC inspiration grew somewhat while I was hanging the washing out. Almost got enough now to consider writing it...)
The cubs and I spent 4 hours yesterday at our (holiday crowded) shopping centre. Why? Because I'm secretly a masochist? Perhaps, but my conscious reasoning was cos we didn't have to hurry home. Usually when we go to this centre it's after school and the cubs want to go here and there and I'm always saying no, no, no, we have to get home so dinner's not too late...'
We indulged each other yesterday though, stopped and had a good look at shops we usually skim past. Took the cubs into Made in Japan which is full of delicate crockery... Didn't twitch too much and the cubs were fascinated with the Japanese cupboards, what with the plethora of drawers and sliding doors and little hidey holes. : ) Next week I'm going back there to put a sake set on lay-by - it's shaped like a puffer fish!
One of the shop assistants asked the cubs a question. They didn't actually answer her question - which was 'are you twins?' - but they divulged all sorts of other information that was topmost in their minds. Their names; their ages; the fact that one is 48 seconds older than the other; their current favourite toys and what they do; their favourite colours of their favourite toys... The girl just blinked under the onslaught - it was quite funny. <beg> Heh, welcome to my world.

This morning one of my cubs suggested torture as a punishment for a toy that had been 'bad'. When I squeaked - a fluffy-bunny sound of distress - he justified the statement with that torture was 'fun' when it was used on someone else...
Joules fell about laughing when I told her this. Hmph. Queen of Casual Torture.
I blame the Horrible Histories series, it's full of gruesome facts... Mind you, I'd rather they read that than Captain Underpants. : )

<relieved sigh> My next AC, Naissance pt 1, is finished and posted. It wasn't as much like pulling teeth as the last couple of chapters had been. Had a short, sharp flash of inspiration while I was writing it as well, totally unconnected with the main story arc. Tch. Not sure if or what I'll do with that, see what my subconscious throws up at me. Could be interesting though, I've never really considered writing from the perspective of one of the lizards...

Thursday, April 08, 2004

<sigh> ... and that's KittenKong away over the back fence. The council is pruning trees in the street, and my puir wee cat still has no liking for loud machinery noises.

The cubs were watching an American children's show yesterday, quite happily I thought, until one of them piped up and said the show needed subtitles. <giggling>

Half-watched 'Das Boat' on telly last night - the director's cut. An engrossing movie, not hard at all to empathise with the characters. Some nice bottoms too, incidentally, all lined up waiting for the medic to check their owners for body lice. Hee : )
Apparently this movie is the cut down version of a 30 part tv series. Holy crap! It was powerful enough after 3 hours, the ending would've been devastating after 30 hours and really getting to know the crew.

The cubs and I are going up to mum's for the Easter weekend - you'll never guess what we've got planned?
Yep, that's right, an outing to one of the old train rides. <g>
I don't think the cubs will ever entirely lose their fascination with train engines - I'm all prepared to commiserate with their future partners about this. : )
(But then, if you get involved with an adult who's got a train set you should have some idea what you're in for!)

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

<pout> The Aquarium has dropped the member's discount in the gift shop from 20% - 10%. It's not going to stop me buying there, of course, but there is some loss of good will. <grumble>
Anyway, besides that the cubs and I had fun at the Aquarium today, (mmmm... fishies... : ) then we spent a little time at the Immigration Museum before going home. The gift shop there had rubber cockroaches... Yes, the cubs have got one each. <g> Actually, could be interesting to get a couple of dozen of the things and use them to make a pattern in a box-picture, or something. Hm...

My next AC is half-done, but like Joules I have to admit my heart's not really in it anymore. Will see it through to the end though, it's the least I can do for something I consider to be my on-the-job training. (Heh, you don't need to do a course in creative writing, just find yourself a mentor and enter into an apprenticeship . : )

Hee. OkapiPrincess found this on author Lynn Flewelling's website and thought of me.

Be Like the Otter

For they are lithe of spine and never seek out chiropractors.
They are short of leg and long of waist, and wear it well.
They are happiest with family and love their children.
They eat on their laps without benefit of napkins.
They appreciate sushi.
They only bite when necessary, but their teeth are sharp and their jaws
powerful. Beware.
They make work look like play; perhaps even they don't know the difference.
That's so cute! <squinch> And pretty accurate, too, especially the sushi bit.
Thanks, OP!

Monday, April 05, 2004

OkapiPrincess found this link. : )
As a connoisseur of food porn, Posh Nosh is one of the funniest things I've ever seen. I hope there's a cookbook - I rather fancy trying my hand a exasperating some queasied chestnuts...

Right, chapter 5 of Elga is finished (hee, and I actually managed to surprise Joules with it!). One more chapter, I think, then Part 1 is finished - then I can move on to the meaty Part 2. <eg>

The cubs and I almost finished cleaning their room yesterday, but as it stands it's still the cleanest spot in the house! Little bit more time today and it'll be done, then we can go out and have fun. : )

Hn, not sure what's going on, for the past day or so everytime I've logged into Blogger I've been given the old, grey edit screen. Not a huge problem, really, just inconvenient.
And hey! Lookee at my comments box! Joules resized the Pond's banner so it fits there too. <bhg> Nifty!

Saturday, April 03, 2004

Well that wasn't a lot of fun but it was productive. The cubs and I got to work cleaning their room this afternoon. Yes, there was grumbling and plaintive moans about being 'too tired to clean up' (though not too tired to play, I noticed) but we managed to sort out half of their room including hoiking a square metre of stuff out from under the bed. It's times like this I'm glad they've got bunk-beds; two single beds would mean twice as much area to hide things in. : )
We should be able to finish the job tomorrow, especially with the cubs spurred on by the incentive of not going out anywhere fun until their room is clean. <evil smirk>

Got to read snippets of the next chapter of Joules' Oriyal Tales as she was writing it this morning...
Waaaah! <sniffle> So sad - Watari definitely needs a hug. <nods decisively>
Heh, I've started the next part of Elga - never thought I'd find myself writing almost-horror, sort of, it's not a genre I like, but this is fun! And best of all I know where it's going. : )

I cooked roast chicken with roast potatoes for dinner tonight. I made it mainly for my own benefit (I love roasts!) but the cubs polished off all their portions as well. This is a definite step up from the 'Yuck, I'm not eating that! I hate [... fill in the blank...]' They ate all their roast lamb the other day as well. Dare I cautiously believe nutritional progress is being made? <bg>

A-hah! The movie title I haven't been able to correctly recall for days wasn't 'The adventures of Dick Silverman', it was 'The Case of the Smiling Stiffs'! Happy now. : )

Astro Boy. I tell you what, Atlas is a bit of a honey when he's in his 'bad boy motorcycle thug' persona. A thick mop of long red hair; earring and tatts, and that sneer...? Phwooarr...

Niki's made me some clothes!
I have the best friends. : )

Watched a documentary tonight, that OkapiPrincess reccommended, about fat-fetishists. Interesting, scary in places, but very interesting.
And now I'm watching music videos peopled by 16 year old, size 8 girls wearing stuff that in the past has been associated with prostitutes... Where's the balance?