Saturday, June 28, 2008

Yay, school holidays! Finally!
I've actually been off for a week already but as I was doing something every day, and still having to get up early to make sure the cubs got to school on time, I didn't really consider this week of no classes a 'holiday'.
As for the exams? I'm certain I've passed everything but after a post mortem discussion with my class mates about the Cataloguing one it looks like I've lost even more points than I originally thought. Dang.

Cubs' birthday next week. They're looking forward to it. Apparently they've been wanting to 13 for a long time... :)

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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Soooo, what's been happening in the days since I last updated?

Just finished the second last week of term. Chock full of revision, it was, freaking us out preparing us for the flippin' seven exams next week. Sheesh. I expect I'll pass everything but I'm not counting on top marks.
Some of my classmates need a little bit of help with a few subjects so I've been tutoring as well. :) Quite aside from the modest amount of cash I earn (I didn't ask for it, they insisted on paying!), it's fun and an excellent way to do my own revision. Wouldn't want to be an actual teacher though, gods no.

Computer woes. My USB hub driver thingy has chucked a spaz and now won't recognise any USB device. [grump] Can't use my only-recently-installed printer (nooooo! I luvs mah printa! Lucky I'd already done all that stuff for school, eh?) but worse, I can't download pics from my phone! Fortunately I managed to find the plug-in charger so I'm at least able to juice up my wee pink beastie, but no pics? [pout] That, if anything, will/should get me off my sizeable arse to fix the problem - which could be as simple as reinstalling the hub's drivers...
Hah! Simple? Have to remember how to find out what hardware my 'puter's carrying so I can go and hunt down the appropriate software on the 'net. [sigh] It's not easy - I've had a look (a half-arsed look, admittedly, but it was at the end of a long day and I was brain!porridge. Couldn't find anything that stated clearly what was what. Am I looking in the right place? Criminy, I don't know!) Eh, well...

Possible spoilers of films what I've recently seen...






Only two, but there's not been a lot I've wanted to see in the past few months. Mind you, the stuff coming up...

So, yes.
Ironman. Great cast, a not implausible storyline - if you're a fan of the 'Supers' genre (pick me! pick me!). Excellent graphics too, which could only help with the believability, but, meh, wasn't overly impressed ultimately. Didn't dislike the film, but I did find myself getting a bit restless if not actually bored. Not one I'll make the effort to see again.

Today Soulsis and I took the hordlings to see Indiana Jones 4. I'd been anticipating this movie but was mildly disappointed. (Much the same feeling I had with the IJ's 2&3, incidentally). It was well cast, for the most part, and there were some fabulous, thought provoking snippets that really affected me, but overall...? Fun, very flash, in-jokes aplenty, but not a lot of substance.

The pre-show trailers, however, were intriguing...
Australia. [giggling] Baz Luhrman directed this one - does that mean we can expect the Outback dust to turn in to sparklies at some point?
The Dark Knight. It's a Batman movie, it's already got my vote, but as I was nearly in tears watching the trailer (oh, Heath, Heath...) hate to think what state I'll be in during the actual movie.
And finally... The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor Eeeee!

I've got a nomination for one of my HP AU slash fics! Like Minds for the 2007 Snupin Santa exchange. (Please note, story is M/M, NWS, NC 17, and all that other good stuff.) Knew nothing about it until blpaintchart pointed me in the right direction. [grin]

(I'll see about getting on with the '5 films' list next time I update. Let's see, what were the proposed categories? 5 favourite animated films - 5 favourite obscure films - 5 guilty pleasures - 5 most influential - 5 favourite kids' flicks - 5 'oh gods, that's x hours I'll never get back' - 5 daftest - 5 most insulting - 5 wtf? sequels - 5 musicals - 5 foreign language - (and an extra one from Joules!) 5 oddball/original.
Anyone think of anything else...? :)

... I'm sure I had something else to mention...

Monday, June 02, 2008

Nicked from Blpaintchart:

Empire magazines 100 top films. Bold what you've seen; italic[sic - it's late] the ones you haven't got 'round to yet. Notes as appropriate. :)

1. Star Wars (at the cinema on its first release no less...)
2. Jaws (nope, far too scary)
3. The Empire Strikes Back (see 1.)
4. The Shawshank Redemption
5. Goodfellas (was this the one with Ray Liotta?)
6. Pulp Fiction
7. The Godfather (well, sort of. It was on tv one night)
8. Saving Private Ryan
9. Schindler's List
10. Titanic (Yes, I saw this. Once.)
11. The Usual Suspects (I guessed the twist early!)
12. Citizen Kane
13. The Godfather Part II (no, I'd lost interest by this point)
14. Aliens
15. Blade Runner (made more sense than the book, let me tell you)
16. Raiders of the Lost Ark (see 1. and 3.)
17. Casablanca
18. Gone With the Wind (avoiding)
19. The Sound of Music (hey, I make my clothes out of old curtains, too!)
20. It's A Wonderful Life (stupid, sappy, saccarine, sentimental)
21. Reservoir Dogs
22. Apocalypse Now
23. 2001: A Space Odyssey
24. LA Confidential
25. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
26. The Silence of the Lambs (I watched it through my fingers...)
27. Return of the Jedi (see 1. and 3.)
28. Leon
29. Braveheart (I'm astonished I managed to sit through this, at 8 months pregnant with twins, and didn't need to go to the loo)
30. Seven
31. Die Hard (Yippy kai-ay, motherfucker.)
32. North by Northwest (Once, a looooong time ago)
33. The Truman Show (interesting concept)
34. Taxi Driver (fell asleep during this)
35. Jurassic Park (I cried cos the dinosaurs weren't real)
36. Alien (see 1. etc)
37. Psycho
38. Raging Bull
39. Some Like It Hot
40. Lawrence of Arabia (one of my favourites! Go, subtext!)
41. The Good the bad and the ugly
42. Rear Window (is it just me or is James Stuart overrated as an actor?)
43. E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial ([sigh] see 1. not that impressed)
44. The Deer Hunter
45. Terminator 2
46. The Terminator (the best one!)
47. Fargo
48. Cabaret (squee! another favourite!)
49. Face/Off (enjoyed this, though scoffed at the 'science')
50. Speed (mmm... Keanu...)
51. The Matrix (can't say I have seen this, not really)
52. Singin' in the Rain ('I'm worth more than Kevlin Coolidge... Put together!')
53. The Exorcist
54. Ben Hur ([smirk])
55. Trainspotting (eye-candy McDrooly)
56. Forrest Gump (life is like a box of chocolates. Looked good on the shelf but you just wish you hadn't paid cash for them...)
57. Dr Strangelove
58. Zulu
59. Vertigo
60. The Wild Bunch
61. Once Upon a Time in the West
62. The Italian Job (the original version, of course)
63. The Shining (another one I watched through my fingers)
64. Close Encounters of the Third Kind
65. The English Patient
66. Heat
67. The Wizard of Oz
68. A Clockwork Orange
69. Grease
70. Platoon
71. Stand By Me
72. Back to the Future
73. Withnail and I
74. JFK (loved Kevin Bacon in this)
75. The Seven Samurai (can't remember if I've seen this...)
76. Get Carter (the original, of course)
77. The Third Man
78. Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
79. Armaggedon
80. Chinatown
81. Goldfinger
82. The Untouchables
83. Once Upon a Time in America
84. True Romance (who compiled this list, on what basis?)
85. Unforgiven
86. Scarface
87. The Blues Brothers (in the cinema, with audience participation)
88. The Graduate
89. When Harry Met Sally (what a waste of time)
90. Dances With Wolves
91. Spartacus ([smirk] I like gladiator movies)
92. Toy Story
93. Cinema Paradiso
93. Life is Beautiful
95. Grosse Point Blank
96. Annie Hall (went to see this as an excursion in High School. All I remember is the lobster...)
97. Dead Poets Society
98. Good Will Hunting
99. 12 Angry Men
100. Easy Rider

Not a particularly satisfying list, is it? How about a different approach? 5 favourite animated films - 5 favourite obscure films - 5 guilty pleasures - 5 most influential - 5 favourite kids' flicks - 5 'oh gods, that's x amount of time I'll never get back'? [grin]