Saturday, May 30, 2009

Well, I've been prodded! See, I've got the bruise an' all...

Sooo, it's been months since I last updated, has it? Goodness, how did that happen? [Look! Fleeing haddock! -> >@ >@ >@ ]
What have I been up to? School. And school. And r/l's minor crisis and irritations. And school. What I haven't been doing much of is writing - which I really do miss, as evidenced by the increase of graphic dreaming - but I find it difficult (really difficult) to switch between the necessarily different mindsets of writing and study. Let alone updating a blog...

So yeah, 2nd year of the Library Studies has been pretty full-on. Class work's fine, and I'm not having any problems with the content but, ye gods! The homework! Fair enough, it's entirely my own fault I haven't kept on top of it, but there is significantly more work to do than last year. Still, I'm enjoying it, and I'm still convinced this is what I want to do. :) (Though some of my classmates have got it in to their heads that I should be teaching. [eyebrow] I don't think so. I have taught, in the past. Don't want to do it again. I tried to explain my lack of enthusiasm for teaching thusly: when I think of library - or archive/records management - I get a warm, happy buzz. When I think of teaching there's a huge, welling bubble of disinterest. Just because I can teach, and could be quite good at it, doesn't mean I want to.)

What else have I been doing? Reading a lot of books, a lot of books, and seen quite a few movies, the most recent of which was Star Trek!

Do I need to warn for spoilers? Ok, consider yourself warned.

Squeee! [happy dance!] Marvelous! No matter how smooth the later series of ST were TOS was always my first love. It was wonderful to see the uniforms, the ship's corridors, the bridge! The characterisations were spot on, too, and I found the whole thing entirely plausible. Alternate Reality? Sure, why not? Star Trek, like any Sci-fi worth its salt has always entertained - if not actively explored - the possibility of alternate universes. :)
I want to read some fiction now, but there doesn't seem to be much about. Well, not in the places I trust to host decent stuff.

Season 3 of Torchwood will be airing soon! Andandand, UKTV over here will be showing it around about the same time 'twill be airing in the UK. [bounce] I won't have to wait for the DVDs to see it!

Ok, that's it for now. Given my track record I should be posting again around - what? - xmas? [smirk]...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

[glowers at Lutra] If I remember rightly you did say you had some news and reminisces and maybe a few photos to post... This is me PRODDING. I know you're busy and have a lot to get done but honestly! No post since January? C'mon, if I can continue while writing three books, surely you can post the occasional quickie bit of news...?