Monday, October 31, 2005

Because tomorrow is a public holiday lots of people also took today off, and they were all at my shopping centre, getting in my way! Slackers! <grumble> Why can't people walk in straight lines?

Eeep! We have two huntsmen in the house! One's in the lounge, which is fine, I can keep an eye on the beastie but the other's in the cubs' room! Ack. I told them not to worry cos it'll keep the mosquitos away. (Translation: I am not negotiating my way over the mountain of rubble in there, at night, to try and catch the stupid thing. I'll have a look tomorrow. Maybe I can chase it outside with a broom...)
I'm very carefully not thinking about how close that spider is to my room, though.

I've been trawling some excellent Snupin (Snape/Lupin) fic in the Chocolate Frog archives. It's well written and enjoyable even though there's a couple of plots I've found so far that are - to my mind - largely improbable.
Mmm, I do like Dom!Lupin though...

I was enthusing to Penny the other day that I'd found a place where I could buy rolls of polypropylene book covering. Yay! And then all I'd need was a database program and I could finally get on with cataloguing my collection...!
She looked at me and shook her head. "You really are a librarian, aren't you?" Hee! Give me half a chance...

I decided that, because I'll be taking 98% the kitchen stuff with me when the cubs and I move out, I'd be generous and help their father restock. To that end I've been looking in op shops for cheap crockery etc. Found some the other day, a nice, sensible (boring) pale grey dinner set - but what was more tempting was an even cheaper set of 'Country Garden' style crockery. It had ducks on it: kitschy 80's white ducks with blue bows... <big evil grin> The cubs' father will never know how close he came to having this <cough> quality, tasteful product gifted to him. I think he'd appreciate the joke, but no, better to keep him on-side.

And again I forgot to mention Soulsis' generosity - a handful of pink and purple neko bells (shiny!); a small fish wall-plaque mosaiced with bits of mirrors (more shiny!); and a cat's face dangly thing with marbles for eyes. <g> The sort of thing you hang in trees to keep the birds off your fruit. Thanks, Soulsis!

<sigh> It's supposed to be hot for the next couple of days - low 30's. I'm not anticipating that with any pleasure, but still, once this first flush of heat is over it'll mean I'll have less trouble adapting to the Summer temperatures later.

Heh, I think we're being kidnapped tomorrow and taken to Niki's for a Melbourne Cup Day get-together. Should be fun!

Sunday, October 30, 2005

<sniffle> Just watched the last part of Casanova.
Now that's the sort of happy ending I love. I'm going to be sniffling for days...

Friday, October 28, 2005

I pandered to my inner 12 year old today. Schleich produces a wonderful range of realistic plastic models - animals, knights, smurfs <g> - and I've now got 4 of their horses on lay-by. I haven't really been a horsey-girl since I discovered pop-stars but the Schleich horses called to me. Meh, perhaps I'm hankering after a simpler time - I might pick them up and think "What the heck...?". If so, then I've got a niece who'd probly appreciate them. : )
But they are really lovely...

Gah, I'm fretting over the cubs' upcoming camp, not cos they're going to be away from me but cos they're going to be with people - kids - who don't have much respect for them. And the cubs can be oversensitive when they're wound up and tired. <sigh>
No, no - I'm only borrowing trouble, aren't I?
Gods, the preparation for it though! Everything has to be labeled, not to mention being found and cleaned ready for packing, or it has to be bought. I was trailing around the shopping centre, watching my money dwindle while the 'list of things needed' didn't seem to be getting any shorter. I think we have everything now, including runners (joggers) for the cubs which should be interesting cos they can't tie their shoe-laces by themselves yet. Not that I've made much effort to teach them - they always wear pull-on boots. So, guess what we'll be doing this weekend? Oh well, at least they can shower/clean themselves without help.
<huggle> Thank you, Soulsis, for the loan of the sleeping bags! The cubs love them - they've already tried them out. : )
I've organised with the cubs' father to drive us all into school on Wednesday, that'll stop us having to muck about with suitcases et al on the bus. Luckily Tuesday is a public holiday so I can spend the day stressing without being interrupted by having to take the cubs to and from school. Tch, is it any wonder I want to be 12 again?

Found this short comic on my favourite snarking site. So funny! Sparklypoos! <smirk>
It came from this site - check out the other comics, and the HP fan art. I'm still giggling over some of it.

Oh, this came from the same site...

Pirate Monkey's Harry Potter Personality Quiz
Harry Potter Personality Quiz
by Pirate Monkeys Inc.

Awww... I like Lupin

LOL! Just heard on the Lenny Henry show:
Did you know Sagittarius has git in it?
I know a couple of Sags. Tee hee hee

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I am outraged and appalled!
The cubs and I went into a big chain store today to have a look at the toys, as is our wont. The cubs pressed the buttons on everything, as is their wont, and... Bob the Builder had an American accent! For the love of National pride, why? Wasn't the degradation of Winnie the Pooh enough?

The cubs are moving into the gruesome little boy stage. We were looking at flower buds on an agapanthus and it was noted that, fully closed, they looked like birds' heads. Then I'm gleefully told that, partially opened, it looks like the bird's vomiting, and, fully opened, look, the bird's exploded!
... riiiight...

Saw the most amazing cloud-formation this morning as I was coming home from dropping the cubs at school. There was a back-drop of slate-grey rain clouds and in front of them was a series of white cumulus clouds. Startlingly white when the sun hit them; absolutely beautiful! It stopped me in my tracks.
I like clouds. : )

Hn, it's that awkward time in fresh produce where the Winter fruits are out of season and so are more expensive but the Summer fruits aren't in yet to take up the slack. Oh well, at least the Lebanese cucumbers - my Summer staple - are half the price they were last week.

In my dream a couple of nights ago I was chatting/traveling/hiding from lions with a group of people. One of the women tossed me a large plastic spool and mentioned something about our time together in the fabric mill. I knew what she was saying was true but the memories were so far back, so distant, I couldn't recall them with any clarity.
I've never set foot in a factory except to tour it, not in this life at least. I'm not saying for sure it was a past-life echo, mostly because before I went to bed I was watching a documentary on the history of photography. The programme included a segment about photography being used to bring to light the terrible conditions mill and mine children worked under at the turn of the 20th century. An interesting dream though, even so.

By golly, chapter 26 is tripping along nicely. Should have that finished soon.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Okay, well I didn't have dreams about rampaging frozen mutant cockroaches, or their sea-going relatives, but I did dream I was a music teacher at a school of yoga. : ) I was asked to demonstrate my musical ability, which made me pause because, you know, I wasn't really a musician, but when I sat down at a dinky little student's piano I found my fingers knew what to do and I was able to fumble through a simple piece well enough to make people think I was just a little rusty. <g>
See? Another dream about pretending...

Yay! Finished chapter 25 and already 2 pages into 26. This is the second-last story arc; once that's concluded there'll be one more event then it's on to the final bit. Woohoo! Not only that I've actually plotted out some future bits so I won't be stumbling about trying to string things together when I get there.

Why are children still taught the times tables up to twelve (1x1 - 1x12)? No denying it's handy but we don't really use base 12 anymore. Is it just to keep the 12x12 reference grid on the back of exercise books neat and square? I think it would be better to have them learn up to x15 as standard.

After putting it off for weeks I finally got 'round to starting the repairs to the M cub's blankie. The first part was easy enough - patching the bald spot in the wadding, tacking down the loose bits of material - but when it came to trying to attach the new cover there was frustration, and language that made the cubs gasp. I've tacked the new covers on and while the shark material is nice and smooth, the green is going to be puckered. Ah well. The effort will still be appreciated, I'm sure.

I'm watching the first part of Casanova, with David Tennant in the lead role. I'm really enjoying it, it's wickedly funny in places and DT's very good but I'm still not sure I can see him as Dr Who.

Couple of quiz things nicked from Joules.


Dea dubiosa, or Goddess Sue
You are Dea dubiosa, the Goddess Sue. All
the power of heaven and earth is at your
command, which doesn't stop you from throwing
tantrums, or explain why we've never heard of
you before.

What Species of Mary Sue Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla


Alt Text
Which Slytherin Mary Sue Are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

And this one was contrived - I just wanted to see where all the Snape questions led.

Alt Text
Which Slytherin Mary Sue Are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Truly, Joules and I do have some interesting conversations on ICQ.
To set the scene: I was querying a word I'd used in SFSG, wondering if it could be considered too Terran for the setting. Joules agreed but as it was very late, and she was very tired she couldn't think of a suitable substitute...

Joules: Nah - brain go 'bampf'. Ask me tomorrow?
Lutra: LOL It's bampfed to the bahamas?
Actually, 'bampf' is what Nightcrawler does when he teleports.

That's what I mean. Your brain's bampfed away.
... ah... right - undertandee a bit maybe...
nope - no Bahamas...
Maldives, yes

Lucky thing, sunning itself on the sand, being mistaken for a jellyfish...
<growl> My brain does NOTNOTNOT look like a jellyfish....
<yip!> All right, it doesn't look like a jellyfish!
Though I have seen some washed up on beaches here that are reminiscent of brains. If brains were see-through and smooth.

My brain is neither see through nor smooth. Nor does it exist in only the four usually Terranly discernible dimensions.
Now that I can believe! <nods> Tardis brain. Yes. It's the only way everything can fit
Quite! Insult it at your peril!
<sarcastic quiver>
<eyebrow of dooom>
<snicker> What's it going to do? Come and get me?
<incline head> You think it can't?
Oh thank you, now I'm going to have nightmares about being pursued by a brain that doesn't look like a jellyfish!

... I hesitate to ask, but you think brains generally look like jellyfish?
<patpat> Keep taking the tablets...

Well, no, but it was the only washed-up-on-the-beach sort of thing I could imagine a brain looking like...
Conversations like this aren't really atypical, either. <g>

I've got 99 positive feedbacks on eBay. Now if just one of the three sellers that 'owe' me feedback would get off their lazy arse I'll get to 100. Dammit, I want my next-coloured star! <pout>

Hm, a 'for-sale' sign's gone up on the house across the road. I'd been wondering what happened to the little old lady living there, haven't seen her or her gorgeous old pale-blue ford for weeks.

Heh, my umbrella is the best anti-rain talisman I could have. If on overcast days I step outside without my large and inconvenient-to-carry umbrella I'm bound to get wet. However, if I do carry it, the sun will come out.

Lessons I have learnt:
The creases in a crumpled linen shirt will mostly smooth themselves out after the garment's been worn for half an hour. While this still doesn't make it look like you've taken the effort to iron your shirt, it makes it a little less obvious that the shirt's been lying on the floor for a month and was only picked up that morning cos there was nothing else clean to wear. <cough>

Oh! I've seen Orli-squee calendars! Not many of them - it looks like they're selling quickly - but... I want one! He's so cute <squinch>, lolling about trying to look all sexy and sultry, just like a big boy! <smirk>

And, I've finally found a solution to something that's been intermittently bugging me for months - how to make a red blood-cell shaped cushion. Yes, I've worked out how to do it. I'll need to attach and stuff the inner cylinder of material to the outer covers first before sewing on the proportionately wider outer band. The difference between the inner and outer bands should, in theory, pull the material down into a concave on both sides.
Ah, I can see it now, a lounge-room full of giant red blood-cells...

Woke up from a very detailed dream yesterday. I was at a beach, where I learnt that the young surfers communicated their desire to go to a different beach by executing particular moves on the sand. ie: a back-flip meant one place, a jump and spin another. I thought this was an odd way of communicating with bus drivers, even foreign ones, but no, it was to tell the waves where you wanted to go. I couldn't help thinking this wasn't a particularly safe way to travel...
Later I appeared to be trailing around after a blonde woman as she told me about her life. She set up a drum-kit on a breakwall and played 'til the sun went down. Then we went to Niki's new house by the sea for a party and sleepover. (Niki always seems to be doing well in my dreams. I wonder why? Perhaps she represents success? Anyway...) The cubs' father was there as well, but that wasn't as important as trying to explain to someone that it was fine to kill an icky, black, poisonous spider but they had to leave the beautiful garden orb alone.
The next morning, in a cafe, the blonde woman had dyed her hair red and was pretending to be a journalist - she asked someone to give her some 'news' to talk about to help the deception - while I somehow had given someone the impression that I knew all about medieval basketball and so found myself on a court, in a tunic, wondering what the hell I was going to do...

And last night's dream was just as detailed but I can't remember much of it at all besides trying to take a shower, on a bed, while wearing a veil... Very odd, and frustrating.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Chapter 24's finished and I've started 25. I'm making it up as I go, it seems, detailing things that really should have been included near the beginning but as I didn't think of them until now... <shrug> That's what rewrites are for.
And, there's no help for it - I'm going to have to sit down and puzzle out boring but necessary things like comparative rotations and travel times between the planets.
I also need a reasonable substitute word for 'porn'. Hm.

I growl at the retail push to introduce Halloween into Australia but damn I love the jack'o'lantern lolly buckets. I have one now - I got it from a 'Free with every purchase over $10' offer. <g> It really doesn't take much to make me happy.

Heh, the cubs' father finally had his 2 dead cars towed away.
And I've successfully got my phone number transferred into my name. Tch, cost me $50 <grumble> - what a rip-off! - but at least now I only have my own bills to look after.

Finished reading the Regency House Party book. It was quite interesting, taking a more historical perspective of the event than the television narrative which focused more on the emotional journeys of the individual participants. I'd like to see the series again, I really enjoyed it. I got terribly involved with teh drama. <g> Not sure I'd want to live in the era but it was a deuced interesting time.

The cubs' school is changing its uniform policy. As of next year, official school uniforms will be compulsory, not simply recommended. This is really annoying cos the 'official' uniform items are 3 times the price of the generic garments I can get elsewhere. I'm not sure the reasoning behind the move but I think sometimes the school board forgets that even though we're in an affluent area, not all of the families have commensurate incomes.
Ah well. I spoke to the principal about it and she mentioned there's a government scheme to help low-income families cover the cost. Going to have to look into that, I think.

I had a spare half-hour today so I indulged myself and watched the first episode of Cyber-City Oedo, subtitled. I've only seen the dubbed version before and the difference is amazing. There's no swearing, for a start, and I think because the vocal track isn't stuffed with profanity the story is allowed more time. It made more sense this time, at any rate, and it was more... lyrical. The ending's quite different as well. The dubbed version gave the impression that Sengoku was about to do something naughty for personal revenge but in this version it's more along the lines of crusading within the confines of his 'job'. I quite like Sengoku in this version, he seems to be more noble, less of a yob - though he's still a smartarse. <g>
I prefer the opening theme in the dubbed version, though, but so far that's the only thing I prefer. I'll have to see how the other 2 episodes rate.

Caught by accident the other night, half of a program about the Thomas the Tank Engine phenomenon. <g> The cubs were thrilled - they got to see the actual models used in the tv series - but what I found interesting was listening to Rev. W. Awdry (the original writer) snark about the 'business people' writing his characters into entirely improbable situations! Gosh, that sounds familiar...
Missed the part about the Thomas movie - would've loved to hear what he had to say about that abomination.

Nicked from Joules:
Your Harry Potter Sue by Riven-008
Your name
Your Sue's First NameKitty
Middle Name(s)Rachel
Last NameEverleaf
Hair"silvery waves"
Other Distinguishing Marksyou don't need any
Love InterestSeverus Snape
Number of Sporks Required101
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Tee hee hee. Snape.
Ravenclaw? Nah, I'm too lazy for that.
There's a very funny mini-saga about the meme over at The Zone. Check in the comments for Tuesday, October 18. : )

Monday, October 17, 2005

My hair is fine, thin and weak but I like the colour. It's a genuine tawny, honey-blonde, and it glimmers in the sunlight...

At the cubs' school this afternoon we had the official launch of the 'You Can Do It!' program - a program designed to help motivate/educate children about the benefits of self-confidence and a positive self-image. (Sounds naff but having flicked through some of the literature it's actually a well-structured and useful curriculum.) It took place in the quadrangle between the classrooms, something that bothered me a little as it meant that everyone was going to be outside in the strong sunshine for 2 hours, but more importantly there were no chairs for the visiting parents! Yes, I'm a wuss, anyway...
Parked myself on the steps of the staff room, in the shade, and sat back with some trepidation to watch the events. I say trepidation cos I've learnt to be wary of the words '... and each class will be making a presentation...' Other parents will know exactly what I mean.
It was more entertaining than I could've hoped. <g> Each class did have something to say or show but it was all mercifully short and to the point. I got a little distracted though. There's 5 basic tenets of the 'You Can Do It!' program - Organisation, Confidence, Resilience, persistence and Getting Along - and the phrase 'never give up' kept cropping up. Cos of the way my mind works I immediately followed it, to myself, with 'never surrender' - Never give up, never surrender! being the catch phrase from the sci-fi show in the movie Galaxy Quest. And thinking of that reminded me of the movie's other well-known phrase 'By Granthar's Hammer..., which is of course what Alan Rickman's character is famous for. And thinking about Dr Lazarus led me to thinking about Snape which set me off on a whole new mental tangent... <g> Ah, I can keep myself amused for hours if necessary.
A paraolympian, Don Elgin, gave a talk about his experiences - and showed off his prosthetic leg, much to the morbid interest of some - then the kinder were divided into 4 groups and given a chance to take it in turns learning 'circus' skills, to whit (to whoo!) Devil Sticks, hoola hoops, Poi, and Diablo. It looked like everyone had fun with the activities and tell you what, some of those little preppies could keep a hoop going for ages!
Once that was over with we were given a demonstration of acrobatic/gymnastic skills by a very limber, very strong and beautifully muscled young man called Sergei the Magnificent. That was fun! And amazing - the range of movement he was putting his spine through made me wince! It was an undeniably sensuous performance though: even if the silver trousers and bare chest weren't enough some of Sergei's movements could only be described as caressing. It felt a little odd, having naughty thoughts about the star of the show while surrounded by children going oooh, aaah! : )
The afternoon rounded off with the local Mayor presenting the principal with a cheque for lots of money so we can have a brand-new sports ground made once the new school is finished, and then inside for tea and biscuits to while away the few minutes before the bell went and I could take the cubs home...
I hadn't really wanted to come along to the afternoon but I'm glad I made the effort. Sometimes being a conscientious parent can be fun...

Friday, October 14, 2005

Seeing as this old-style blog template doesn't have info-panes, I thought that every now and again I'd post a list of links of interest.
Today, it's a few web comics. (Unless stated, the links take you to the first comic.)

Sink or Swim: OMG, the tiger's got a mullet!
I've only just discovered this anthropomorphic comic but the archives go back to 2001. The story is patchy but potentially interesting, and the artwork is good, evolving from b/w to colour. There's a lot of characters, and so far (early 2002) no smut. Not sure I'm interested enough in furries to keep reading but I'll see how I go. It updates 3 times a week.
(Oh, that link's not the first in the archive, by the way, just something that made me giggle.)

Dominic Deegan: Oracle for hire.
Joules introduced me to this one. Kinda fantasy, revolving around a seer and his family and friends and enemies. B/W with the occasional colour panel, it's a complex story laced with humour and some truly awful puns. There's a little implied nudity and rudeness but a lot more violence.
I got sucked in to the story, to the point of not writing anything for two days while I caught up with the comic. <g> It seems to be more or less het but there's a few bishies I'd love to see slashed.
Updates daily.

The Order of the Stick.
Another recent discovery. A stick-figure rendering of a Dungeons & Dragons campaign, complete with a useless, clueless bard, a homicidal halfling, a gender-indeterminate elf mage and references to character classes and bonuses. So, so funny!
Not especially violent, and there's been one reference to Dwarf sex. <g> Updates 3 times a week.

A perpetual yaoi favourite - I get withdrawal symptoms when it's normally reliable updating schedule is interrupted. I love the artwork in this comic though the story can drag at times and there's not enough smut! Well, not enough smut to satisfy me. When there is smut though, it's explicit and beautiful.
Updates 3 times a week.

It's interesting what you can find following links. Manga influenced dark-future, supernatural, vampires etc. There's a fair amount in the archives but the updating is sporadic by the looks of it. Not a particularly novel storyline, unfortunately, or characters, and the artwork is variable at best but there are some gorgeous individual panels that are a real treat. And it's stuffed full of bishies.
Some m/m smut (weeee! slave-fic!) and a little violence. It hasn't updated since the middle of September but I'll look in on it every now and again.

And a last one for now...
Alien loves Predator.
This is another one Joules introduced me to. Take Alien and Predator action figures, photograph then photoshop them into a comic strip set in New York and let the hilarity begin. Bizarre and sarcastic but very, very funny.
Updates once a week normally, but as the author has just become the father of twins don't expect the updates to be as regular as before. <g>

Yes, well. So that's what I do with my time when I should be writing...

Might do a list of blogs next time I get the urge to share my interests.
<g> I spose, like 'fridges and bookshelves, link-lists can tell you a lot about someone.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Ack! The cubs are off to camp in a few weeks! Good god on a stick, where's the year going?
Heh, the cubs brought home notices today, asking if there were any parents wanting to come along as well. Hah! Not on your life! Yes, I'll miss the cubs for the couple of days they're not here but not enough to want to tag along with them. : ) Besides, it's bad enough being a responsible adult on a day trip with a mob of the little horrors, I don't think I could handle three days!
Soulsis, do you have a couple of sleeping bags we can borrow, please?

The Smart Bitches had me cackling today with a post about '15 things that only happen in Romances'. The post itself was very funny (5. Laudanum will soothe the pain of anything from a minor headache to six bullets in one's left buttcheek. And it tastes like crap warmed over, but the taste is easily masked by tea. Weak tea. <snerk>) but the comments are hysterical!
I love this site - I take notes on the offchance I ever feel motivated to write a Romance...

Hee. Joules is thinking about popping over here, with Kai, for a holiday in a year or so. I'm sure the cubs and I will be able to find plenty of things to keep you entertained while you're here. <g>
Better get on with moving into a house not afflicted with CHAOS - Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I've had an interesting day. Sort of. I was supposed to meet someone at the cubs' school this morning so I could give them some training in the library software but unfortunately they'd had a bingle last night and couldn't make it. I elected to stay anyway and get some work done instead of having to come back later in the afternoon. Ended up staying for 3 hours but plodded through a fair amount of cataloguing, including some niggly 'kits' bits and pieces. It was lunchtime by then so I ambled off to the nearby shopping centre and got something to eat (a bacon burger from a Golden Arches of Doom competitor. Normally won't touch them but I've been craving one for a couple of weeks so, meh.)
Then I decided to tackle the banks and see about getting a loan. My own bank was the least helpful, where I was told my loan application would 'almost certainly' be rejected. Why? Cos I'm on a government pension (single parent) and that type of income, apparently, isn't guaranteed. Oh yes, because nowadays an actual job is guaranteed stability and security. <sarcasm> So anyway, grumped out of there to try a couple of other banks. The first suggested I apply for a credit card cos they didn't lend as little as I needed, and the second happily let me fill in the forms for a personal loan...
I should hear back from them both in a few days though I'm not going to be holding my breath. Not being a customer of the other two banks won't work in my favour.

But something positive did happen today. My phone is under the cubs' father's name, and both our numbers appear on the same bill. Not a problem when we were a couple but I've been getting leary about dealing with it now we're separated.
I suggested I get my number transferred into my name - this means we'll be billed separately - then he can give me a little less 'housekeeping' each week and be wholly responsible for his own bill. Works for me! Works for him too, so that's what we'll be doing. One small baby-step towards Lutra's emancipation. <g>

I was browsing an insurance broker's site to get an estimate on contents insurance. Got to the end of the form and - for security or something - was asked to type the word I saw in the box. The word was SNAPE.
<rolling around laughing> Joules says it's a sign, but of what neither of us are really sure...

Awww. Discovered the rather endearing cockroaches I occasionally find about the house are actually a native species. (Second image down) I'm in two minds now about putting them in the freezer when I catch them, but then, they're native to Queensland not Victoria. They probly arrived in a bunch of bananas, that's how most Queensland creepy crawlies get down here.
They freak the cubs out, however, so I probly shouldn't let them have the run of the house...

Time for some pink stuff. I deserve it.

Monday, October 10, 2005

I didn't want to move house unless I could do it a: without getting into debt; and b: without having to rely on the cubs' father to make ends meet. After beating my head against those unrealistic expectations for a year I've finally admitted they're not practical goals. Unless I'm willing to stay where I am for an indefinite period (I don't think so!) I will need to get a loan to cover the bond and first month's rent, but after poking around some of the banks' online loan-calculators I believe I can borrow enough without the repayments crippling me.
Of course, this is assuming it doesn't all go arse up cos a dodgy credit history means no one will give me a loan. Oh well, if that's the case I'll just have to gird my loins and get the money the hard way, by saving. (Though I know from experience it's too easy to splurge when you've been consistently down about things for a while. You just know having that DVD/book/cutesy bit of anime kitsch will make you feel better.)
But no, I'm not going to get myself in a tizz about it all just yet. One step at a time...

However, continuing on in the vein of finally getting things done - I've made a pair of trousers! As always it's taken the imminent failure of my last remaining pair to get me moving but, lo, I now have serviceable dark-lilac linen trews, with pockets. Not only that but I'm 3/4 of the way through a more fun pair, made from a hot pink/pale red indian cotton tablecloth Soulsis found in an op-shop. <g> Once they're finished I can then choose to make up the lime/purple stripes (with fringes! Also from Soulsis) or the self-coloured green stars xmas material I picked up on sale last year. And then of course I've got 4 sarongs to make into tops. Astonishingly, some of these trews/tops will even mix'n'match!
Most won't but when has that ever bothered me? : )

Oh yes, almost forgot. In my dream last night I was traveling to meet a secluded community of friends (essentially the Islandkateers group) who now lived underground in a big, very comfortable not-quite-bunker. There was a fortress-like quality to the place - thick doors, security, wariness - but I was welcomed there. As I was visiting what was a new area for me I decided that I'd like to go out and have a look around. I was appalled at how much the train fare to the 'city' cost, and I was still dithering over whether it was worth the expenditure of not when I woke up. <g> Interesting, eh?

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Mmmm... cheesegasm...
Made myself some cauliflower cheese tonight using a blue vein that was bitey enough to begin with but had matured (ie: been forgotten in the 'fridge for two weeks) into something like a stilton.
Bestest cauliflower cheese I've ever had!

Odd sort of dream this morning. Can't remember the exact details but there was an 'evil' residing in an animal. I had to kill the critter but it took a long, long time cos the thing kept resurrecting itself. When it was finally dead, I realised it'd infected another animal and I had to go through the whole process again.
Interestingly, there was an oriental-style mysticism overlying everything that happened in the dream. It didn't feel odd at all.

Standing in line at the bank yesterday I saw a man who obviously worked out in a gym. His pectorals muscles were so big it looked like his nipples had been pushed half-way to his armpits. Oh yes, very attractive.

Ahah! If you wait long enough all that you desire will be discounted. <g> Picked up a half-price copy of the book from Regency House Party, a program I thoroughly enjoyed when it was shown here last year. Fascinating read...

Words of wisdom Joules saw somewhere:
'Give me ambiguity or give me something else.'
Heh, I could live my life by that.

Chapter 23's finished - 24's started. : )

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Our Government's decision to allow 'sample' GM canola crops to be grown here has been controversial to say the least.
"There won't be any cross-contamination, don't be silly!" scoffed the chemical company behind the tinkering, "Those irresponsible Greenies are just being alarmist..."
Well guess what...? >: I
Some will argue that the amount of GM material found in some of the regular crops (less than 1%) is negligible but dammit, it's there now. Thank you so bloody much, you conniving bastards.
</pissed-off rant>

... I did plan on mentioning some other, lighter things but I'm too fecking annoyed now...

Except this. This was fun.
(nicked from The Zone :)


"You are a very passionate person, however,
this passion often remains hidden below the
surface. You have a great deal of compassion
for others and are always willing to help those
in need. You have a great generosity, sometimes
so great that you neglect yourself while giving
to others. You also have a stubborn side,
though, which serves to protect you from being
taken advantage of by those you help."

. : : Which Astrological Planet are You? : : . [10 Gorgeous Pics!]
brought to you by Quizilla

It's not often I'm traumatised by soft toys.
I saw one today, a sitting black and white cow. It was nice and soft, inoffensive - but wait, what's this tan thing sticking out of it's bottom...?
I pulled the thing and out popped an effing lion! The lion and cow were joined in the middle! I'm not sure what was more disturbing, that a predator and prey had been forced into this unnatural arrangement or the fact you can hide one animal up the others' bottom!
From what sick mind did this spring?!

Walking with the cubs to school today I glanced up at the overcast sky. The underside of the clouds were rippled like waves and for a moment it was uncannily like being under water. <g> And then the wind moved and they were just clouds again.

At the cinema with the cubs last night watching 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' (fabulous movie, have I mentioned? Lose yourself in the patterns... wow... Where was I? Oh yes...) Christopher Lee's character - Wilbur Wonka - came on screen and both the cubs twitched.
"That's Count Dooku!" came almost simultaneous gasps. <g> Heh, I think that was the highlight of the movie for them.

Chapter 23 is almost done and I've finally touched on one of the Events that signals the beginning of the last story arc. Hoorah! This is a real milestone - when I first started writing SFSG this point seemed so far away. <g>

Soulsis found these! Aren't they cute? I'd love one! A little cave on wheels.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Awww... KittenKong brought a friend home. Very pretty dark-silver tabby longhair - possibly a full or mixed maine coon judging by her tail and ruff. Friendly, too, and quite young, even though she was as big as my full-grown KK. She had a collar, was in good condition, and has been recently neutered, but damn, if she is an MC what the hell is her personal staff doing letting her wander about at night? That could be up to a thousand dollars worth of cat!
Such a cutie though! She didn't come inside but she was happy to sniff my fingers and smooch up to the window frame when I cooed at her. <g> Heh, and I think she's also the only cat that KK hasn't seen off the property. : )

<sigh> I have a finely tuned molehill-mountain skill - I'm very good at getting myself into a flap about things that are either out of my control or might not happen at all.
There's a house coming up for rent in our street, just a few doors up. It's only 2 bedrooms, and expensive (though an average price for the area) but in a lot of other respects it's ideal. However, I'm giving myself anxiety attacks over everything from moving expenses, to switching the utilities over, to keeping the rent up to date.
See what I mean? I haven't even looked at the place yet.
But no matter what I do, money is a priority consideration. I like this area but it's horribly expensive, especially if you're a low income family. I have choices - there's always choices. The cubs and I can move to a cheaper area though there's no guarantee it'll be somewhere I like (and by 'like' I mean 'feel safe'); we can stay in this area and scrape by, or we can stay right where we are, which actually isn't too bad financially even though I'm really not happy. So which would I prefer? To be emotionally or financially constrained?
Eh, I shouldn't fash. I know that if something's meant to happen the means will be found. But still, I fret...

There's been movement on the building site at school over the holidays, but not that much. The concrete slabs are down and the some of the wooden frames have gone up but it doesn't look like a lot of work for two weeks. True, the slabs are huge but the semi-detached house being built nearby made more progress than that during the same time. What can I say? Private versus government contractors?

Wonderful dream last night - one of my rare 'flying' ones. I was alternately in a car, on a bike, or self-propelled, and I was exploring some fairly rustic countryside including a rescued old brick/thatched roof barn that had been the studio of an eccentric 18th century artist. I had a look inside - it was empty, huge, and in desperate need of restoration but I was thinking of the possibilities in having such a space to work with.
Heh, I'm pretty sure I know what prompted that dream...

I've had a good morning. The cubs were up before me and they made themselves breakfast - highly unusual but very welcome on a school morning. Popped in to the supermarket on the way home and atypically checked my receipt. Found I'd been charged the full price for something that was on special so I got a full refund which meant the item was free. Bonus! And then I get home and find a parcel from Joules waiting for me! <bouncebounce>
Gorgeous little otter figurine and an otter postcard from Becky Falls in Dartmoor; usable scraps of the electric-blue organza recently utilized in the Taylor household, plus a big piece of pinky organza (that'd been in bratling's room, hadn't it?); a bizarrely cute dangle-charm from Littlesaru which makes me laugh every time I look at it (thanks, Littlesaru!); about a fortnight's worth of turkish delight flavoured hot chocolate (longer if I ration myself <g>) and two packets of Strawberry Angel Delight! <bouncebounce> Ah, I could smell it as soon as I opened the parcel. Mmmmm... mine, all mine. Mwahahahahahahah!
Thanks, Joules! <huggle>

I got another present the other day, too. The cubs' father regularly asks friends of his that are traveling to bring back snowdomes/snowglobes to feed my obsession for tourist tat. His calligraphy teacher went to Honkers last week but apparently she couldn't find any snowdomes as such (which is daft, seeing as aaaaaallll the snowdomes available in European countries are made in China) but she did find something else globish. A palm-sized glass sphere that's been hollowed out and then painted with tigers on the inside surface. Really pretty; it's sitting next to my monitor, in front of the window. The light shines through it and the picture glows. I can handle this sort of tat, as well. : )

I was very brave the other day. The young huntsman that'd been lurking on the wall for a few days was sitting on the side of my monitor! Erk! But, I managed to catch it in an empty Pringles tube then put it outside. Not sure if I'd have been able to do that if a: it'd been a full-grown spider, or b: the container had been see-through. <shudder>

The DVD of Kingdom of Heaven is mere days away from being released in Australia. I will get it, of course, must keep up my Orli-squee library of works.
And, yes, freezeframe! Now I can have a really good look at the costuming details.

I'm taking the cubs to see 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' tonight after school, but right now I'm going to put the kettle on and have a hot chocolate...

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Tried something different for dinner tonight (for myself, the cubs had omelets) - a vegetables/left-over rice bake thingy. Layered rice, sliced tomatoes, zucchini, and garlic with a cheesy sauce then wacked the lot in a slowish oven for, oh, ages. Wasn't too bad though it could've done with more and sloppier sauce, and perhaps some herbs or something mixed in with the rice. And maybe a splash of white wine, too. I'll remember that for next time.

Sat down with the cubs this afternoon to watch the live-action Thunderbirds movie on telly. Aside from Parker, Lady Penelope, a gloriously understated The Hood (Ben Kingsley) and some nifty vehicle SPFX, this movie was just silly. I wasn't sure what the director (Jonathon Frakes) was trying to do with it. Kids' movie? Teen movie? Comedy? Action? It ended up a banal hodge-podge of all of those things with no real depth, but more disappointingly this was another movie that used Blurs' extremely cool 'Song 2' (the 'woo-hoo' song) in the promos but not in the movie itself. False advertising, I say. <pout>
But the cubs enjoyed it, laughing themselves silly at the goofy sound effects in the fight scenes. Heh, each to their own.

I did have a few hours to myself yesterday. I nipped up to the op-shop where I found this for only $2. I'm always happy to add to my collection of history books.
When I got home I took the opportunity to catch up on some definitely non-cub-friendly anime. I knew nothing about Technolyze before I bought the first volume but it caught my eye cos I like the 'Dark Future' genre. This was very dark, very graphic, very stylish. There was no dialogue in the first episode until ten minutes in and the prologues of the nascent stories were told in jagged snippets of intermingled action. If I hadn't read the blurb on the cover I might have had trouble working out what was happening!
Actually, no I wouldn't... I'm familiar enough with the genre to have been able to piece it together without too much trouble. : )
The animation is interesting, gritty, almost sepia in sections but realistic which is my preferred style. The stories have started slowly, which isn't such a bad thing. Instead of being confused with a bombardment of characters and plot the slow unfolding means I have a reasonable grasp of the politics of the worldframe, a solid base to build on. I'll pick up the second volume when I can afford it.
And lastly, I don't much like techno but the opening theme is brilliant! I'll be downloading that as soon as I can find it. <g>

Joules is right - I have to be more disciplined if I want to be a real writer. I'm too easily distracted, too easily discouraged. So, I have to make myself write something of SFSG every day, even if it's only a paragraph, even if I don't feel like writing anything, and despite distractions. <nods> I can do this.

Did you get home safely, Alarice? Was the puppy pleased to see you? <g>