Monday, September 29, 2003

Reading snippets of the next 'l/L as they're being written...
Eeep! Poor 'lestrel!

Hee, this past weekend will go down in Islandkateer history as 'The Weekend of the Scarf...' <bg> How many scarves were started? And what traumas were involved? <giggling> The craft shop in Casterton did very well out of us!
(Oh, Islandkateer is the term coined for the people who attend these weekends away because the first three events were held on an island. <g> We've had 5 weekends so far and it's been nearly always the same group each time.)

Right, goals for this last week of school hols: at least one portion of Ms Brown - it's starting to get interesting now; possibly my next AC - though there's no hurry for that just yet (it's slated to come after Joules' next one but she doesn't know when that's going to be done); and maybe the first part of another Dystopia arc? (How many arcs does this make now? 5? 6? Heh in 3 years I've gone from not knowing what to write to wondering if I'm going to have time to get it all down! <g>) I'm not going to attempt any more of <dramatic reverb> The Novel until the cubs are back at school - I need to be able to concentrate on that.
Oh, and I want to clean my room and go visit OkapiPrincess.
Yeah, should be able to fit that in between keeping the cubs amused...

Tch, I don't 'alf fancy some toasted camembert and tomato sandwiches right now. Might have to go to the supermarket.

Sunday, September 28, 2003

Back... again...

Silly, Lutra. Overspent and got sunburnt. Tch. Yes it wasn't exactly hot but it's still a dumb idea to sit outside for a couple of hours without a hat. My nose is not only cute but very, very pink... : )

Just spent a couple of days with friends at a place called Casterton, about 5 hours drive from home. (Yay! Road trip!) A very quiet couple of days, but relaxing. Didn't seem to do an awful lot other than eat and chat, and play Yahtzee, combat scrabble and Killer Bunnies but it was good. : ) We stayed at an old pub there, which was nice and cheap (Alarice, did you say there was sposed to be a ghost at the Albion? It got very spooky in my room on Saturday night before I went to bed... but it could've been my imagination, I don't like mirrors at the best of times...)
It was great catching up with people again, and meeting new family members. <bg> Baldur is so cute for a dog. Heh heh heh.
And yes, I think the emblem carved into the hillside looks more like Thor's Hammer than the Baden Powell Youth symbol...
The cubs missed me, though, they were all over me when I got home, and fortunately they're still at an age where they'll be satisfied with a lolly-pop as a present.
Thank you, Niki, for the lift!

Okay, 1 more week of holidays for the cubs... what shall we do, I wonder? I know what I'd like to do.. it involves several hours alone in close communion with my computer. <eg>
Oh well, we'll have to wait and see, ne?

Friday, September 26, 2003

[arms and tail wrapped around tenshi] Welcome back zk'aida...

Thursday, September 25, 2003

Tch, just remembered... I had a dream last night that Martin Shaw wrote a 'mary-sue' type novel.. very strange...
Back... Tired, very tired...
Was fun though, the cubs and Nana and I did a lot of cool things; Trolly ride, Healesville Sanctuary, fish&chips by the river... (details when I can be bothered : ) Didn't get a chance to write anything, dammit - alone-time is nigh impossible to find when we visit my mum - but there's something potentially interesting bubbling in my imagination atm... Doesn't look like I'm going to get much of a chance to post anything for a few days yet either. <grumble>
My cat missed me though, she was very glad to see me. : )

Soulsis found me some very cool café style curtains - they've got tropical fish and coral on them! <bg> and Niki gave me a small glass trinket dish thing shaped like a blowfish! Very cute. : )

You know how I've already cut out the 400 or so hexagons I need from the background material for my quilt? I'm not sure now that I want that colour at all. No biggie, the bits'll get used in something else - I already have some ideas...

<big eyes> I've just read the latest Haadri chapter. Eeep!

[*nuzzling kiss, enfolds hab'lan in soft, white wings*... back - missed you, aijin...]

Monday, September 22, 2003

[paces disconsolately] Tenshi's away and offline til Thursday, dammit...

And the ningen's sitting with her head in her hands moaning something about 'kids using that research as an excuse to not learn how to spell - as if we needed something to encourage linguistic sloppiness...'

Sunday, September 21, 2003

Heh, got this in an email today. (Thanks, Pete!)

Aoccdrnig to rscheearch at an Elingsh uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoetnt tihng is taht frist and lsat ltteer is at the rghit pclae. The rset can be a toatl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae we do not raed ervey lteter by it slef but the wrod as a wlohe.


Interesting, ne? : )

<scowl> Bloody elves... housemate's watching 'Fellowship of the Ring'...

Yay! Got all the housework done (except for mine and the cubs' room but I'll cope) and managed to finish the second part of Taunt! Didn't get a chance to start the next Ms Brown installment but I'll see how I go tonight. Be nice if I can get that posted before I go.

Checked the weather report tonight and it's supposed to be 27 degrees tomorrow! Ick! That's at least five degrees above spring average. : ( And I watched a program last week that was saying our (Australia's) rain patterns are being pulled off-course by changing weather patterns in Antarctica. It means we'll have consistently less rain for gods know how long - a permanent drought.
(And I understand how you feel about the eight-legged freaks, Joules [have you heard the theory that spiders aren't native to our planet? I'd believe that...] it's getting to the time of year I carefully scan a room before entering so I don't wet myself when I catch sight of the spider. I've already spotted a couple of smallish ones in the garage. <shudder> Goodtwin do not think about visiting Aus during the warmer months...)

Okies, I've cut out all of the hexagons from the material and I'll cut out the paper inserts while I'm at mum's. That'll keep me busy. I only need to get another 60-70 centimetres of material (3 'fat quarters' for those in the know : ) and I'll have all I need to finish the stars. Mum and I are planning on visiting a couple of patchwork shops in the next day or so! Tee hee hee...

Saturday, September 20, 2003

Well that was relatively easy. In two hours this evening I cut out 310 of the 406 hexagons. Heh...
And the cubs and I cleaned the loungeroom this afternoon. I'd like to have all the cleaning done before the cubs and I go away - it's always nice to come home to a clean house.

I finally got a copy of a CD I've wanted for months Queens of the Stone Age 'Songs for the Deaf'. I've listened to it a few times already and apart from a couple of uninspired thrash-metal pieces it's pretty bloody good. The track I bought the CD for ('You think I ain't worth a dollar...'') is sex on a stick for me. Hard and fast? Yeah, baby! There's another couple of tracks I really like, 'God is in the radio' and 'Gonna leave you' but it's been 'Go with the flow' I've been humming all day.
<g> The cubs say they like the CD as well even though they kept telling me to turn it down...

(nicked from Talon's blog:)

<smirk> The uke-bunny obviously isn't in ascendancy at the moment.

Protean Player
What Yaoi Stereotype Are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

Protean Player

Ah, you are one of the most common yaoi stereotypes. You're hot and you know it, as does most of the population. With such good looks and mad skillz, who are you to deny any percentage of humanity from being able to have you? This is why your kind tend to swing both ways, if you know what I mean *wink*. Also, while you prefer to be seme, you've been known to be uke when the situation calls for it. Just as long as everyone's having fun and enjoying themselves. Protean Players are also amongst the friendliest of the yaoi stereotypes, and the most outgoing. You aren't afraid to speak your mind or jump right into things. Be careful, though, because your rep may come back to bite you on the ass if you ever settle down with a steady lover. It'll be hard for you to even LOOK at another person without making your significant other think youre foolin' around behind their back. Is it your fault you're so damn sexy?

Likeliness of being seme: 80%
Likeliness of being uke: 20%
Some fellow Protean Players: Yohji and Schuldig (Weiss Kreuz), Gojyo (Saiyuki), Sano (Rurouni Kenshin), Touga (Shoujo Kakumei Utena), Duo and Zechs (Gundam Wing) [and the ningen...]

Heh, just found out - by accident - the anime series the visuals for the 'Corporate Sex Slave' clip came from. It's a 3 part OAV Boku no Sexual Harrassment (thanks for finding the url, Joules!). I'd really like to see this sometime; I'll put it on my list.

<sigh> distracted distracted distracted - so much I could be doing...

Joules is writing her next AC as I type. It's a goodun! <g>

Friday, September 19, 2003

Arrrrrr! Happy talk-like-a-pirate day, me hearties! Aarrrr! <g>

We're getting shown Dr Who at the moment, right from the beginning. The cubs are enjoying it, but they're waiting for the colour eps... <rolls eyes>
And my fav doctor? John Pertwee, without a doubt!

Can I stop now? It's the last day of term and I spent 2 and a half hours in the library this morning shelving scads of returns and pulling out a box load of books for next term's main topic. I did much the same yesterday as well - no wonder my shoulders hurt...

Ah, holidays. Nice for some. I'm not whinging, really I'm not. I enjoy not having to get up early and being able to do fun things with my cubs, I just miss having time to myself. Heh, like I've never said that before! (refer previous 'pre-holiday' posts!)
As it is I'd like to get the next Dystopia chapter finished by sunday, and the next installment of Ms Brown up cos I'm not going to be able to do much writing in the following week. The cubs and I are going up to my mum's for a few days, then the day after we get back I'm (theoretically) off for a couple of days with Soulsis and friends. The second week of the holidays looks to be equally busy but hopefully I'll be able to get something done.

I've finally managed to buy the background colour material for my quilt. Need to wash that then I can happily spend an afternoon giving myself arthritis in the thumb while I cut out 403 little pieces. <g>
Oh, and I'm up to 165 stars... : )

Big cheers and hugs for Joules too! She's managed such a lot this week - including some stuff she was meant to be doing. <eg>

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

This article about Australian males' sensibilities made me giggle.

An ex of mine has turned up in 3 dreams over the past few weeks. Very unusual - I have no idea why...

(nicked from Onna's blog:)

I've not had much exposure to Edward Gorey but what I've had brought me out in a cold sweat...

Don't Trip
You will be smothered under a rug. You're a little
anti-social, and may want to start gaining new
social skills by making prank phone calls.

What horrible Edward Gorey Death will you die?
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You write realistic sex scenes.  Wet spot and all.
What kind of sex scene do you write?

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This answer to the question of number of participants made me giggle though:
As many as I can manage before it hits catastrophic pronoun confusion.
See? There's a very good reason I avoid multi-player lemons. <g>

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

(nicked from the Mousehole:)

The new computers arrived in the office today - [snip] - worst of all - it has AOL pre-installed!!!! I'm not sure if my reaction (spitting, crossing fingers at it) was a little OTT...

No, that sounds perfectly reasonable, Goodtwin. I'd not want any of that invasive crap anywhere near me either... : )

The car's working well, still needs a few things done before she's perfect but at least she's not purring like a sick kitten anymore.

Hm, I'm about to start the final chapter of 'Dancing'. That's a deceptive statement, though; it'll be the end chapter I'm working on, not the last of the final draft. There's still 2 of the earlier chapters to write yet, and I realised I've only been focusing on one of the story threads so far. Need to work in the others and get some depth and texture happening. But, on the whole, this thing is coming together well enough.

Also started the second part of Taunt. I like having more than one thing going at a time, saves me getting bored. (Though not too many things at once cos then I don't do anything because I can't decide where to start! <g>)

The cubs have gotten into a show, an anime, called Crush Gear Turbo. It's got the usual cast of characters, including the token females, the blonde, brooding good-guy bishie with issues and the brunette, brooding bad-guy bishie with issues... <smirk> Actually I can too easily see the two bishies together but I think that would make it shota. Hmm... (You want names? Sheesh don't ask me, I have enough problems with english names... : )
There's a lot of (for me) unanswered questions about this series though. Like how the hell do they control their gear? It's not explained and it's frustrating, grrr. I want details, dammit!
The cubs of course, are not bothered by things like that, they're just concernced with the good-guys winning... <sigh>

Monday, September 15, 2003

We got the car back today and I've managed to do almost a complete chapter for 'Dancing'. : ) Yes, not bad for a monday...
<pout> LJ won't let me post a comment so I can't show how clever I am...

Talon, Majic is Orphen's sidekick, er, apprentice and he's kinda cute in a big-eyed way. He's voiced by the same actor who does Shinji from that mecha thing.. tch, what is it? Ah! Neongenesis
<smug smirk> It's not often I can actually answer an enquiry about an anime character. : )

Sunday, September 14, 2003

Soulsis, I love the idea of bed canopies and draperies but there's this little part of me that can't help thinking they're the perfect place for spiders to hide.

'Taunt' is now posted in Dystopia (thank you, Joules, for doing the coding!) and I keep forgetting to mention, Talon, that you might be familiar with another version of the central character.
And Serving Ms Brown has been updated...

Eeuuwww! Onna, that doesn't sound good! : (

Hopefully we'll have our car back tomorrow...

It occured to me that I can probably blame my phobia about robots on Dr Who. That stuff was scary when I was five!
<swearing quietly> The cubs' father got a phone call yesterday from our new estate agent. Apparently the owners have switched agencies, which means we'll be having an inspection soon, probly in the middle of the sodding holidays. <grumblegrumble> The good news though is that the new agents have stated their intention to chase the owner about getting this place up to code. <sigh> I could do without the hassle right now.
So anyway, I'm putting out the call for volunteers to come and help me with the garden... : )

I dreamt a story idea last night, really interesting stuff. In my dream I considered 3 ways to handle it, as a children's story, as general fiction or as erotica...
<g> I've decided to try it as a children's story.
I didn't walk anywhere today, it was great!

Finished my next Dystopia chapter. It's... interesting. Felt very dislocated afterwards - that sometimes happens when I get too deeply involved in the story. Should be posted soon though.

Given that I understand anime is stuffed full of symbols etc:
In the opening credits of Trigun, I assume there's a reason why the wall behind Vash is shot out in the shape of wings?
... and Orphen really is a honey, though everyone else still reminds me of Blythe dolls...

I feel the need to hunt down all the teenage Gohan action figures I haven't got - which is most of them seeing as I only have the Great Saiyaman one. <sigh> I definitely need a 'puter desk with shelves, lots and lots of shelves...

(nicked from Onna's blog:)
Lutra, what colours/patterns are you using for your quilt? Is the colour scheme random like a charm quilt or are you working specific colours/patterns to make secondary patterns when they are pieced together?

The original recipe was for a random selection of different coloured stars with single colour hexagons to link them - but when have I ever made something exactly as the recipe/pattern dictates? <g>: Ideally I'd like to use the brighter coloured stars to make a big rainbow graded spiral in the centre but I don't think I'll be able to, not a true, circular spiral anyway. Marking it out roughly it seems I'll end up with more of a flattened-into-a-square sort of circle, which I don't like all that much. The other thought I had was to make a series of smaller, same colour spirals out of the brights and fill in the gaps with the darks. That could work... hmm...

Soulsis, I'm delighted that 'becca wants to be a goth but you do realise I won't let her be one of those miserable 'down' goths, don't you? Who says you can't wear black and be cheerful? tee hee hee...

Friday, September 12, 2003

[resigned sigh] Well, there's a surprise... The ningen got Elvish. She did it honestly too - I watched....

She's currently wondering about doing another AC quiz, a more complex one, with all my zhi'ma'a and zhi'maa'chin. I'm trying to find someone willing to give her a common sense transplant...

(nicked from Okapi's LJ:)

Hah! And I didn't cheat neither! : )


To which race of Middle Earth do you belong?
brought to you by Quizilla

Speaking of horselords, Joules found me this... <happy grin>

He he he... I had beetroot for dinner last night...

YAY!! Joules has finished the 'Demons' mini-series! Awed and amazed... five parts in under a week! <thinks> Though the first part is actually mine. Eh, whatever, it's good! Go read it when it's up or I'll set Lin on you...

The cubs were watching Transformers yesterday and they were rather puzzled. It wasn't an ep like any of the others they'd seen so far, it didn't have any of the ususal elements, no good-guys versus bad-guys as both sides struggle to collect the minin-cons. It was one of those rare eps where one of the sub-plots is addressed. I told the cubs this was a good thing. Not sure if they believe me, but hey, they're only 8.

Hn, there's new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toys on the shelves over here. Which is good, I have a soft-spot for the Tidja Nidjas, but it makes me wonder why they've been re-released. Has the cartoon been revamped? That's usually why merchandise from these old shows turns up.
The 6" action figures are very good, though, I'm going to have to get them. : )

The cubs outdid themselves on the bus yesterday. One of them was about to barge onboad but was pulled back by his brother with a hissed: 'Don't get on yet, let the ugly lady on first.'
I growled at him and he apologised with the cutest grin saying he gets 'ugly' and 'old' confused... <head in hands> Fortunately the lady in question wasn't bothered...

Thursday, September 11, 2003

[smirks broadly and drags sparkly pink-clad zk'aida off to the bower, tail waving happily]
[Mahou shojo? <big eyes> Ooooh, I love magic girl stories! 'Ultra-kawaii pink Crystal Star-chan, transform! In the name of all things fluffy, I will punish you!' <giggling at hab'lan's reaction...>]

Aaaaargh, gods! Now it's the Sailor Moon theme!
(I have seen precisely 1 episode of that show - enough to imprint the music on my brain if not all the words... <whimper> ... though the lavender-haired one is kinda cute...)

<bg> I'm dead impressed! Joules has finished the fourth chapter of the 'Demon' series and started on the final one. Heh, maybe I should feed her ideas more often...
Nah, cos then she wouldn't do her work and Ken would get cross and not let her play with me anymore... : )

Okay, we've heard back from the mechanics - the repairs will cost a little bit less than worse-case but it's still a hefty sum. Fortunately they'll take a part-payment and we'll have 28 days to pay off the rest. It's do-able, if it makes things a little tight (-er than normal).
Be nice to have the car back, I'm definitely over the novelty of taking 2 bouncing, energetic cubs to and from school by public transport.
Imagine, if you will:
'Why are there so many grandfathers and grandmothers on this bus!?'
'What's that smell?
I don't want a girl sitting next to me!'

... all said at top volume, naturally. <head in hands>
Hopefully we'll have the car back on monday...

[smirk] The ningen will no doubt try (futilely) to kill me for saying, but her results from that Anime Life meme-thing were: Role - Damsel in Distress: Secret - princess in a previous life: Save the world? - yes and live happily ever after... and the genre? Mahou shojo!! (magic girl anime - the one she really hates...) She's still curled up in a ball trying to recover from the trauma...

Mine was slightly (very slightly) more appropriate: Genre - Apocalyptic, Role - Tentacle Monster (heh, interesting given what the ningen is doing to her primary character at the moment), Save the world? - sleep through the appointment to kill the bad guy... Hn, that last isn't really apt...

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Why do I have the Marine Boy theme playing in my head?

Heh, looks like there's a good chance the mini-series - the inaugural fic for the LLB - will be posted in its entirety on the weekend! Neat, eh? You'll have to wait 'til then, I'm afraid, but IMHO it'll be worth the wait... <bg>

Doing the bus thing is less fun when it rains - and we haven't heard back from the mechanic yet... that doesn't bode well.

The cubs and I had a look in a pet shop tonight on the way home from school. They had puppies (feh!), no kittens but piggles and ratties! <soppysmile>
And some clown fish... So, so pretty. Ah, one day, maybe.

I've started my next Dystopia chapter - this is the first part of one of the new story arcs.
The cubs are on holidays end of next week, I'd like to have that and the next AC finished, as well as at least another chapter of 'Dancing'.

Congratulaions, Talon, on your anniversary, and, onna, for first, attempting to learn Japanese, and second making a good go of it. : )
<bg> Joules is currently working on the third part of the mini-series. This is so much fun - imaginations spanging off in all directions!

Well that wasn't too painful.
Got up half an hour earlier so we could catch the bus in time and got to school 10 minutes earlier than we normally do. The only downside is my shoes aren't the best for walking and I'm all... sweaty from the exercise. Ick. <g>

The 'Bouncy Egg' experiment has concluded - messily.
It was lucky we had more than one egg to play with though; one burst when a cub tried to draw a face on it and another burst when the other cub dropped it before he was ready. But the third egg sufficed. : ) We found out that it could be dropped from as high as 15 inches before it stopped bouncing in favour of going splat. The left-over skins felt, and looked, like chalky, burst balloons. The eggs hadn't gone off at all, sitting in the vinegar, but I wouldn't want to eat them.
Now the cubs want to do an experiment involving plasitc bags, antacid tablets and water. Stay tuned...

Goodtwin emailed me this Tacky Trek funny. (The original series is my favourite part of that particular merchandising monster. : )

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

(nicked from Onna's blog:)

I rolled around laughing at this!
Heh, I have to write it now...

Your Anime Life by kazoku
Your username
Gross income of creators$958,403
Your roleMonster Of The Day
Your secretYou were a prince/princess in your past life.
Will you save the world?No, your love interest ends up doing it.
Created with quill18's MemeGen!

... has to be a tentacle monster... a purple tentacle monster... <smirk>

<wince> Well... the car is at the mechanics and it's worse than we thought.
Poop : (
Oh well, think of all the exercise I'm going to get walking the cubs to and from the bus stops... (Why yes, that glass *is* half-full! Why do you ask?) : )
Ack! I need sunglasses - I'm being blinded by all the lightbulbs going off...
Oookaaay.... as seems to be the norm, a single idea has sparked off an entire worldframe for Joules and myself. This short series of fics should be lots of fun!
Hee, what was that I was saying before about loving the creative buzz? : )

Monday, September 08, 2003

Tch, knew I forgot to mention something...
My 'Swan Lake' DVD arrived today!
Mmmm... ballet boys... <bg> Looking forward to watching it!
<smirk> I'm getting better at lemons...
I've finished the Hokochu fic - Joules seems pleased with it. : )

Right, a 'Bouncy Egg' update:
The 3 vinegared ones are all well and truly turgid <giggle> now and their skins are soft and squidgy. Interestingly the vinegar doesn't taste very vinegary anymore - I assume that's either because of a chemical reaction with the calcium or something to do with osmosis and why the eggs are swollen.
The first part of the experiment is due to end tomorrow, and then the fun part - seeing just how bouncy the eggs are - can start.

I'll be taking the cubs to school on the bus tomorrow - I can't really justify keeping them home for another day. With any luck the car will be fixed in the next couple of days and we can get back to what passes for normal. <sigh>

Ok, I'm in a better mood now.
Couldn't get online at all last night <glares in direction of housemate> so couldn't update Ms Brown or my blog but worse it meant Joules was delayed uploading her latest chapters. Sorry, sorry... : (

But the next part of Serving Ms Brown is up now.
I've decided to try and update this fic every Sunday – should be interesting to see how I go having a regular deadline - and next week's bit should see the beginning of The Plot. : )

I've finished 156 stars and got enough bits for another 14 – then I've run out of material! Not literally, of course, I've easily got 2 square metres of fabric stashed in the garage, but I'll have used up all of the material I've bought especially for the quilt.
Come early November I'll have been working on this project for a year, I'd like to have all 203 stars finished by then.

It's not been a bad week though, I got another chapter of 'Dancing' sort of finished; I'm half-way into my next AC and 2 pages into Joules' Hokochu story. Next week I'd like to have that finished, plus the AC and maybe make a start on one of the new Dystopia plot arcs. <g>

It was Father's day on Sunday, here in the Antipodes.
In the morning the cubs gave their father the presents they'd bought at the special stall held at school on Friday - the cub who was home sick that day asked his teacher, at my suggestion, to buy some things for him so he wouldn't miss out. The cubs also decorated a picture frame for their dad and we put some photos of them in it for him. All the presents were well-received, I think, including the CD soundtrack to 'Brazil' I'd found him. Then we went to meet my mum, brother, his partner and his kids for lunch. While we were waiting to catch the train I couldn't resist buying the DBZ bubble-gum I saw and the cubs were very impressed with the bubbles I blew. : ) They couldn't quite get the hang of it though...
Lunch was all right, I spose. We went to a pizza restaurant, La Porchetta (they've branches all over the place) and while the food was cheap it wasn't that great. Afterwards we all went on the trolley ride in Healesville. You remember this? The open coaches that rattle and vibrate over a track that's slowly being restored? It was fun! I enjoy that ride...
When we were done there we all trooped back to my mum's to watch the video footage my brother had shot of the kids and mum and his parter and <shudder> me. : ) All of the brats were screaming with laughter watching themselves, it was very amusing.
The cubs' father came and picked us up from the station but unfortunately, on the way home, the car pretty much packed it in. Our own fault really, we've neglected her horribly, kept putting off the much needed service in favour of paying the rent, buying food etc...
So anyway, the cubs are staying home today because the car's not working.
Yes, if I was a selfless sort of creature I could've gotten up early and taken them to school on the bus, or rung someone to see if we can get a lift but honestly I couldn't be buggered. I figure missing one or two days of school now isn't going to adversely affect their chances of getting into the university of their choice and I enjoy a day off as much as they do. : )

Friday, September 05, 2003

Ah, and here's the heritage seed program I watched this evening...
Some of those beans have brilliant names and I'm tempted to grow the silverbeet, even though I never eat the stuff - it's so pretty! <g>
Ahh! Gods I love inspiration! There's nothing quite like the buzz generated by creative energy.
I got almost 5 pages of my next AC done today, and yet another Dystopia plot arc is formed and ready to go. Weeeee!

I had one of the cubs home today as well. We got as far as his classroom when he told me he was feeling weird and could he go home? He didn't get physically sick during the day but I do think something wasn't quite right. He stayed quietly in his bedroom, reading, then sat with me watching telly for a little while before his father and brother came home with the latest Golden Arches of Doom Nemo toy.
We'll see how he goes overnight, I guess...

'Bouncy Egg' update:
The vinegared eggs are now soft to the touch, they've increased in size and become turgid. (Isn't that a cool word? One of my favourites.)

Oooh! <big eyes> I've just seen the Dexter's Lab episode that Joules was raving over a while ago. I can see why! Phwoooaar! Now that's a bishie-villain! (Didn't catch his name, too busy ogling the thigh-high boots and groin guard <bg> [<licks lips> It's very similar to the one you wear, hab'lan...]) Lovely hair too – pity about the voice...
Interesting to see a different style of drawing to what's standard in Dexter's Lab - an homage to animé perhaps? : )

I was watching a gardening program today and they did a story on a heritage seed farm here in Victoria. Going to go hunting for their website in a moment, I'd love to get hold of a catalogue so I can acquire seeds for some of those gorgeous old varieties of vegetables! : ) (Golden beetroot, stripey tomatoes.... mmmm....)

(nicked from Joules' blog re spiders:)

... I swear this house becomes Bug Central in September...

Oh, you don't want to be in Australia from around October to March then. That's when the huntsman [WARNING: site contains nasty big pictures of nasty big spiders - I couldn't bear to give it more than a cursory glance!] spiders come inside to get out of the heat... <shudder> I loathe those things...

Thursday, September 04, 2003

[<nuzzle grin> 'Claiming' was probably not the most appropriate word, aijin, it was used more as an expression of preference than anything else... ]

That's something I've been meaning to ask... where did the notion of 'claiming' come from anyway? I assume it's fanon, not canon?
Funny, I thought I was the one doing the claiming.... Not that I'm complaining, you understand...

The ningen's claimed Benten, maazi and papa. Well, she would, wouldn't she?
<giggling> Okapiprincess found another gem...

The cubs' father and I had a talk and unless something miraculous happens financially it looks as if we'll be having the joy of each others company for at least another year. Hn, fine, that also means the housemate stays as well. Oh well, less upsets for the cubs I spose, and a chance for me to get my finances into order.

Feeling a bit chuffed with myself today - I did my very first bit of solo Dewey cataloguing in the library : )

...aaand almost finished another chapter of 'Dancing'!

Do you know that if you cut up fresh strawberries, sprinkle them with sugar then leave them for a couple of hours you get a lovely strawberry syrup forming in the bottom of the bowl... mmm....

<g> On her lj, Valkyrie initiated a first-come-first-serve lolly scramble.
Not confectionary, no... eye-candy!
Just so's you know - I have publicly claimed Hijau, and 'lestrel and Botan, so there! <smirk>

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

My feet hurt.
Went on the excursion to the Immigration Museum today. It wasn't too bad, all told, even though the clingy cub was having hysterics cos our 'group' wouldn't keep together... <sigh>
I know it doesn't help when I lose my temper at him but it's so frustrating sometimes. Ah well...
I'd like to go back to the Museum, sans chibis, and have a proper look around – I'll put it on my list along with the Aquarium, Australian Gallery, Victoria Museum etc etc. <g>
When we were done there we all trooped off to the Botanical Gardens for lunch, which gave the brats a chance to run off some of their energy before going back to school. We arrived back just after 3 and I was able to take the cubs home early; except we didn't go home, we went to the local shopping suburb and had milkshakes and a look around before catchig the bus home (the cubs' father had the car.)

And now an update on the 'rubbery egg' experiment:
One day on and all of the vinegared eggs have had a layer of something peel off (protective coating perhaps?); one of the eggs is losing the colour of its shell in parts and another one is developing cracks; the vinegar they're all sitting in is sort of frothy on top.
6 days to go. : )

Hee, just got word from the guy I bought the Swan Lake DVD from – my cheque's cleared and he'll be sending my goodie on shortly. <mmmm... ballet boys...>

Tuesday, September 02, 2003

[.. those sporks look rather nasty, aijin, I think I'd rather have a pointy stick...]

Why are there no girl Transformers?
I asked the cubs and they gave me a look and said 'Because it's a boys show...' Well, der, Mum, der...

On the kitchen bench we currently have 1 glass of water and 3 glasses of vinegar - they all have whole, raw eggs floating in them. Why? We're performing one of the experiments from the cubs' '101 Cool Science Experiments' where you demonstrate how vinegar can disolve minerals, in this case, calcium. The shells are sposed to disappear in a few days and what's left of the eggs becomes rubbery enough to be bounced...
Why do we have 3 eggs in vinegar? One for each of the cubs and 1 for me! <g>

Hee, the next AC and Dystopia chapters are bubbling nicely, as is Ms Brown.. though it's Dancing I'm sposed to be concentrating on. : )

Okapiprincess sent me this Lord of the Rings article... still giggling...

[smuggled out of the Zone]
[trapped at the Mousehole]
Oh, and for those interested you might care to check out the full size Sporks here. (Sue)
.... ooh er.... [glances nervously at Haadri pre-readers and even more worriedly at A'lestrel] Kai goes back to school tomorrow - I'll dive straight into FirstLight then, honest...
[very big evil grin] I'm placing my order now, ningen...

Monday, September 01, 2003

<burps>: A kilo of roasted chicken wings is probly not the best thing to eat for dinner...

Okapiprincess gave me a computer! <g> ... well, the box and a mouse, but hard-drives and keyboards aren't exactly hard to come by. The plan is to set that up as my online machine and let the cubs have this one allll to their little selves. (Oh, and Okapiprincess also gave me a sachet of posh cat food for KittenKong that she conned some unsuspecting marketing company out of - tee hee hee - and the Golden Arches of Doom Nemo toy she found. <happysqueak>)

Ok, I've dobbed myself in to go along on the school excursion to the Immigration Museum on wednesday. A moment of weakness I assure you. Oh well, it should be interesting, it's a place I've been trying to get to since it opened a couple of years ago and the cubs love it when I get involved in things at school. : )

Did a couple more pages for 'Dancing' today... Heh, not good pages but it's a framework to build on and it's 2 more pages than there was yesterday.

The ningen says YAY that cub!!... [grin]