Monday, June 30, 2003

I found a lot of old mouse pooh when I was cleaning the cubs' room yesterday. Not impressed, but it looked like there hadn't been a mouse in there for months.. probly not since Kittenkong came to live with us.
Tonight, however, she caught a mouse and brought it inside to play with. Tch. Rescued the puir wee thing (so cute such lovely shiny eyes) and put it outside while idiot cat kept hunting in the kitchen for her missing prey.

Had fun at the Aquarium today. It wasn't too crowded and we only stayed for a couple of hours. As part of their birthday thing we bought the cubs a soft toy each, one got an orange crab, the other a shark. : ) I got myself a fishy key ring (like the soft plastic orange one Soulsis gave me only yellow) and a clear, small bouncy ball with a tiny pretend coral and fish inside. So pretty.

When we got home, housemate gave the cubs their present early - I don't know why - one of the new Bionicles each. End of day result, 2 very happy cubs who went to sleep early cos they were tired out.
Heh, and their actual birthday isn't until tomorrow...

Right, you'll have to excuse me, I'm off to hyperventilate myself by inflating the 30 or so balloons that will be covering the cubs' bedroom floor when they wake up... *g*


[*wide-eyed, gestures vaguely behind self* I'll, um, get the honey then? Or the skooshy cream...?]

[lopes back, somewhat embarrassed smirk on flushed face - and wearing those thigh length boots...]
[confused frown, lopes off to ask ningen, tail swaying, tail-tip twitching curiously]
(*opens mouth to explain - thinks better of it*
Never mind... *eg* If you're really curious you can ask the ningen, I'm sure she won't mind explaining...)

[blink] The ningen doesn't like honey...

Sunday, June 29, 2003

Lick her boots clean?
Why? Did she accidentally dribble honey on them while she was making breakfast?
Tch, careless... *titter*

The ningen smirked and said, while you're down there, lick her shiny shiny boots of leather clean, will you? [sigh]
This bodes well – one of my major objectives of the holidays finished in the first 2 days. : )
The cubs' room is done, clean, shifted around and all of the stuff for the op shops is already taken out of the house. The final count was 8 bags of rubbish and 15 bags of unwanted things, (though 2 items came back home with us cos the cubs really couldn't bear to part with them *rolls eyes*).
I think I might tackle the comically overfull hall cupboard while I'm on a roll...

What I really want to do now is sneak away for a few hours by myself and write – hn, probly not until at least Wednesday.

Joules sent me a url for body jewellery page earlier today. Some gorgeous pieces there amongst the nipple shields – one of my cubs was looking over my shoulder at them and he exclaimed: 'They're beautiful! Some of them look like bey blades..'
I guess it's all perspective. *g*

Now, about Joules' latest Dystopia fic, 'Angelfish...
Gods damn I am a complete amateur by comparison in the torture genre! I kneel at the feet of the master! (Mistress? Whatever, I'm down here bright-eyed and breathless waiting for the next gem to pop out of that labyrinthine imagination.. : )

[hands over bananas for tenshi's ningen...] Nice photo, Talon-san! [eyes Lutra] What, exactly, is a woodgie? It sounds like a variety of budgie...

Well done for sorting out your cubs' room. I must say you're more tolerant than the ningen - the bratling gets two warnings and if he hasn't tidied it by the third it just gets thrown out... Brutal but fair, I suppose.

Speaking of the bratling - he wants his own blog. The ningen says she'll set it up for him from her cluster: we'll see how long it lasts!

And did she tell you she's aiming to draw a picture a day over the bratling's summer holidays? Heh, baka na manuke! How does she think she's going to manage that? [shakes head at overambitious ningens...]

Saturday, June 28, 2003

Hey, Talon, that hair colour really suits you. : )
Oh and Ripley's a woodgie as well! ^~^

Congratulations on ratling's job too, onna :) I can imagine how much of a relief that is for you.

OK, one page in to the next Dystopia chapter, though not the follow-up back story...

Cool! BeBop starts in ten minutes. : )

OkapiPrincess sent me this...
Anyone who's lived with a cat will appreciate it, I think. *g*

*exhausted - drags self across floor by fingertips to keyboard...*

Ok, I'm exaggerating. : )
Cleaned the cubs' room today. Took the best part of 8 hours; there was 6 shopping bags of rubbish and 9 bags of stuff to go to the op shops. There's still a small mound of their crap cluttering up the hallway but looking at it it's all stuff that now has a place to go to so it won't be too much of a problem. The cubs' weren't a substantial help, but more help this time than usual. With luck and the wind behind me I can shift their furniture around tomorrow. At the moment their wardrobe is behind the door which means when the floor is knee-deep in stuff (most of the time) I can't put their clean clothes away without risking life and limb, or at least a turned ankle. :) I figure, if the wardrobe is right next to the door, it'll be easier to get to.
Yes, I am an optimist! Why do you ask? *g*

Friday, June 27, 2003

(Just so Joules doesn't forget, the cubs' birthday is on the 1st of July - financial new year : )

(nicked from Onna's blog:)

Two questions??

Gohan x Piccolo
Gohan And Piccolo
The master and pupil relationship. Gohan and
Piccolo were always so close friends, but they
were much more than this. They love each other
and it is obvious.Everyone knows that they want
each other and no one wants to stop them.Be
brave and kiss him(her). I'm sure that he(she)
will return the kiss and the love that you

Which DBZ yaoi pairing are you ?
brought to you by Quizilla

*grumblepout* I always get Piccolo/[fill in the blank] in these sorts of quizzes.
Maybe I should stop answering the questions [*still boggling* only two questions?] honestly? At least Gohan's the other half of the pair...

Joules' Gremlins page is up and it is very, very cool! The pics are fabulous, the background works, the story still makes me giggle…
Brilliant job, Joules! See? You had it ready on time! And YAYAY! Happy blogging anniversary!
(Oh, and happy anniversary, Onna, for your blog, and didn't Talon have an anniversary in there too? *g*)

OK, here's what I'd like to accomplish this school hols.

1: Clean the cubs' room. They've promised to help and ideally we'll have it all sorted, the furniture swapped around etc, over this coming weekend. The impetus for the help is that their bedroom floor won't be covered in balloons when they wake up on their birthday morning if the floor still can't be seen the night before…

2: Clean my room - especially getting rid of the pile of stuff at the base of my bed, it's the only part of my room I haven't been able to get a handle on.

3: Some writing. I don't have high hopes for this, school hols are never particularly productive in this respect, but there's a few things I'd like to get through. The next Dystopia and AC chapters, a follow-up chapter to the Shinju/Okami back story I just finished [my first yaoi, I'm so proud : ) ] and the second part of Cathouse Ellis… plus the little thing I started for Talon and Das' Black Dragon… and I promised to beta something for Sammi… *sigh* and then there's my novel… and wasn't there a Mahrayne backstory I was planning? Hn, maybe I better extend the deadline to the end of next term! (Hmm, 'haddock' is already taken, but wasn't 'bananas' also put forward as an alternative word for 'time'? *smirk*

Bananas, I need bananas!

Hmmm… no, I don't think that has quite the same ring to it…)

Other than that I plan to sleep in lots, get some quality fun time with my cubs and just kick back for a little while. I think I deserve it…

As I mentioned, it's the cubs' birthday next week and as usual I've left it too late to really have anything organised. However, their father and I are planning on taking them to the Aquarium on Monday, just the family, no… others, and then a smallish party at our local steak-house restaurant on Tuesday.
We had hoped to get the cubs bikes for their birthdays, or an aquarium, but unfortunately the finances couldn't quite stretch that far this time. I have got them, however, a load of fishy-related stuff, a HRE Milo Returns video, and a cup each with their initials on them. That should do. : )

Thursday, June 26, 2003

*happy squeak* I think I was the first fleshie to see Joules' Gremlins page! It's come together very nicely – I love it! (Of course, Carli's dead chuffed as well, so pleased in fact she fiddled with ICQ while I was chatting to Joules.. tch...)

I only meant to nap for half an hour...
Was feeling a bit weary after I got the cubs home from school so I had a kip on the couch – and woke up and it was almost 7 p.m. Ack!
Had an odd dream too, was living in a house with the cubs and their father (not our current house) surrounded by loads and loads of his girlfriend's stuff. I had a tantrum at him and told him exactly what was pissing me off to which his response was an amused smile and a warning that I'd be paying for anything I broke...

So, that was DBZ was it? Hn... I don't like Chi Chi but you've got to pity her; the cubs' father summed it up I think – 'Goku is such a jock..' : )

Hee, there's a 'ju/'kami backstory almost finished. I'm quite pleased with it. It came out of nowhere, basically, the facts sort of slamming together in my brain remarkably quickly.

Last day of term tomorrow; the cubs' got their half-year reports yesterday. One of them is doing very well, the other is 'making slow progress'. And they got into a fight at school as well. Getting the details out of them was a torturous process and I'm still not completely sure what happened save one of my cubs (the clingy one) punched 2 boys in the face and another in the throat – no lasting damage though, he hits like a girl. *rueful smile* I do know that it wasn't an unprovoked attack, neither of my cubs lash out for no reason...

Anyway, 2nd last day of school today and they had a visit from a media company – the children got to make their own animated videos which, naturally, we have the opportunity to buy. The cubs were very enthausiastic about it and I've got to admit it could be a load of fun getting hold of a video camera so they can make their own movies at home. : )

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

All from Soulsis' blog...

*ROFLMTO* umm, yes well..
Who's Ryoko?

Ryoko and Tenchi
You have a secret sexual fantasy to nail Ryoko
doggy bad she's doing you first

(Contains pictures) Anime character sexual fantasy
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Priestess? Why does she look like she's dressed as a maid?


(females)what is one of your past lives? (results contain pictures)
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Hee, is anyone really surprised?

Wannabe Bitch   You try to be a bitch...but only to fit in with those around you. You seem to feel guilty every time you be mean. Perhaps your just not cut out to be a bitch. Inst

You don't HAVE to be a bitch of you
don't want to. Maybe you're just not cut-out to
be a bitch. But don't worry! Being a bitch
isn't all that great. You're not missing out on
a thing!

(results contain pictures) What type of bitch are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

*g* I look good in green...

Your magical style is Druidic.

What type of Magic do you work?. Take the Magical Style Quiz by Paradox

Ack! It's the last week of term! Good grief that's snuck up on me quickly...
Still, 2 weeks of not having to get up early every morning is not to be sneezed at. : )
It's the cubs' birthday next Tuesday as well – still haven't finalised anything other than their father and I taking them to the Aquarium 'some time', and as for presents? I know what I'd like to get them – it may not coincide with what they want, though. : )

Woohoo! Night Call is finished and will be posted soon I imagine – and I've just had an interesting idea of doing something with Jackson... (Remember him? The bastard tracker from Kitty? The one that makes Joules sweat blood in her desire to do him harm? *g*)

OK, so the Buu saga is finished and now it's ten years in the future...
Do we really have to have another World Martial Arts tournament? Who is the leather guy fighter anyway? And can I gag Pan, pretty please? Vegeta still looks good and haven't Trunks and Goten grown up to be a bit on the phwooar!! side?
Though frankly the thought of Majin Buu being 'good with the ladies' just makes me shudder...
You know, I think I'm over the whole DBZ thing... the fanon is far more interesting than the canon and as for Joules' AC...? *g* The charas there are easily the most compelling incarnations I've had the pleasure (and I mean that most sincerely *smirk*) of dealing with.
One of these days, Joules, I'll find a way to thank you properly for letting me play in your universe... *tackleGLOMPS*

Monday, June 23, 2003

Well, that apparently went well...
I was a little worried, I admit, about the boys having dinner at someone else's house. I mean they might've tried to feed them something exotic like spag bol and there'd be screaming tantrums and it'd all end in tears.
Their host's father, sensibly, gave them all fish fingers and potato gems and chicken nuggets. Phew. And they had fun so all in all it was good. : )

Hee, the Shinju/Okami fic is finished. 5 pages of pure PWP.
Awaiting Joules' verdict... *g*

[pout growl sulk] I want to play now, not next time...

[wide eyes, licks lips, watching Lutra write Night Call, the Shinju and Okami chapter for Dystopia] I want to play.... Surely I can give Shinju a hand... or two... or a tail....

The cubs have been invited out for dinner tonight. : ) Normally when they go visiting I'll pick them up after an hour or so but their friend's dad said they could stay for dinner. (I think he was very brave to offer but I didn't say as much.) Anyway they've got my number and I won't be surprised if I get a call to come and pick the cubs up early. It's just nice they're socialising with someone other than each other...

Tch, Carli's been picking up tricks from Butch. Couldn't find the latest copy of the Shinju/Okami fic on either of the 'puters though I know I didn't delete it - I'm not that stupid.
Fortunately Joules had a copy...

Sunday, June 22, 2003

*sigh* Been a bit down recently over a: the appalling state of the house and b: the fact that I'm the only one that appears to give a toss.
Cleaned the lounge-room today, with a modicum of help from the cubs. It took a while but I did get a certain satisfaction out of the exercise. Then I made some play-dough for the cubs which they played with until bed-time and that was much more satisfying. : )

All full up on mushroom lasagne now. *g* Very tasty - though cos the mushrooms were fully open the sauce turned out to be a sort of mauvey-grey... Naturally, my little food nazis commented on the smell... *rolls eyes*

..... *pout* Well this is annoying. Keenspace is playing up and I can't access any of my regular webcomics ... Grrrr.. I want to know what's going on in Boy meets Boy and Venus Envy! (Oh, and Ghastly's Ghastly Comic and to see if Sexy Losers has updated regulary – ie: weekly – for a change... ) Eh, I'll check later, it's probably just a temporary glitch.

Tee hee hee ... I wonder what the Keenspace gremlin is called?

Happy Solstice, everyone!
It's the shortest day of the year here which means it'll start getting really cold soon...

Soulsis and 2 of her chicks (her twin boys) came round today and together we herded chicks and cubs up to Smorgy's for dinner. The good thing about that place is that the kids are all old enough to go and get their own food and as long as I don't get too rententive about them having a dinner/dessert ratio of 1:3 it's not as harrowing an experience as it used to be.
The food still sucks but at least we weren't sitting close enough to the 'waterfall' this time to see the creepy model ibises ... *smirk*

Soulsis brought me some presents today. : ) An Australian 'style manual' for all sorts of documents – very interesting – andandand a ceramic candle holder with sculptured fish swimming in a circle around it! Very cool! *g*

OK, so now that I've finished Leech I'm at a bit of a loose end, despite having a stack of stuff to get on with. Tch, curse this Libran ascendant...

Very interesting article about tongue-splitting, Onna, not something I'm interested in doing to myself but it does have a certain sort of appeal... *g*

Saturday, June 21, 2003

*dead chuffed grin*
Guess what?
I've seen snippets of Joules' promised Gremlins story... (there are perks with being this close to the source of the magic : )
*rolling around laughing*
I can't wait to read the rest of it and see the pics that go with it! The gremlins I've been intro'd to so far in the text are already distinct personalities. *g*
(and speaking of gremlins... Carli has decided she's a Card Captor Sakura fangirl... *rolls eyes* Cos-play is one thing but it's a bit much when you've got more costumes than 'real' clothes... )

Friday, June 20, 2003

When I dropped my cubs at school this morning, I was told very firmly by my clingy cub to 'stay outside', ie: not walk with him to his classroom like I usually do.
*wobbly lip* Soon they won't even want me to get out of the car...

That is an excellent piece of artwork your bratling did, Joules, you must be very proud. : )

Rightyho... Leech pt 3 is finished, ready for betaing. Hn, I feel the need for fluff after that, not that it was as graphic as Kitty but it's nasty enough in its own way...

Port wine flavoured jelly is especially nummy when made with a splash of port. *g* ... then served with cream... mmmmm....


Magic Number12
JobPorn Star
SexualIf I Have To
Likely To WinThe Booker Prize
Me - In A WordBeautiful
Brought to you by MemeJack

well, red is kind of like pink, only intenser : )

[growl] why the background colour isn't working on the 'colour' row the ningen can't work out (then again, she's tired... at least, that's what she calls it...) The box should be a bright (Saiyan) blood red colour, like the words she's inserted as a stopgap measure...
(nicked from Onna's blog:)
I think of Ken as a kindred spirit and a part of the group, like the ratling is, not really active but definitely valued members of our little community. Kai is as well, since he is a writer now!
When they get a little older, Lutra's cubs and Talon's chibi will probably be sucked in as well...

'Sucked in?'
Leap willingly off the precipice more like : )

Um... I think I may have bothered Joules a little with pt 3 of Leech. : /

Went out for dinner tonight.
Yes, actually left the house - without my children. (*gasp* how licentious!) It was fun, chatting to friends with my full attention, not keeping half an ear out for 'Muuu-uuum!'.
Might do it again sometime. : )

Thursday, June 19, 2003

[growl] stupid ningen got the name wrong. It's Quarxs, not Quarxx. There's a website here, but it's not very useful... there are - 12? 13? - of the beasties, all very strange and wonderful. The ningen has them all on tape, somewhere, scattered amongst the collection...

Ahah! *satisfied smirk*
I thought so, 'Mother Nature's Son' is from the White Album.
Now, of course, I want to hear it but I've only got it on vinyl and no working record-player. Oh well.
I spose, if I was going to get obsessive about this, I could go to a record shop, find the album and ask the staff to play it for me...

I'm not familiar with the Quarxx, Joules, and when I did a google search I got pages and pages of a French 'pop-art et bondage' artist. I don't think he's connected with Pixar somehow... *g*

Awww, pretty pussy.. *g*

grey cat
You are a smoke grey cat. You're very peaceful and
comfortable to be around, and you like to spend
time in quiet places. Lay off on the lithium,

What color of cat are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Tch, I used to be such a Beatle's fan and I don't remember this song, or which album it came from! I'm hazarding a guess it's one of the later albums, 'White album', 'Yellow Submarine' or the one between that and 'Let it Be'...

You're Mother Nature's Son! You're cool and laid
back. It's the best way to be.

Of The Many Great Ones, Which Beatles Song Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

*grits teeth* No good, I have to find out...!

Now this is interesting, just listened to a radio program about fanfic/slashfic and one of the people interviewed (a woman, funnily enough) was talking about shonen-ai and yaoi and she pronounced it yoy-ee.

*muttergrumble* I had a whole big post ready to go here yesterday but blogger wasn't playing nice so it got lost cos like a dill I didn't save it somewhere else first.
You'd think I'd know by now.

OK, Leech pt 3 is nearing completion, and I re-read 'Safe from Harm' (my first Shinju and Okami fic) and rediscovered how much I like that pair. : ) Right, once Leech is finished I'll get on with the next S/O story.

(Fingers crossed, let's see if this will post...)

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

*excited squeak*
Just read on someone's livejournal that the new Pixar film, 'Finding Nemo' has the ''...89 short, 'Knick Knack' with it...'
Now, if this the one I think it is (about a snowman trying to get out of his snowdome and go visit the 'Greetings from..' mermaid who's been giving him a come-on) I will be absolutely frigging over-the-moon!
I saw that, and a couple of other Pixar shorts about 13(?) years ago at an animation evening at one of the indie cinemas here. It was the funniest thing I'd ever seen and I've been desperate to see it again! But then, Pixar's shorts have always been these quirky, hysterical little things that are some of the best computer animation I've ever come across... Their features aren't bad either, think Toy Story, Bug's Life, Monsters Inc., even though they are nominally under the Holy Rodent Empire's control and hence tend to be a bit saccharine. But speaking of Monsters Inc, there was a short with that called 'For the Birds', and I wet myself laughing over that one as well. : ) It's almost worth buying the HRE dvd's of these movies simply to get the Pixar shorts...

Sunday, June 15, 2003

Hee! Joules has started the next 'l/L fic. It's very sweet, they're such a lovely couple. : ) Just a pity I'll have to go to bed before she finishes it...

And this from Joules re: latexboi Tinky-Winky..

'now he just needs a chastity belt and ball gag....'

Tempting, very tempting...

In retrospect, I should have had a definite colour scheme in mind for my quilt before I started sewing. Tried out some of the stars on different coloured fabrics to get an idea of what I could use as the background. Unfortunately, what worked well with one didn't work with the others, and vice-versa. I think I'm just going to have to decide on a b/g colour and work from there. : )

Tee hee hee. The cubs' father is a nurse and he invariably brings home spare latex examination gloves. (I quite like latex gloves - but that's another story...) Anyway, one of my cubs presented me with his Teletubbie doll and two gloves that he'd taken scissors too, with the request I 'dress' his doll...
Tinky-Winky looked very fetching in his latex crop-top with matching balaclava hood and long gloves. *smirk*

Finding a needle in a haystack is easy, just walk through it bare foot...

You're From the Moon
You're From the Moon. This means that you are bound
to be a very caring person to those you love
and even those you do not know.

What Planet are You From?
brought to you by Quizilla

... but I'm not miserable!

You are Buttercup.  Your beauty is beyond compare and only marred by your misery.  You live your life hoping for the return of your one and only true love.  Until then you will contin
You are Buttercup, your beauty is beyond compare
and only marred by your misery. You live your
life hoping for the return of your one and only
true love. Until then you will continue to
lament but you may marry someone else to pass
the time!

"A princess bride personality test!"
brought to you by Quizilla

Heh, Leech Pt 2 finished and posted in Dystopia. Joules' Transposition 9 is posted as well in The Zone. A good nights work all round, really. : )

Happy birthday, Perry!
Your boy is 15 years old, eh, OkapiPrincess? Bet it doesn't seem that long ago he was a wee baby...
(OkapiPrincess has a pic of herself and Perry in the hospital on her livejournal... hope you don't mind me posting the link, OP, but it's such a sweet pic!)

Saturday, June 14, 2003

I hate to skyte, but *bouncebouncebounce* Joules is writing the next Transposition chapter and I'm getting to read it!
It's got action! Adventure! A naked Radittsu! What more could you want?!
(Well, ok, a naked R having sex would be nice *smirk*]

Hee, Joules is even letting me post a quote from it!

'He was stuck on an uninhabited - well uninhabited except for the two of them and a dozen angry Klingons - planet with a stark naked Saiyan, no food, no weapons, no tricorder and no way of communicating with the Enterprise.'

Friday, June 13, 2003


[Eeuuww, no, not keen on eating insects either... lizards, however... *sly smirk*]

Tch, wouldn't you know it, the first time in years I get a hankering for Honey Smacks and they're not on the shelves any more. Soulsis, could you please keep an eye out for some next time you go shopping? However, I did get some bacon so I can make bacon and tomato soup which I've been craving all week.

Waaaaaay back in November last year I put a really pretty painted tile on lay-by and I was able to pick it up today. Yay! I have my fishy tile at last. It's propped up in my bedroom where I can see it when I'm bed. Lovely. : ) Now I'd like to track down some Howard Arkley prints - time to ring the galleries methinks.

A little while ago I backed up a The Clash CD for Joules but couldn't send it straight away. Got enough money to pay for the postage now but couldn't find the bloody tape! I'd 'put it in a safe place'... *rolls eyes* Found it, eventually, after tearing my room apart.
Maybe I should tidy up a little?

Thanks for the cartoons, Onna, wet myself laughing over them, especially the Chickweed ones... Love that cat...
Hope the ickyness isn't too icky, Talon...

Leech is coming on apace and there's a couple of other things nudging at me. Going to have to invoke 'mummy's special alone time' this weekend so I can get some of it done. : )

[stares, blinks, growls] No bones! No good! No way!!
Eeeep! Just read Joules' Zaabon-torture fic... *whimper* Where's Radittsu when you need him?

Eeeuuwww! Yowie-smut! *boggling at the though then hastily shying away from the images*

Speaking of 'eeeuuwww!'
Okapiprincess, where do you find this stuff??

Eat them up, yum!

It's 'topsy-turvy day' at the cubs' school which means they can wear casual clothes and have been ecouraged to wear things upside down or back to front etc. Last night I suggested to the cubs they could wear underpants on their head - they took me seriously. Managed to convince them this morning just to wear their trousers and jumpers inside-out. : )

Right, started on the second part of Leech and, amazingly, have even got the next AC kindasorta planned...

[shakes head] Now tenshi, you should know better than to make comments like that. The ningen is now threatening to write you a Yowie Yaoi fic...

(Strictly speaking it's yah-oh-ee, but say it with usual western speed and slurring and you end up with yowee... People generally know what you mean!)

Heyheyhey Okapiprincess! This'll make you titter! Joules has told me how 'yaoi' is pronounced.
It's... 'yowee' *rolling around laughing*
'Boy's love'? More like 'Boof's love' *smirk*
I shall never look at this lot with the same innocence again... : )
Got this from Soulsis' blog...

//Best words from a Bush to date!

"Somewhere out in this audience
may even be someone who will one
day follow my footsteps, and preside
over the White House as the president's
spouse. I wish him well!"
~~ Barbara Bush ~~//


Oooh! Having had no luck in finding some Zaabon torture fic Joules is writing her own.
I've seen snippets of it.
Meep! *biting nails*
Dammit, I'll probly have to go to bed before she finishes...

Hey, Okapiprincess and I were wondering how 'yaoi' is pronouced. Any clues?

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

[*smirk* There's a fine line between distracting and inspiring, aijin..]

Distracting? Me?? She says I inspire her!

And it'll be the 27th at the earliest. [growl] I know, I want to read it too...

[*gigglenuzzle* Maybe if you stopped distracting your ningen, hab'lan, she'd stand a better chance of having it all ready...?]

What? We don't get to see Gremlins until the 27th! *pout*

Ah good, my AC chapter is posted... I must thank you, Joules, for your help with it. So much better for your input. : )
Now what shall I do? So much to choose from...

(nicked from Joules' blog:)
// And I'm just in the mood to read some Zaabon-torture fic //

Sorry, sinam, I'd help you out there but much as I like Zaabon I don't like him enough to torture him.
Hang on - isn't that kind of perverse? Or am I just missing the point..? : )

[satisfied smirk] Heh, the ningen's doing well at the moment: she has just one more gremlin to draw (unless anyone wants to volunteer theirs for a role in the story?) - though she still has most of them to colour... She's aiming to have the whole thing finished and posted by the 27th, her blog's birthday. Me, I don't think she'll make it: she wants a flashy background to the page as well as (at present) three mouseover animations. And she still has to finish the gremlins and the story. Still, stranger things have happened...

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Hee, I've finished 82 of my patchwork stars. : ) Only 121 to go!

.. and my next AC is just about ready to beta...

Public holiday yesterday so the cubs were home from school – and Soulsis and her chicks paid us a surprise visit!
Ok, it wouldn't have been a surprise visit if a: I'd answered my phone, or b: listened to the message she left before they arrived, but it was still lovely to see them. : ) Andandand!! Soulsis's parents and a couple of her nieces recently went to Europe and she asked them to bring back some snowdomes which she then gave to me! One from Firenze and one of the Eiffel Tower.
Dead chuffed!

Woohoo, looks like wednesay night on 'our ABC' is smut night. 'The Real Casanova' and 'Tipping the Velvet'. I'm looking forward to that...

AAARRRGH!! Dammitdammitdammit! Wednesday night is also the rerun night for Bebop and BGC which I didn't see on saturday... *poutgrumble* Can't tape anything so I have to make a decision about what to watch...

Yes, I have seen Joules pic of Carli and she's gorgeous, so close to what I imagined which is amazing given the dearth of details Joules had to work on.
Very curious now to see the accompanying fic ...not that I'm hinting you understand, Joules. : )

Fingers crossed - let's see if Blogger will let me post this...

Lutra - that's Lutra, not Lutra - can't access her blog at the moment, so I've been asked to say that she's seen Carli and loves her. Now if the ningen can just sort out a way to make the wings shimmer...

Monday, June 09, 2003

[snuggle] Luttra? No no no, it's Luetra, as in that lovely archaic instrument the lute...

[disconsolately trying to run fingers through hair that's no longer there] Does it take long to grow back?

Sad but true – it is much more fun and relaxing going to mum's without my cubs.

Yes, I had a good time thanks : ) Mum didn't repeat herself too often, though she still thumps my arm when she wants my attention... tch.

Got to the train station an hour earlier than I'd arranged with Mum so hefting my bag and purple back-pack (remember that?) I headed over the road to check out some op-shops. Not a lot I was interested in but I got a couple of pairs of tracky dacks for the cubs and a couple of books for me before I trotted back to the station to wait for Mum. For some reason, not sure why, there's music played over the loud-speakers at this station, primarily Classical and Country & Western... something for everyone I guess. : )

Had a quiet evening and got a little more patchwork done before bedtime.

Saturday was fun, I got my hair cut. My hair's been longish for so long I really had no idea what I wanted though I was tempted to ask for something outrageous just to see the hairdresser's face before she tried to diplomatically talk me out it. Decided on something just above shoulder-length, shaped and layered slightly. Had a good 2/3rd's of the length taken off but because my hair is so fine there was no discernible difference in the weight. Still feels a little scratchy on the back of my neck, but on the whole I'm satisfied. : )

Yesterday, Sunday, Mum and I, and a friend of hers, Wendy, went to a Patchwork and Craft show at a local school. Interesting, some of the things were lovely, obviously a lot of work gone into them, but there were a lot of 'country craft' things... quilts with chickens and cows and pigs.... Romantic pseudo-farm life things cos as we all know, farming is such a happy, idyllic way of life.

The cubs and their father weren't home when I got back so I had time to unpack and get myself sorted out. The cubs noticed within a minute that I'd cut my hair and they liked it, their father, on the other hand, either didn't notice (he took himself to bed soon after they got back – poor tired thing) or he thought it looked crap but he wasn't willing to say. : )

I was quite pleased to see the washing up had been done and put away.. and then I found out the cubs have had take-away 4 times this weekend so there's been no dishes to wash. Oh well, at least all the food I bought for their father to feed them can be used over the next few days instead of having to buy more.

(Btw, this morning the cubs' father informed me that my haircut suited me and that he thought I 'should've gone short ages ago.' Well, gosh, thanks for the input.)

Now, I've always pronounced Lutra with the short 'u' sound - *thinking* - which I spose means it should be spelt Luttra cos otherwise it should be pronounced Luetra... eh, phonetics.. I'll stick with my pronunciation...

The next AC is planned, so is the next Cat House Ellis, and the 2nd part of Leech...

[Oh, hab'lan *snugglenuzzle* I love coming home! The bower always looks so welcoming... ]

As for a gremlin...

Carli has purple skin, lavender hair, extendable fangs, BIG black eyes and dragonfly wings. She's very sweet and quite shy, though she loves dressing up – the (historically accurate) can-can outfit is quite... interesting. She really fancies Murphy, and Butch, but I suspect they'd have to physically drag her off cos she's just too bashful to approach them...

Sunday, June 08, 2003

[bower tidied, willows pruned a little, fresh petals - rose and jasmine - strewn, pile of warm furs laid neatly to one side... gazes round, hands on hips, and nods, satisfied]

Zk'vissin, the ningen wants to know what your computer gremlin is like so she can draw... it... and add it to the story...

Friday, June 06, 2003

A long, long time ago I started a Professionals/Power Puff Girls x-over... no, actually it was viable. : ) But this morning, while I was minding my own business making the cubs' lunch with the PPG playing in the background I suddenly had a very clear mental image of Bodie & Doyle drawn in the cartoon's style... I can still see it... O_o

You know how I said my cubs react to being given new foods like they're being poisoned?
The place I get chicken rissoles from has changed the recipe – they've added *gasp* carrots... (and onions and pepper enough to taste, though the cubs didn't notice that until I made them at least try a tiny piece of the obviously adulterated rissoles.)
This is ridiculous!
I have to get the cubs to try new things, there must be something they'll take to. If they keep turning their noses up at things the list of what they'll eat will end up being just pasta and cheese!

Remember Joules mentioned Butch, her bishie computer gremlin?
Hee, she's drawn him! Phwooaar! How tall is he, exactly, Joules? *eg*
Now I want a pic where I can see the piercings!

Thursday, June 05, 2003

And now for something completely different...
Penny sent me this. *g*
Shakespearean english - as differentiated to what everyone else was speaking at the time - is so rich and diverse (remembering of course he was a great one for making up words!)
Must bear some of these in mind and try to work them into everyday conversations. *smirk*

Create Your Own Shakespearean Insults
by Jerry Maguire

Combine one word from each of the columns below, preface with "Thou", and thus shalt thou have the perfect insult. Let thyself go - mix and match to find a barb worthy of the Bard!

Column I Column II Column III

artless base-court apple-john
bawdy bat-fowling Baggage
beslubbering beef-witted Barnacle
bootless beetle-headed Bladder
churlish boil-brained boar-pig
cockered clapper-clawed Bugbear
clouted clay-brained bum-bailey
craven common-kissing canker-blossom
currish crook-pated clack-dish
dankish dismal-dreaming Clotpole
dissembling dizzy-eyed Coxcomb
droning doghearted Codpiece
errant dread-bolted death-token
fawning earth-vexing Dewberry
fobbing elf-skinned flap-dragon
froward fat-kidneyed flax-wench
frothy fen-sucked flirt-gill
gleeking flap-mouthed foot-licker
goatish fly-bitten Fustilarian
gorbellied folly-fallen Giglet
impertinent fool-born Gudgeon
infectious full-gorged Haggard
jarring guts-griping Harpy
loggerheaded half-faced hedge-pig
lumpish hasty-witted horn-beast
mammering hedge-born hugger-mugger
mangled hell-hated Jolthead
mewling idle-headed Lewdster
paunchy ill-breeding Lout
pribbling ill-nutured maggot-pie
puking knotty-pated malt-worm
puny milk-livered Mammet
quailing motley-minded Measle
rank onion-eyed Minnow
reeky plume-plucked Miscreant
roguish pottle-deep Moldwarp
ruttish pox-marked mumble-news
saucy reeling-ripe nut-hook
spleeny rough-hewn pigeon-egg
spongy rude-growing Pignut
surly rump-fed Puttock
tottering sharp-borne Pumpion
unmuzzled sheep-biting Ratsbane
vain spur-galled Scut
venomed swag-bellied Skainsmate
villainous tardy-gaited Strumpet
warped tickle-brained Varlot
wayward toad-spotted Vassal
weedy unchin-snouted whey-face
yeasty weather-bitten Wagtail

Found this on Okapiprincess' blog.
I don't know whether to be amused or disturbed...

LJ Barcode
LJ username:

Right, about Mahrayne...
She's cocked up before in her life but never quite this spectacularly. Yes, she can be selfish and thoughtless, she's the first to admit that, but on Hassina the consequences of her actions didn't have the same repercussions. There it didn't matter too much because the ripples she caused were apparently only small, surface disturbances – she honestly had no idea how different things could be on Vejiitasei.
Because of her upbringing, Mahrayne has little or no understanding of her importance, no matter how many times Leteetza tried to explain. For close to 100 Saiya-jin years Mahrayne was a disregarded non-breeding female, she was – in the scheme of things – insignificant. It's only through recent events she's beginning to understand her radically altered position and that the rules are fundamentally different. (Frankly, despite her intelligence and curiosity, Mahrayne isn't that bright. She's dissimilar from the majority of Hassinan in that she can think 'outside the square', but she is still largely hampered by her people's ingrained inflexibility. It's not much of a defense, I know, and she is slowly learning. As Joules said change is an ongoing process.)
Mahrayne deeply regrets what she's done to Zorun, she still loves him, but she doesn't regret at all Kelapa claiming her. And secretly, she still doesn't know why she couldn't have them both – she may never fully understand the Saiya-jin possessiveness, it is after all, an alien concept...

Heh - the ningen tried the Planet Slayer quiz thing, honestly too... Her result? 'You can live forever!'... Her response? "Oh good. Now maybe I'll be able to finish writing all the stories in my head..." [shakes own head in despair...]

Wednesday, June 04, 2003

*blinkwince* The cubs have been playing with the settings - the drop-down menus are now bright yellow...

According to the greenhouse calculator on the Planet Slayer site I'd used up my allocated resources by the time I was 12 years old... *g*
This is a fun page, check it out...

Now about the M/K/Zo situation. Naturally I have fairly strong opinions about it but I'm not going to attempt to explain them until I've got the brainspace to do more than babble incoherently. That won't help my argument at all : )

I'm running away to mother's on the weekend as part of the 'get-the-cubs'-father-used-to-having-to-look-after-his-children-on-the-occasional-weekend-so-it-won't-be-such-a-shock-when-he-eventually-has-them-every-second-weekend' plan.
It's a little annoying I have to leave my house to do this, I can't just hang around and ignore them all (the cubs (and their father) will default to me being primary carer) but it's a start.
Oh, and it's not a 'rest' going up to mum's, if she has company she expects them to be company - so no uninterrupted time to write. Heh, she's worse than the cubs actually, I can growl at them to leave me alone... : )

[quote] *head in hands* When, exactly, do boys grow common sense?

[sigh] Generally speaking they don't zk'vissin. [gestures vaguely around at the world in general, poisoned earth, polluted atmosphere, sick oceans] And they really think they'll be allowed to leave their solar system? [shakes head] such extraordinary, arrogant naïvety...

Tuesday, June 03, 2003

I find the 'serving suggestions' on packets of food very amusing. For instance, on the chocolate swiss roll in front of me, it's got 'serves 8' written on the box...
... or serves me over the course of a day. *g oinkoink*

I had to have words with one of my cubs. I pointed out to him that it didn't matter if he'd devised this particular form of martial arts all on his own, he wasn't a qualified martial arts instructor therefore it was dangerous for him to try and teach his brother the defensive moves by going at him with a stick...
*head in hands* When, exactly, do boys grow common sense?

One of the school mum's had her bunions fixed a couple of weeks ago and we've been giving her daughter a lift to and from school daily since then cos she can't drive. No problem, we go past their house on the way to school, but – Sarah is a bit thingy about my cubs. When we're in the car she's very chatty and friendly, but as soon as we get to school she doesn't come within 20 feet of us lest someone think she's with us. Oh dear. The 'boys' germs' stage is such a difficult time... *g*

Sort of drifted away from DBZ for the past couple of months cos Cartoon Network had gone back to the beginning of the Buu saga - again. Tuned in again last week in time to see G&V traipsing around in Bu's intestines. *g* 's very funny, never would have thought the Prince of all Saiyans to be squeamish.
*dopey grin* But catching up has meant I've gone all funny about Vegeta again, and that bit when our heroes are back to back getting ready to fight the fake demi-saiyans and Piccolo? *shiver* oh yum, and they're going to rescue Gohan! MmmMMmmm -
I like Gohan.

Speaking of Vegeta, found this quote in a woman's magazine:
'Add Vegeta to your culinary portfolio for a great way to stock up on savoury taste and fabulous flavour.'
Well yes, he is a bit tasty. *smirk*

This comic (from 'Sunday morning Coffee' – by Tang and Hard [Sexy Losers]) almost had me splurting out my coffee over the keyboard with laughter. SMC didn't go for very long, unfortunately, but there was some very funny stuff in it.

And finally Cartoon Network has removed that stupid Ed, Edd & Eddy from the 8a.m. time slot and replaced it with something decent - Power Puff Girls. : ) Episodes I haven't seen yet either, yay!
The ham-hams are on again in the mornings at 8.30 a.m. which is no good to me cos I try to be out of the house to go to school around 8.40 and the cubs and I really don't need any added distractions at that point.

Sunday, June 01, 2003

I had a dream yesterday while I was napping. Someone visiting me had brought their 3 cats along, one of which was a tiny, gorgeous little grey tabby. I had to catch it and put it in it's carrier, but the carrier was too small. No problem, I said, I've got another carrier in the garage, you can borrow that. It's night-time when I head outside and in the sky is a string of what looks like stars, but they're not cos they're moving in formation across the sky, fast, coiling and looping like a ribbon.. I'm caught between needing to get this carrier for the cat, and not moving in case I draw the attention of these star-like things and they take me away...

Today's dream involved an acquaintance of mine and his girlfriend coming round to show me the (admittedly good) matching, giant Twisties packets they'd had made as costumes...
Ooookaaaay... : )

I had a bad-mummy day today. Instead of taking my cubs swimming, as I'd promised, I went back to bed. Spent most of the day there in fact. Not that there was anything wrong as such, wasn't ill, just bored, I tend to go to sleep when I'm bored. Made up for the lack of meaningful contact with my children this evening when we sat down together and watched a programme about the 15 best diving spots in the world. Ended up missing most of the commentary though because my fish-mad cubs squealed – loudly, in my good ear - every time they saw a fish species they knew. They know a lot...

I wonder what I'd do with myself if I stopped writing. Go mad, probably, drowning in the details of others peoples' lives filling my head.
I've been imagining 'what if?' all my life, mentally putting myself into situations varying from tragic to merely annoying, to see how I'd react. Which is fine - a psychologist sometime in the 80's said this sort of fantasy role-playing was good because it gave people a chance to develop 'strategies' for coping - but being of a mildly obsessive temperament I naturally took it to extremes. How could I possibly care about exam results when in my mind I was dealing with the aftermath of a nuclear holocaust? Sometimes I think (see, here we go again) what might have happened if I hadn't been quite so much at the mercy of my imagination. Would I have studied more? Gone on to higher education? Had a clue what I wanted to do with my life? *g*

I've just eaten some jelly that was optimistically called 'pink lemonade flavour'. It was a pretty colour at least, even if it only tasted like sweetened gelatine.

I really like the idea of doing a fictional blog - ie: writing a blog from the pov of a character. Hn, nothing definite as yet though, I just like the idea.

This is a 'button-down shirt'.
Heh, thanks, Okapiprincess!

Woohoo! 'Progression pt 2' is finished (it's not a patch on Joules' 'Rejoice' - but she won't listen to me. : )
What shall I do next?
Bed! Ahhhhhh......