Saturday, February 10, 2007

"In the war's dying throes, it was discovered that Peter Pettigrew had taught the Animagus transformation to Voldemort's inner circle. Voldemort wanted loyal warriors who inspired fear.
Harry and his friends, with the Order of the Phoenix, had fought through inferi and Dementors to the heart of Voldemort's lair of evil. There they found the arch-villain himself, protected by a goat, two chickens, a wildebeest, an armadillo, three snakes, and a rat..."
<falling over laughing>
That's a quote from Animals by Busaikko recently on Pervy Werewolf So funny! Busaikko is always good value. <g>

(<head->desk> Housemate is 'educating' the cubs in classic anime. They're watching Robotech. Bloody Min Mei - she's a MarySue, I swear. No wonder I loathe her; she gave anime girls a bad name for years. Still makes my teeth hurt. And lets not mention the generally execrable dialogue I can still hear over the headphones. I refuse to believe the original Japanese is any better...)

Hee, I've pre-ordered my copy of the next/last Harry Potter book. My descent into HP geekdom continues. Gods, I'll be writing Snermione next.
No! Nevah! Not het...!

<giggling> Spotted this in an op shop yesterday.

It's not just me...
<still giggling>

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Oh yes, something else about Xmen III. I was impressed with how Hank McCoy's agility and strength were portrayed in the fight scenes. Gave a really good idea of just how efficient he is in combat.

<snerk> One of the cubs' bits of homework concerned television programs. Badger (they've got nicknames now, remember? :) filled out his imaginary program schedule with gems like; Box Wrestling; 20 minutes of Toilets; the Lame 40 Minute show; the 3.52 news, and More Box Wrestling. We have cable telly, can you tell?

(And at the party last night the cubs were thrilled to bits that people recognised who they were sposed to be. I think - like me - they get tired of being around people who have no idea what they're on about and it's always exciting to discover you're not the lone loony in the wilderness of mundanity. <g>)

LOL! Went to log in to Flickr and on the front screen was a note that 'Flickr is having a massage'. Scheduled maintainance perhaps?

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Feeling kind of shiftless. The cubs are out at a party with their dad...

Their costumes: Spy vs Spy.
Spy vs Spy

First week back at school and on Friday night the cubs had taken themselves off to bed - and were asleep - by 10.30. Puir, wee tired things. <g>
So far so good, they're enjoying being year 6; they've got Prep buddies to look out for! They remember their own buddies very fondly, which helps.

Oh goody. We've actually got two wasp nests, one in the front, one in the back. Still waiting for the cubs' father to deal with them. :) (He'd better do it soon, he's off overseas for a fortnight in about a week.)

DVDs. Seen lots of DVDs recently.
Constantine was a bit of a romp. <g> And there's just enough of the Catholic schoolgirl left in me that parts of the movie made me twitch. Keanu isn't the world's best actor but he chooses roles which suit. I got the sense they were just skimming the top here, that there was a lot more could've been said, but as it's based on a comic book that's not surprising.
Finally got 'round to seeing Xmen III. That's another one where I felt I was only watching half the story, for the same reason. Good, though, enjoyed it - not enough of the winged-pretty, however.
Mrs Henderson Presents. Not as good as I thought it'd be but infinitely better than, oh, 98% of the main-stream US product available to rent. Judy Dench was wonderful. :)
(Um, there were more but I've lost interest. Heh.)

Woohoo, up to chapter 3 of the new fic. Once again I have no idea how long this is going to be. I'll just write it and see where it goes.