Sunday, August 31, 2003

I forgot to mention (bad mummy!) that one of my cub's got a student of the week award last week for being a responsible classroom monitor. : )

The next bit of Serving Ms Brown (not Jones, twit) is up. Oh and I'm aiming to update this weekly.

Yes, the cubs and I went to see 'Finding Nemo' today.
The animation was brilliant (you don't expect anything less from Pixar) but the plot was less than inspiring and the things I thought I'd like the most (the clown fish) I liked the least. Too anthropomorphised, too schmaltzy, I just didn't like them that much. However, it was the secondary characters, and their side stories, which made this movie for me. In particular I loved Dory (voiced by Ellen deGeneres). It's a given that side-kicks are goofy but there's a reason for this one's behaviour and it worked. : ) She was brilliantly handled and thoroughly endearing (more so than the challenged poppet lead), and watch out for the seagulls and the crabs! I also liked the way the sharks were depicted in this...

Warning! Spoiler!

... not as stupid evil bullies (as they usually are) but as enlightened creatures involved in a 12 step program to get them off the fish... 'Fish are friends, not food.'
There was a lot of humour in this directed at adults. : )
Yes, go and see this movie, you'll probly enjoy it but make sure you stay for the whole credits... Once again Pixar has fun there and it's definitely worthwhile...
<wahsnifflesoppysmile> Dammit, that solitary romantic bone I'll admit to is playing up again... I've just seen the first draft (are first thingys of art called 'drafts'?) of the pic Joules is doing for the 'Amazing Kiss' competition.
... you'll never guess who the subjects are! <smirk>:
It's funny, isn't it, that a joke that would normally have you rolling around laughing just isn't funny when it's told by someone you don't like...

Damn I love Trigun's end theme. I love the music but I especially love the lyrics (the english version, naturally) it sounds like such a simple philosophy.

My next AC will be posted soon, as will the next bit of Ms Jones, and next week will be spent working on... <dramatic reverb> The Novel.
Good gods I think we've only got 3 weeks of term left! Ack!
Hn, I'll be going away for a weekend during that I think, and I'd like to take the cubs up to my mum's for a couple of days... better start organising the finances then.

(nicked from Okapi's blog:)

Runes.. very interesting...


Berkana - Growth, abundance, fertility, Mother Earth, protection, the zenith of an idea or situation.


Lagaz - Intuition, imagination, success in studies, creativity, vitality and passion (especially for women).


Mannaz - Cooperation, teamwork, collaboration, help and aid from others, beginning new projects, especially with others.

Cast the runes here:
Rune Caster

Hee, the cubs and I are going to see 'Finding Nemo' tomorrow... we're very excited! <g>:

Friday, August 29, 2003

(nicked from Talon's blog about something on Joules' blog:)

... And I can't wait to hear how the visit to Body art goes!!! *is terribly happy for Joules, and only slightly jealous *grins**

<g>: me too! Currently waiting for Joules to get back so I can get allll the gory details. <smirk>

Heh, that's my next AC finished, need to have Joules give it the once over then hopefully it'll be posted by the end of the weekend. : ) What shall I do next?

It must be spring, I've gotten all enthausiastic about growing my own vegetables again...

I had a very odd dream last night.
I was visiting a small country town/festival/convention with a group of nebulous people, one of them an ex of mine. An ex of his was there as well and she was being hassled by some guy. My ex's sargeant (he'd suddenly become military) quietly suggested that if he wanted to go and 'fix the problem' he'd say he hadn't seen him there that weekend, effectively cover for him. My ex does deal with the guy but as I'm standing outside the room it happens in and I can't hear anything I'm left to imagine what's going on... I know my ex and what he's capable of and it makes me uneasy.
After the deed is done my ex has to stay low for a while, which he does in my hotel room, in my bed, snuggling into me like a lost and frightened child, something he used to do when I knew him before, when life seems to be kicking him in the guts.
I woke up feeling as if I was reliving an unpleasant part of my past...
...... O_o !!

I've been traumatised by the sight of housemate wearing nothing but a towel. I spose I should be thankful this meant he'd had a shower. <shudder>

Eeep! <sniffle> 'Interloper', Joules next Dystopia is finished...

Thursday, August 28, 2003

You know what's the best thing about eating beetroot?
.... actually, I won't mention it, might be a bit too much information. <g> (I sometimes think that when it comes to bodily functions I've got a mental age of three. 'Cor! Lookit the colour o'that!' tee hee hee...)

Soulsis came over today for a basic lesson in html. A very basic lesson from someone (me) who's not that great a teacher. : ) But we muddled through I think.

Good to hear Ripley's sleeping in her own bed, Talon, : ) and, onna, you are way more dedicated than me. Learning any other language is too much like hard work let alone Japanese...

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

<big eyes> Joules has started her next Dystopia chapter. Now it really starts getting interesting...
(nicked from Joule's blog:)

Johnny Depp as the definitely... um... eccentric's not quite the right word... Captain Jack Sparrow [proof that males can be shiny and sparkly, Lutra!].

<eyebrow> I remain sceptical as to how a non-anime male can be sparkly but if anyone can manage it it'd be Mr. Depp. <g> He gives good face...

I really like melted cheese but I hate azaleas (no, there's no connection between those two statements, don't bend your brain over it : ) I loathe those plants - their leaves are little and mean, their flowers fleshy and bruised, and no matter how well-cared for the plant is it always manages to look less than wholesome. Ick.

I think the cubs and I are going to see 'Finding Nemo' this weekend. <happy grin> and Okapi found a lost and abandoned Golden Arches of Doom toy by the side of the road yesterday, one of the clown-fish ones, and she thought of me... : )

Speaking of Okapi we were talking yesterday and it transpires that waaaay back in the days of our carefree youth we both regularly made ourselves late for work by stopping to watch 'He-Man - and the Masters of the Universe' in the morning.. isn't that interesting?

I've been pondering over cartoons lately (western animation), specifically about how women/girls are portrayed. I grew up with early Warner Bros and Hanna Barbera <shudder> and The Holy Rodent Empire. What did they have to offer? Granny? The occasional plot-device female who was sometimes vampish but was more often someone's wife? Wilma & Betty? Jane & Judy? Daphne and Velma? (Beauty and brains but not in the same package, you'll note) Bugs in drag? And then we have the movie heroines of the HRE, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty etc, victims all. But these things were all products of their time, weren't they, when women's roles weren't promoted as anything more than being an adjunct to the men. Things have changed haven't they?
There's more and stronger female characters around now, true, and I hate to admit it but the HRE seems to be leading the charge though HB has certainly picked up it's game. (At this point I have to admit I don't remember who owns who at the moment, is Warner's a HRE company now? Or HB? Is HB owned by Cartoon Network?) Of the new wave my favourite female characters would have to be the PowerPuff Girls and Kim Possible but there's also the X-men girls, some of those wonderful villainesses in both the Batman animated series and Sarah Bellum from the PPG.
There's others as well - Dee Dee from Dexter's lab - I love the way that girl views the world : ), and the Totally Spies trio. You're more likely to see the females actively contributing to the plot now rather than just needing to be rescued. It's a good thing, I think, and been a long time coming, now we just have to get past the notion that fat or ugly women are a: a nuisance, or b: comic relief...

Monday, August 25, 2003

The cubs and I have started collecting a magazine series - 'Horrible Histories' - based on the books by Terry Deary. It's promoted as history with the nasty bits left in and it's perfect for gruesome little boys. : ) The cubs have pored over the first issue ('The Gory Glory of Rome') and are eagerly awaiting the next one. In fact they're so taken with the whole idea that tonight they enthusiastically showed me what they'd made. One had spelt out emperor Nero's name in lego and the other had made a small lego sword that he propped hilt up on their chest of drawers then randomly scattered blocks of red lego around it in imitation of the blood splatters in the tv commercial...
An interest in history is a good thing, ne? <g>

Okay, the first bit of that blog fic I mentioned is posted. It's called Serving Ms. Brown and I spose it won't be giving too much away to say it's going to be almost pure sub/dom yuri. But not this first, less than scintilating bit.
Writing it as a blog entry was actually harder than I thought it'd be. I tend to be a bit cavalier with the structure of my blog posts but this is a fic and so needed the same amount of attention I give to other fics. Eh, whatever, it's up, have a look if you care to, there'll be more soonish though it won't be a daily thing by any account.

This retro thing has gone far enough - I've seen Bay City Rollers compilation CDs... (yes, and to my shame I was tempted...<sheepish> Eric was such a spunk!)

'Share the bunny...' That sounds like a great euphemism - but for what, exactly? <g>

Waaaaaah! <sniffle> ... Joules let me pre-read her next AC...

Hee, I've just bought a DVD copy of Matthew Bourne's 'Swan Lake' from ebay. Cool, another piece of homoerotica to add to the collection. : )

(found on soulsis' blog:)

...tee hee hee...

morally deficient
Threat rating: Medium. Your total lack of decent
family values makes you dangerous, but we can
count on some right wing nutter blowing you up
if you become too high profile.

What threat to the Bush administration are you?
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<blinks> Ummm....

You should be dating a Pisces.
19 February - 20 March
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hospitable, and romantic. Though he/she can be
self-pitying, temperamental or dependent, the
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What Zodiac Sign Are You Attracted To?
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Sunday, August 24, 2003

[smirks evilly] 'share the bunny'.... Mm. I like the sound of that!

[You mean of course, share the bunny, don't you hab'lan...? <mmmm, bunny...>]

I would like to have it on record that I had a thing for clown fish waaaaay before 'Finding Nemo', ok?
Tch, the same thing happened with Batman, I was a fan for years before the 'revival' and it really got up my nose when people assumed my fannishism was me just jumping on the merchandising bandwagon... grrr...

One of my cubs is taking an interest in cooking! : ) He helped me make the omelettes tonight, and the other night he sat with me to watch a food porn, er, cooking program and piped up saying all the food looked beautiful and he'd like to make it...
Still doesn't want eat any of it though, (I checked) but I spose an appreciation of the visual aesthetics of food is a start. <g>

Heh, managed two chapters of 'Dancing' this week, not a bad effort. : ) This coming week I'd like to at least make a start on the blog thing and finish 'Cathouse Ellis'... aaaand maybe do something about my next AC...

(nicked from Talon's blog:)


What Are You Most Likely to Utter During Sex by UMAJohnnie
Most Likely to Say"Hey, I'm not paying you for your thoughts."
Created with quill18's MemeGen!

[blinks, then recoils in horror] How about just tenshi, zk'aida, and I'll eat the bunny?

The ningen did the test, twice (no, I don't know why...) - ended up with maki (truly rare) and ichi (the one with wisdom). Depends on the time of day, I suppose.

(nicked from onna's blog:)

Awww! ^~^ That's so cute!

Rini - "Little bunny"

What would your Japanese name be? (female)
brought to you by Quizilla

[What do you think, aijin? Tenshi-rini? Rini-tenshi? Rini-Lutra? <giggling>...]

Saturday, August 23, 2003

140 stars...

Right, Trigun... what's the deal with the neko? It's everywhere!

The cubs and I went to the Aquarium today. It's still fun : ) And I got another of the clear plastic bouncy balls with the little coral scenes inside - a purple one today. just a blue to get and I've got the lot. <g>

(nicked from Joules' blog:)

... this little fish is the last of a shoal of six neon tetras I had in a small tank Ken bought me as a present years ago...

He bought you a fish tank!? That's so sweet!
... Right, that's enough of that! <shoves starry-eyed fluffy bunny back in to her box> However...

... Tetras are only supposed to live for about two years - this thing has to be at least four years and more likely five years old... I won't actually kill it, tempting as it sometimes is, but honestly! I swear I can hear it cackling evilly from here....

Well if anyone's going to have an evil tetra it'd be you, sinam! <smirk>
Oh and yay! for rat, Onna! : )

Friday, August 22, 2003

[blinkblink] Very odd. The ningen read "prunes" and went pale, then started making the strangest noises... Turns out the very smell of these prune-things makes her nauseous...

She doesn't mind anyone using haddock as an alternative for time, tenshi. I think, on the quiet, she's rather flattered that other people do... She's also looking forward to the second part of Cat-House Ellis.

[chuckle] I think her being called my carrot is rather... sweet... After all, according to her own blog, she used to be called 'carrot-top' as a hostling, because of the tuft of hair on top of her head... [ducks to avoid the heavy metal object hurtling in his direction] Hn. I'd better stop there...

Mmmm... prunes....

It's interesting, isn't it, how your attention can be drawn back to something you've more or less forgotten about when someone else expresses an interest in it. Joules and I have been given some fabulous feedback from Romyra and in it she mentions she'd really like to read the rest of 'Cathouse Eliis'. Well, gosh darn if the little blonde poppet didn't suddenly claw his way to my forebrain to demand some attention. He's very pretty when he pouts... : ) So, I'll see about getting that done, or at least started, this weekend; maybe have it finished by end of next week.

Hee, I found out today our local ABC shop is getting another shipment of 'I, Claudius' on DVD. This is one of my all time favourite drama series, not surprising given my interest in Imperial Rome. The shop's going to let me know when they come in and I might prevail upon the cubs' father to get them for me for xmas. <happybounce>
Poopies, it looks like the video/dvd of Matthew Bourne's 'Swan Lake' isn't on anybody's list any more. <pout> Have to try the net, I spose... How much do I really want to see it?

Tch, KittenKong brough another mouse in last night and it took refuge in one of the cub's school shoes, which was good cos that meant I didn't have to catch it per se to put it outside...

I'm finding myself squealing that I need more time so I can get more done... Sound familiar? <g> But, I can't use haddock as a euphemism, that's Joules'. She suggested sausages...
I need more sausages!

What do you think?

Heh, and Talon, it was me with the wrong end of the pineapple, it is two challenges...

Thursday, August 21, 2003

Heh, my cubs wrote their first fan letter tonight - to our National Broadcaster about one of their children's programs... and volume 2 of BeBop has been added to the library! <g>

Wow, Kai's hols have zipped by, Joules! But at least it means you'll soon be able to have a rest... (yes, yes, I know just how likely that is : )

Good work, onna, encouraging rat to get a blog... You know, I think he's the only male I've got on my blog list? No, hang on, I've also got Hard (Sexy Losers) and Ghastly (Ghastly's Ghastly comic) - though that's because I read their comics, it's not like they're friends of mine, or friends of friends : ) (However, given the 6 degrees of separation theory I could probably find a connection to them...)

And that's another chapter of Dancing done. The style I'm writing this in is evolving the more I do, which is great but it means there's going to have to be some fairly extensive reworking of the earlier stuff. Oh well, should make for a better product. Next week I might have a go at getting down some of the snippets for this other novel cluttering up my brain...

Wednesday, August 20, 2003


Don't worry, Talon, we won't say no yaoi that'd just be inhuman! <g>
[blink] The ningen looked at Lutra's challenge, and thought it was a good idea! So she issued one of her own. A short (no more than 1,000 words and preferably less), no angst - she'd like something funny, in fact - and using minor DBZ charas. No Vejiita, Kakarotto, Gohan, Torankusu, Goten, and definitely no Sage... And no incest/shota either.

The great thing about having BeBop on DVD is being able to slow-mo it and really get a chance to appreciate the artistry of the animation. <happysigh> And I've got to admit, with all this extra viewing Spike's beginning to grow on me.

Tch, rotten cat brought in two mice last night. The first one was already dead but the second one was brought back in 3 times after I repeatedly rescued it and put it back outside...

Talon, I'm issuing you a challenge. I want you to write some fluff - not healing fluff after trauma and angst, just fluff. I dare you! <g>

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

[smirk] If you're talking to me, no, I need no pointy stick. A thwap on the backside from my tail is quite sufficient. And the ningen says all she has to do is glower in Lutra's direction... [frowns] Hn... OK... not sure how effective that is...

[should we be finding you a pointy stick now as well, aijin?]

<smirk> For those of you that are interested, Joules is hosting my Bob the Builder x-over story at her site. I've re-read it and I'm still giggling... Oh, and BIG huggles to Joules for doing the coding et al. : )

There was ice on the car's windscreen this morning, first time this winter!
It was very beautiful, the way the crystals fanned out over the glass - if I hadn't been in a hurry to get the cubs to school I would have sat and gazed at the patterns for a while.

The ningen says there's no hesitation about it - it's very good and she looks forward to each chapter [prodprod grin].

Monday, August 18, 2003

Hee, 121 stars...

It's no good, I've had to stop using ICQlite - my system just can't handle it. Reverted to ICQ2go which, while I don't like some aspects of it, is still better than having the puter freeze at the slightest provocation.

Right, about this novel (for ease of referral let's call it 'Dancing' - that's part of the title, btw : ) let me sum up the progress.
So far in this how-the-hell-am-I-going-to-do-this? first draft I have the first chapter done, also chapters 2 & 3 (or 3 & 4, haven't finalised that yet) plus a couple of other consecutive chapters from around the middle and snippets from the last third. It's a bit of a mish-mash at the moment, <g> but I can hesitantly say it's got potential. I'm aiming to have the first draft, at least, completed by the end of the year.

Sue, Goodtwin, as official Haadri 'prodders', I think we should have pointy sticks to symbolise our duty, nay, our privilege in standing behind Joules and prodding her ungently forwards...
I'd like my stick to be wound around with purple ribbons and bells, please! <g>
Gnngh! Just read Joules' latest Dystopia chapter - a Shinju torture fic... I'm still shuddering at the squickieness!
(<evilgrin> ... as is Joules, she really likes 'ju, really empathises with him...)
Heh, the ningen says her last words are likely to be similar - "I can't die yet I still have stories to tell!". And then she'll find a medium and channel her work!! [shudder. What a thought, having the ningen haunt you, force you to write her stories for her...]
'Interchange' the Dystopia ficlet is posted - it only took Joules 12 minutes to code it! <impressed>

Been watching this fascinating ballet production on telly tonight, by Matthew Bourne (he did the recent, somewhat notorious version of 'Swan Lake' where all the swans were male..) It's called 'The Car Man', and uses the music from 'Carmen'. I'm enjoying it, it's got a not at all subtle homoerotic subtext. : ) This is what we need more of in ballet - yaoi based productions.
Going to have to find the Swan Lake dvd now...

Sunday, August 17, 2003

Okies, that's the Dystopia ficlet finished. : )

When I finally shuffle off this mortal coil I'm sure my last words will be: 'Just let me finish this...'

I'm watching a program about the top 4 male dancer in the American Ballet Company. I really like watching good male dancers, there's so much strength there as a foundation for grace (and let's not forget the thighs...) but, unfortunately, in this program they're interviewing the dancers, letting them talk...
Nononononono! Don't talk, for gods' sake, just dance! Open your mouth and you ruin the illusion... <g> It's interesting though, I haven't danced/taught/thought about ballet for, blimey, over a decade but I still know all the terms and I still have all the muscle memory. : )

The cubs found their Bob the Builder album today which naturally led to their digging out and watching the old videos. Tee hee hee – a couple of years ago I wrote a Professionals/BtB crossover based on one of the episodes. Watching that episode now is very weird, there's such a sinister undertone to it...
Got one of my favourite bits of feedback about it though, someone on the list said they were sceptical when they heard the subject matter but thought if anyone could make something so warped work it'd be me. : )

<blinks> .. the last thing I want is the ningen stroppy at me...

Oh dear, I'm in love...
In Tenchi Muyo there's a catrabbit thing which is nauseatingly cute. The rational part of my brain acknowledges the downright offensiveness of this creature but has been well and truly overwritten by the fluffy bunny who's a puddle of mush over it. <sigh>
... I am not going to go looking for a plushie of it though, I'm not...

Now, Orphen. I can too easily see our hero and the red-headed bishie getting all sweaty together, even had an interesting flash of a potential backstory while watching tonight's episode. Not that I actually want to write it but I'll linger on the images conjured occasionally, for my own private amusement.. heh heh heh.

And I've worked out what's bothering me about Trigun! It occured to me that in BeBop there's no falling over backwards and twitching, or sweatdrops or grotesquely exaggerated expressions – it's generally a more 'realistic' style of animation, more subtle in my opinion and I really like that. But Trigun does use those conventions and it can be irritating. Also, Vash is uncomfortably close to Goku at times – lovable idiot one moment, uberwarrior the next, I just want to hit him! - and that tends to throw me out of the story if I think about it too much.
So I don't think about it too much. : )
But it's only the third ep, I'm not going to give up on it just yet.

At Joules' recommendation I downloaded some anti-viral software (Grisoft) installed it and did a scan of my system. It came up clean. I was quietly surprised, I mean there's so much crap out there I was expecting to have picked up at least one thing. However, if it's not a bug that's, ahem, buggering up my system, then what is? I suspect even ICQlite is too rich for this puir wee beastie.
Ah well, I'll add 'computer upgrade' to my wish-list. : )

Heh, mostly through the next Dystopia chapter already. Just a short one this time, a follow-up to 'Visit'.

Ooh! The planet Mars is the closest to the Earth it's been in something like 50,000 years and it's easily visible from Melbourne right now. Amazing to see how big the blob of red-orange looks in the sky – be nice to get access to a telescope for the duration...

Friday, August 15, 2003

The ningen says backboiler everything else (especially the fanfic) and focus on your original material, particularly the books. She's read more than enough of your work to know the tremendous potential you have and will get positively stroppy if you squander it! [grumblemumble.... slavedriver....snarl....not everyone's as obsessed as you....growlgrizzle]

.... unfortunately she's usually right, I'm afraid....

<bg> I've got another volume of BeBop...

Hooray! Finally finished the Dystopia chapter. (Joules has just finished betaing, and it'll probly be posted tomorrow). 24 pages! No wonder it was so long birthing, I haven't written anything that long for ages! Actually <thinks> I don't think I've ever written anything that long – not including multiple parts fics. Cor...
It doesn't feel like 24 pages to read, though that could just be my perception. I've no doubt I'll be gently informed if it's tedious. <g>
Tell you one thing though – I admit to having one, solitary, romantic bone in my body and it was giving me hell after this chapter...

Good grief, I think we're half-way through the cubs' school term already! Okies, let's think about things we could have finished by then...
The next AC, definitely; the follow-up to Shinju/Okami's 'Leaving Home'? Mahrayne's backstory? More in Dystopia? The thing for Black Dragon? Tch, and then there's Tulip's next bit which has been languishing for months, and the second part of 'Cathouse Ellis', and then of course there's... <dramatic pause> The Novel... and the other novel which has started writing bits of itself to my brain. Hm, spose I should just pick one thing and get on with that before I get overwhelmed by it all...

Thursday, August 14, 2003

Now, do I pay an overdue instalment of the gas bill or do I get another volume of BeBop?
... I think we know the answer to that.

One of my cubs told me yesterday that he didn't want to be an author cos it's hard work and he doesn't like hard work! I then tried to explain the difference between plain hard work and hard work that was fun!
He remains sceptical. : )
(They're both back at school today, though none too happy about it - heh heh heh.)

I think this is a good thing... While I've been finishing this current chapter of Dystopia two more story arcs - completely unrelated to anything else that's gone before - have sprung into existence. Eheh, okay, fine...

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

(nicked from Talon's blog:)


The Yaoi Selector: Which Seme are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

<ROFL> I don't think I need to say anything...

The Yaoi Selector: Which Uke are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

[smirking] The ningen tried those uke/seme quizzes on Talon's blog while trying to get a brush through her drying mane. She came out as Sephiroth for the seme - and got this for the uke!


[chortling wildly, tail lashing the air]...

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

So that was the last ep of Buffy was it?
I kind of liked it...
(nicked from Talon's blog:)

<ROFLMTO!> How come it's me that always gets the loonies?

Anime Bishounen Match by c_chan
LJ Username:
Favorite Number:
Your Match:Ryuichi (Gravitation)
Created with quill18MemeGen!

Joules has been refining her ideas for the future AC... Eeeep! I'm all... squicked now.
And who would I have, er like, in the 'l/L family portrait? 'l of course, with L on one side and Ry on the other; Kinu and 'jau; R/Zb; Zk/H; and 'reysu and 'leen with 'rayne and 'ska. : ) Is that enough? <smirk>

The cubs were home again today, but not as ill as they were yesterday. One more day I think and then they can go back to school.

... and why the hell does Noddy have an American accent?! He's English for gods' sake! <grumble> That's as bad as making Winnie the Pooh American...
Who the hell is this Joe person on Blue's Clues? What happened to Steve?!

Why am I watching children's programs? Both the cubs are home sick so, d'accord, we're watching telly and the only thing on the channels they usually watch are the 'early learning' programs.
So bright, so unnaturally cheerful and bouncy... I think my eyes are bleeding...

Hee, the Dystopia chapter I'm working on should be finished in a couple of days and Joules has started the next part of 'l/L's chapter.

Monday, August 11, 2003

I'm all excited now... Joules has been bouncing ideas for future ACs off me. <bites nails> Eeep!

Sunday, August 10, 2003

D'oh! I'm such a twit. It's not ICQ lite I've been using, but ICQ2go...
Downloaded Lite today, and it seems to be working all right, although my puter has seized up 4 times in 2 hours - I really hope it's not ICQ prompting it. (Joules, maybe you could ask Butch, nicely, to have a word to Carli?)

One of the cubs is sick with a bad cold, poor thing. He's sleeping in the loungeroom tonight and his brother got stroppy cos he was alone in their room and bored! Mind you, he dropped off to sleep quickly as well - hn, if they run true to form, he'll come down with whatever it is in a day or so.

I've been going through the temp internet files and clearing them out. Damn there's a lot of crap in there! Doesn't help the cubs tend to visit graphic intensive children's sites (Cartoon Network, Lego etc), let alone the other sites their father visits... Hopefully emptying the cache there will help things limp along a bit faster. Dammit I want a net capable computer I don't have to share! <grump>

I really really like the end credit song from Trigun: I've been humming it all day...
(nicked from Talon's blog:)

Well this is complete nonsense of course! <g>

lighthearted gentle friendly
Sugar are sunshine aren't you? The kind of person
people turn to for help.... just make sure your
good nature doesn't get you trampled on.

How do people see you?
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Okay, I cheated... The first result was this:

High Maintenance. You are a classy person and
prefer the finer things in life. You probably
wouldn't be the type person to get your hands
dirty but hey.. there are ways around that.
Your good looks and irresistable charms are
hard to resist.

What influences your style? (Anime pictures)
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... but after looking at all the results, this was way more accurate.
So I fudged the answers. : )

Nature. You love all aspects of nature and this
love has contributed to the type person you
are. You are kind-hearted, loving, and gentle.
Just as you try not to harm the environment so
do you strive to not cause harm to your loved

What influences your style? (Anime pictures)
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...although, re-reading the first result - they're both relevant. I do have expensive tastes, just don't have the income to indulge them. If I'm going to buy something, though, it will be the best quality I can afford - unless it's tat, but that's a whole 'nother plastic fish... <bg>
Heh, 112 stars done and this evening I cut out enough material for another 44...

Okay, the second episode of Tenchi Muyo was more interesting than the first and it was nice to see the plot take a sort of Tron change of direction to what I expected. Orphen had some plot bunnies gamboling about getting under the characters' feet and damn it's crawling with bishies! : ) The second ep of Trigun has hooked me in further. Was enjoying the banter and the occasional bit of animation that was like watching poetry. I really like Millie, I can relate to her, and as for Vash...? There were a couple of instances when he suddenly became this deadly serious other... which I have no doubt is horribly significant. : ) (No, don't tell me anything! <sticks fingers in ears> lalalalalalalalalalalalalala! I'm not listening!) <g>

Saturday, August 09, 2003

Aww, no, Talon! Albino ratties are lovely! My first ratties were albinos, Sous-sus and Bess, sisters, the runt and the biggest of the litter. Loved those two. Ah, memories... <soppysmile>

(nicked from Onna's blog:)

It's not like I don't want this dbz doujin, I do. I collect Vejiita/Bulma doujin.

You know you've been reading too much slash/yaoi when you you say 'A het pairing? Euuww! No thanks!' <G> Admittedly V/Bulma is one of the least appealing pairings ever, in my opinion, though Prince Snitty does look particularly good on the cover. (I should clarify that - never cared for Bulma in any incarnation, but Vegeta...? He does something delicious to my uke-bunny...)
Yes, I used to bid unreasonably on ebay as well, Onna, and while I don't regret most of what I got I wouldn't do it again. If I have to have something so badly I need to bid, I set myself a limit and too bad if the item goes over it. <pout> There are times I resent being a grown-up.

Yay! Back on track, I think, for the Dystopia chapter.

Friday, August 08, 2003

OkapiPrincess sent me these quizzes. She said she saw them and thought of me... <g>

Cool! Marc Bolan was the best! <get it on... bang a gong...get it on...<

Mark Bolan
You are Mark Bolan of T.Rex. Mark Bolan became one
of the biggest icons of the Glam Rock era with
his most successful album, "Electric
Warrior." Several chart hits would follow.

What Glam Rock icon are you?
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This wasn't really a surprise... ^~^

You're a Rat Lover!
You're a Rat Lover! You might own a few rats of
your own, and you really like the little guys.
You devote a lot of time to their well-being,
but they aren't your entire world. You love to
pamper your little fuzzers to pieces, and they
must love you right back!

Are you a Rattie Fanatic?
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I saw a brilliant recipe on a Jamie Oliver food porn program the other day...
Boil some baby beetroots 'til they're soft, rub the skins off them while they're still warm, then cut them into bite-sized pieces (halves, or quarters if they're larger). Sprinkle some vinegar over them, add a good pinch of salt and a sizeable dollop of sour cream. Mix it all up - the cream will soften and melt, combining with the vinegar and beetroot juice to make a pinky sauce - then serve with baby beetroot leaves and other interesting greens.
Doesn't that sound nummy?

Soulsis popped round today for a visit and to give me more really cool stuff! An armful of yowie 'playmates' the little plastic toys found inside the yowies (including some from series 1 & 2 i don't have!), a set of shower curtain rings decorated with starfish, which will go into my 'Chez Otter' box, some really cute little fishies to stick in flower pots and an old, old school book of English history, (it doesn't have anything useful like a date of publication but I'm guessing it's pre WWII, possibly from the 1920's). As with a lot of history books, it intimates that nothing much happened until the arrival of the Romans... : ) <bloody Romans, can't take a joke...>
And I keep forgetting to mention the mini windmill Soulsis gave me, and the delicious bright pink cakes (something that colour has to be good for you! <g>)

.. and I rediscovered this further example of Japanese wackiness that Okapi sent me ages ago...

Thursday, August 07, 2003

<sing-song> I've got a ham-ham! I've got a ham-ham!
Hamtaro is sitting on my puter box, smiling cutely at me... ^~^

I haven't written a thing in over a week. Tch.
Right, I'm going to have at least the first draft of the next Dystopia chapter done by the end of the weekend.

Hee, almost finished the current batch of stars; I'll need to cut up some more material soon. : )

<grumblepout> Apparently, in Japan, they're selling these. Have I ever mentioned my passion for replica sushi? <sigh> I wonder what the chances are of finding them over here - I think a trip to my local centre for Asian Culture (ie: Box Hill) is in order...
<happyhappy> I picked up volume 3 of the BeBop dvds today (that's the one with both eps of 'Jupiter Jazz' - mmmm.... Gren... <sniffle>). And bonus, the dvds are on special! $19 rather than $32! Heh, have to go back next week and get another one if I can. There's also copies of the BeBop movie, which I haven't seen; I figure, by the time I've got all of the series the movie might have been discounted... (And the first volume of Trigun is on the shelves as well... but no Ham-hams yet. <g>)

Tch, I was sure there was something else of great wisdom I had to impart but the excitement of buying the dvd has chased all else from my thoughts...

Oh, that's right, I've finished 106 stars now. Gosh, I'm clever. <smirk>

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Tee hee hee - Soulsis sent me this...


Nominated for "Quote of the Year" is the statement below, made by Texas Congressman Dick Armey when asked, "If you had been in President Clinton's place would you have resigned?"

Armey's reply: "If I had been in the President's place, I would not have gotten the chance to resign. I would have been lying in a pool of my own blood, looking up and listening to my wife ask, 'How do you reload this son of a bitch'?"

Oooh! Guess what? <more excited than is probably reasonable> Our local supermarket is selling Ham-ham plushies! They're soooo cute! <bouncebouncebounce> I can just imagine them sitting on my computer desk, next to my plush Pip & Pop, and my plush Botan... and my beanie baby otter... and my DBZ action figures... <g> Tch, I need a bigger desk - or a desk with shelves!
Hn, this is part of Blogger's 'terms of service'... Do you think adult-rated material would come under this definition?

You agree to not use the Service to:

(a) upload, post or otherwise transmit any Content that is <
...snip...> vulgar, obscene, or otherwise objectionable;

<sigh> I spose it would depend who read it... but if there's a strong warning attached...?
Eh, can only try, I spose, and take it down if there's any objections from less-than-liberal minded people who've accidentally stumbled across it. <smirk>
(Details to follow, for those interested, once I've got it all sorted...)
(From the 'Odd Spot' of the Melbourne Age Newspaper:)

Tuesday August 5, 2003

Rats are being trained in Tanzania to sniff out landmines and explosives. Cheap, intelligent and, crucially, lightweight, the rats sniff out a mine, then sit and scratch at the spot until they are rewarded with a piece of banana.

Smart widdle ratties...

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

<happysqueak> Okapi told me today that there's going to be a Bollywood film festival here in October! We won't be wearing saris though, we don't want to look like sad poseur Anglos. <g>

And speaking of the evil quadruped - she sent me some links.
This is a corky page: a mini-dictionary of Regency slang. If you're ever looking for a novel way to allude to the easiness of a woman's virtue (ie: call her a slut), this is the page for you...

This was just disturbing.
Why can't these people leave those innocent frankfurters alone!
Hn. Not sure about this result. Yes I like fluff, but...

You like fluffiness and romance. You don't want to
see your characters unhappy (even if they
aren't ACTUALLY remembered that
disclaimer, didn't you?). You don't care what
the pairing is, so long as the fic's two
central character ride off into the
metaphorical sunset together. Your stories are
often full of huggles, kisses, and annoyingly
sweet baby talk. Sometimes, they're
unrealistically romantic. That's just fine with
your readers, though; your stories, with their
cavity-inducing sweetness, are more addictive
than heroin. In fact, you're probably a really
good writer and have got a rather large

What Kind of Fanfiction Writer Are You?
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But this bit really got up my nose! >:l

Do your fanfics ever include original characters?
Yes, but they're well-developed

Excuse me?! 'Yes but they're well developed' Compared to what?! Canon characters? Give me a break, most of the 'character development' in canon characters comes from the intense discussions and dissections of their actions/comments by fans! Grrr... <ruffled feathers>

... you know, if I was going to cos-play at an anime convention, it'd most likely be as a ham-ham. Penelope would be dead easy, just drape myself in a yellow sheet that's got ham-ham ears and eyes sewn on : ) <waiting for the screams tee hee>...

Ah, the things we take for granted - like being able to empty your bladder when you want to...
Without going into too much detail, I'm having a pelvic ultrasound today and joy of joys it's best done when you're busting to go to the loo. <rolls eyes> I can give no guarantees, my bladder control isn't what it used to be.

Hn, wonder if I'll actually write anything today...

Sunday, August 03, 2003

The cubs and I went swimming today. We weren't able to stay very long cos their father needed the car but we had fun. Both of the cubs are able to free-float in the water now, that is float face down, with their arms and legs stretched out. They're very pleased with themselves. : )

Ooh, Mistress Seam-checker Onna! You are a costume nazi!
Admittedly, though I've played dress-ups at lots of parties and a few conventions, I've never actually dressed as anything other than what came out of my imagination. It's fun, and yes, it's partly about the attention but there is also something intensely satisfying about creating these costumes, doing the research, plotting how the damn thing will go together, hunting for fabrics and suitable trims... : ) And that's just the fantasy stuff, it's not including the effort that goes into making historically acurate clothing. *g*

Just trying something...
<I tracked down the 'html-thingy' for the chevrons - as Goodtwin so eloguently puts it - by doing a 'view source' on the mouse-hole...>

Hey cool, it worked! <feeling very clever>

Saturday, August 02, 2003

Oooh, yes! St Michael's Mount is another place I'd like to go! Tch, should start making a list, I spose... : )

Why is it that when there's a surfeit of food humans will eat 'til they're incapacitated?
Soulsis and her boys popped round for a visit this afternoon but she wasn't feeling the best so I took the 4 boys up to Smorgys for dinner. The roast beef was actually quite tender and tasty tonight, though once again the deserts weren't as good as they looked.

Ah, the weather is fining up and we've all the signs of impending spring. Trees are blossoming, the weeds are flourishing and signs saying 'garage sale this weekend' are popping up all over the place. The cubs and I walked to a sale this morning. Not an awful lot there - no toys, which the cubs grumped loudly about - but I picked up another doona for them and a piece of shiny green material for a future project. And the walk did us all good I think. : )

Right, just watched the first eps of Tenchi Muyo, Orphen & Trigun on Cartoon Network.
I can see how good the main 2 characters in TM could be - pity about the uninspired dub and, hn, now I think about it the animation was reminiscent of 3X3 Eyes which wasn't something I was terribly impressed with. Orphen was more entertaining even though, in her close-ups, one of the females bore a shudderingly close resemblance to a Blythe doll. Orphen himself is a bit of a honey, I'll keep watching for that if nothing else. *g*
Now, Trigun... Again, I can see the potential but it didn't grab me from the start like BeBop did. But, it comes highly recommended and I'm intrigued enough to be looking forward to the second episode.

Dang, yawning so much I've hurt my jaw. I guess I could take that as a hint I need some sleep..? : )
The ningen says, for as long as you like! And she thinks Land's End is a great idea - went there years ago and loved it. You could stop off at St Michael's Mount on the way back - apparently that's a wonderful place too...

Friday, August 01, 2003

Hee, London Aquarium... looks good! : )
This is somewhere the cubs particularly want to visit - Legoland UK.
Colchester Castle is a place close to my heart, love to go there again and Land's End intrigues me. So does this place - I've wanted to see the Uffington Horse ever since I found a picture of it when I was about 9.
And of course there's all those wonderful places in and around Bristol... *g* How long can we stay, Joules?

I'm thinking of getting a nice, big map of the UK so the cubs and I can make a thumbtack wish-list of the places we'd like to visit. : )
Oooo! *big eyes* Watching Spooks and one of our heroes met his CIA contact in London Aguarium! Going to hunt down the website in a little while; might as well start researching things for the cubs and I to do when we go to the UK! *g*

Right, we've got the cable channels back. How? I re-tuned the telly. Heh...
... just trying something...

...up... and ...down...

Hee! It worked! Thanks, code-queen Joules!

Damn, I could really do with some chocolate right now...

I hate technology - I don't trust it, but it lures me into a false security when it's all working fine.
Still haven't heard back from ICQ about not being able to run the software - the 'lite' version is ok but I'd rather use the full version where I have some control over it. *sigh* Soon, no doubt...
And woke up this morning to find the cable channels are nothing but static. Rang the company who told me that as there were no problems their end, it must be us. Specifically, a problem with the vcr which, apparently, the cable box is tuned through. Grrrr...
'Is the video on the right channel?'
The f*ck*...!? How the hell should I know? There's no channel display on this model! I could try re-tuning it myself but I'd rather let one of the technophiles I live with deal with it. I should be able to do it - I can program/change the clock on the vcr, how much more difficult is tuning it? Hope it's sorted by tomorrow night, though, don't want to miss the first ep of Trigun.
OK, I'll stop grumbling about technology and grumble about something else.

I haven't written anything this week. Tch, just can't focus when my equilibrium's shot - curse that Libran ascendant! : )

(nicked from Joules' blog re: toilet training...)
Kai simply hated being wet and smelly and more or less trained himself...

One of my cubs still wets most nights - it's just something he hasn't got the hang of yet. He's not at all bothered by being wet so that doesn't help! He does use a nappy overnight, most of the time, but even then he still manages to wet the bed. Tch, boys - can't keep their hands off themselves. *g* It's not that much of a problem, really, just a nuisance washing the bedclothes when the weather's less than perfect for drying...
Their father helpfully informed me about a year ago that he wet the bed til he was 12. Oh great, thanks so much. Contemplating using the 'bell and pad' method - which is where the child sleeps on a special pad that's attached to an alarm which rings if the pad gets wet. This is sposed to train them to wake up when they need to go to the toilet.
OK, maybe in a couple of weeks when I can afford the hire cost of the equipment.

I've noticed that the cubs, no matter how bad a time they seem to be having at school, rarely scheme to stay away from it. This is good in one respect, it's one less battle I have to engage in with them but... I'm not sure this passive acceptance is for the best. One of the most important skills we can learn is knowing when something's worth fighting for/against. (Says she who is paralysed by change.) I'd like my cubs to understand that it's their right to at least question things they're not happy with, not just put up with it and stifle any frustration they feel. Something to work on, I guess.

This has been a frustrating week...

[Oooo! *watching ki-trail* Pretty sparkles!]
[ ***********sparkly ki trail*] Sunset picnic on the beach, zk'vissin? Full moons tonight...