Tuesday, April 29, 2003

So there I was all bright-eyed and eager, waiting for Cowboy BeBop tonight, cos I missed it on the weekend, and then housemate comes in and asks me what I'm waiting for. I tell him, he frowns and says: 'today's tuesday..."
D'oh! In my eagerness to ogle Gren again I was a day early.

Almost finished my next AC chapter...

My weekend away was triffic fun, caught up with lots of friends. The Retreat is a beautiful old sprawling house, and the grounds are lovely. There's a large lake with a couple of islands in the middle of it and *counting* 6, I think bridges too and fro. There was about another 6 bridges crossing the little creek that ran through the property and I crossed every one at least 3 times. : ) I like bridges, almost as much as I like trains...
The grounds were also littered with ponds (mostly empty unfortunately, due to water restrictions) and a goodly number of peaceful places to sit in quiet contemplation. Wonderful.
My favourite place though was a 'cathedral' formed from 5 oak trees over one of the bridges. The branches inside the circle had been pruned leaving a light, open space covered by a leafy canopy about 40 feet above. Just beautiful... *sigh*
On saturday we went to have a Picnic at Hanging Rock. Well, a barbeque actually, then some of us stayed behind to play badmington while the rest climbed the rock.
I got half-way up; it's very steep.
The rock itself is the remains of a lava 'plug' in a long gone volcano. There's a cool, peacefulness about it, very comforting and blanketing without being smothering. I'll get to the top next time, I'm sure.
Over the weekend I also learnt to play mah jong, sort of, and participated in a 2 player game of monopoly, which was odd but fun. Except... the basic principle of the game offends my little socialist heart; the woman I was playing with wasn't doing as well as I was and I could've easily forced her into bankruptcy by buying houses for my properties (I owned the 3 most expensive blocks) but I just couldn't do it... My monopoly partner and I decided that next time there's one of these weekends, we'll bring along some games that don't rely on trampling over the other players to win, like Pass the Pigs, that's a good one...
We had to leave on sunday after lunch, unfortunately, everyone had just got into their holiday groove and another day would have been perfect.
My only criticism of the weekend would've been that with the place only being just over an hour away from home, it wasn't like a real road trip to get there... : )
Thank you, Alarice, for organising it all! *bigHUG*

Oh, and today is Soulsis's birthday... hippo birdie two ewes, sweetie!

This is a picture one of my cubs drew for Joules...

What's this all about?
Well, the cubs were hanging around, reading my ICQ messages over my shoulder one day. I explained that it was night-time over in the UK where Joules was and they wanted to know if she was nocturnal. A fair question, their father is nocturnal after all. Joules responded by saying she was a vampire. The cubs weren't happy with that so they asked if she could be a shark or a manta-ray (their current obsession) instead. Joules said she preferred lizards but tigersharks were her favourite type of sharks...
Somehow they agreed between them that Joules was a vampiric (note the blood on the teeth) shark/ray/lizard thing and one of the cubs drew the picture (look, I don't know, I was just relaying messages, ok! *g*)
Oh, and the stick figure in the picture isn't the critters victim, as you might reasonably assume, it's there to indicate the height of the creature relative to the height of a 7 (almost 8!) year old boy...

[contented sigh, brushes petals from tenshi's hair and wings] .... welcome back...

Sunday, April 27, 2003

[*grinsnuggle* You can stop moping now, hab'lan, I'm home...]

I'm back, had fun, did lots of walking and didn't go over on my ankle. : ) I'll do a proper update soonish, probably tomorrow after the cubs have gone back to school! Woohoo!

[more mope]

Friday, April 25, 2003

This was Lutra's AC quiz result...

You are most like Zha'haabron


Serene and self-possessed, you are held in awe by others, and you take your responsibilities - and your pleasures - very seriously. At ease with your own power, you are happy to let others take control in private. You are the soul of the family.

[*nuzzles* It's not for too long this time, hab'lan, and you can spend the time thinking up fun things we can do when I get back. *smirk*]

[growling disconsolately] You're going away again... Going to miss you...

Just a quick post before I head off for the weekend (Yay!!)
The cubs have been bringing their toys up to me this morning: 'sharky/ray/dolphy etc is going to miss you!' Awww... ^~^

Looking forward to the weekend, except for missing Cowboy BeBop and Bubblegum Crisis 2040 on saturday night. Especially Bebop - it's Jupiter Jazz pt 2 and I'm wholly fascinated with Gren...
Oh well, it'll be repeated on wednesday night, I can catch it then.

Right, everything's packed, just need to change a cub's bed sheet, hang some washing out, feed the piggles and put my shoes on and I'm ready to leap out the door as soon as Niki arrives. *g*
Catch you all later!

[Be good, aijin, don't scare the chibis... *g*]

Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Interesting couple of days. I cleaned the house yesterday, more or less, and the cubs actually helped. Sort of. I told them if anything of theirs was left lying around in the loungeroom or kitchen in X amount of time it was being thrown out. They cleared everything, eventually - the last 15 minutes was pretty frantic but it was all done within the stipulated time. *g* Going to have to try that again...
And then their father took them out for a few hours and I got out into the garage to do some clearing. Sorted through 4 cardboard boxes and half a basket of stuff. Got rid of some of it, and put the rest in plastic storage crates. Was going to try shifting the books into the plastic crates at some stage, but there's almost 40 boxes worth! Besides, the next house I'm in will have plenty of room for bookshelves so I won't have to store the books anymore. : )

The cubs and I (plus school friend and her mother) went to the Aquarium again today.
*dreamy sigh* When I'm needlessly wealthy I'm going to have a BIG marine tank - and someone to maintain it. Yeah...

Niki told me a little while ago that she exercises by walking around her backyard. It's a good backyard to do it in; it's pretty big and quite steep. Out of idle curiosity, I paced out my backyard today. The circuit is roughly 50 metres, with a slight slope. Hmmm...

Heh, next 2, possibly 3 AC chapters are drafted out, the next Silk & Leather is started, as is a couple of other things and I'm going away from my computer for a few days. Dang, I need a laptop! (Donations to the usual place, please *g*)

Sunday, April 20, 2003

In my dream last night, I was attacked repeatedly by an aggresive pig. It was really scary and I spent a lot of the dream keeping out of the pig's way. And even after the pig had been slaughtered and was being cooked, I knew it wasn't dead, not really, so I wasn't surprised when I heard the pig had escaped...

...above and beyond the call of duty...
I got up at 5.30 am this morning to stumble around in the garden putting the easter eggs out for the cubs egg hunt. Ably helped by KittenKong, of course, who thought that batting those shiny little spheres away from where I'd carefully placed them was great fun! Bloody cat.
When I finished I crawled back to bed then slept in so it was the cubs father that guided them in the hunt. I lay in bed, grinning, listening to the whoops and hollers.
'OOOH! Here's some! Here's some more! And over there!' *g*

Fortunately the cubs didn't get all that much chocolate. I say fortunately cos they scoffed the lot and I'm just not in the mood for cleaning up regurgitated brown muck.
(We don't have the easter bunny in this house, by the way, we have the easter bilby, an endangered australian mammal. The cubs' father thinks it's ironic having an endangered species as a fertility symbol. I told him to think of it as sympathetic magic : )

Hey! Guess what? I've got next weekend off! Woohoo! I'm going away for a couple of days with some friends to the Marist Retreat in Mt Macedon. While we're there we'll be visiting a winery and going for a picnic at Hanging Rock (I am not wearing a white dress and if I hear panpipes I'm leaving!) The cubs aren't thrilled I'm going, but they should have fun with their father. Hn, better make sure there's plenty of food in before I go...

Right, I've got all the notes I need for my next AC chapter. No excuse for not starting it now...

Friday, April 18, 2003

The cubs and I, along with a school friend and her mum, went to see Thunderpants today.
What can I say? A British fart joke made into a movie, but still better than Kangaroo Jack. Heh, I think the adults in the audience today got more out of the movie than the kids. There was lots of little, quite subtle, aside things that were chuckle-worthy.
Not sure I'd want to see it again though.

I've noticed that I've been putting bits of my life on hold 'until we move' or 'until the new house'. Not big things, just lots and lots of little things, mainly to do with nesting, I guess you could call it. Silly thing is, there's no need to wait, the majority of plans I have (except for garden related stuff - and even then a lot of what I want to do can be done with pots) will all be easily transferable to the new place. I'm just reluctant to put the energy in here when I know I won't be staying, even though I don't know exactly how long it'll be before I move and the things I want to do will help me feel more positive about life in general anyway.
Eh. Too hard. I'll think about it later.

*evil smirk* My next Silk & Leather chapter is almost ready to be written. Good, just in the mood for somebody else's pain...

Oh bugger! I haven't gotten any easter eggs yet. Can't have an easter egg hunt without easter eggs. Tch. Wonder if the shops are open tomorrow?
Didn't realise it was good friday today until I was driving to the cinema and wondering a: where all the traffic was; and b: why are all the shops shut?
Except for the Asian shops, for some reason they were all still open...

Thursday, April 17, 2003

Hee, there are 4 other people in the world (or on the net at least) with my name I am '...rarer than a wombats wing nut', apparently.
And no-one else has the same name as either of the cubs. *g*

Speaking of the cubs...
A couple of weeks ago I was lured into having their photos taken at Pixie Foto - a place that specialises in uber-saccharine children's pics. The session itself was a barrel of laughs, for the cubs. The photographer had a hard time pinning them down, I didn't envy her...
Anyway, picked up the photos today. They're not too bad, I'll scan and post some eventually, and the cubs are thrilled with them. Not shy, my babies. Expensive though, but the company has an installment plan thingy which I happily took advantage of.

Soulsis and her chicks came round today and we herded all the children up to Smorgy's.
You remember Smorgy's, it's the 'family restaurant' done out in an island theme. The food's still crap but the kids enjoyed themselves. We managed to stay there for over 2 hours, grazing. At one point we had 14 empty jelly bowls and 6 empty ice-cream bowls on the table - this was after some had been cleared away. I hate to think how much dessert was actually consumed by the children this afternoon. On the plus side, Soulsis and chicks stayed til about 8.30 pm (we got back about 3pm) and none of the children asked for food until shortly before they left. *g*

Joules says she can't draw arses. After seeing her latest pics of Alestrel, I beg to differ....
[MINE!! Grrrrr...]

Wednesday, April 16, 2003

This is a very funny site... It's the answer to the 'supermum' myth.
Go read the horoscopes - it'll do you a power of good! : )

I took the cubs to see Kangaroo Jack today...
I don't like using the phrase 'well that's X amount of of my life I'm not going to get back...' - it's unacceptably negative, but I'll make an exception in this case.
Puerile. Sterotyped. Badly acted.
... and no offence to you guys, but Americans just can't do good toilet humour.

One of my cubs has gotten very clingy in the past few weeks. If he can't find me in the house he gets panicky and upset, if he can't find KittenKong in the house he gets panicky and upset. I'm wondering if he's picking up on my tension towards his father.

Ack, that was a very down sort of posting. Let's fix that...
The cubs and I have been visiting petshops, checking out the sort of fish we can get for our aquarium when we get our new place. : ) I saw some ratties in one pet shop. So cute!
Um... I treated myself to sushi for lunch. Very nummy.
I'm in the process of finishing the Shinju/Okami pwp...
Tulip is tapping her pink-leather booted foot impatiently at me... *smirk*
And I haven't had to get up early for school for the past 3 days. Yeah. : )

Monday, April 14, 2003

Joules has been feeding me snippets of Diplomat, the next 'lestrel/Lutra chapter. *idiot grin* Damn you gotta love those brats..

The cubs' father took them out to the park yesterday afternoon, and I went for a walk (blissfully alone) to the supermarket. It just started to rain as we all left. I like walking in the rain - even with the resulting sodden feet and treachorous footing - it's kind of peaceful.

The Festival of Chocolate is next weekend.
It is completely the wrong time of year down here to be bandying about Spring symbols. I'm going to try and put some of the chocolate eggs and crap aside for when Spring actually occurs.
Do you remember when Easter chocolate was the best chocolate ever?
Was it only because it happend for a limited time? Or has the formula for it changed?
I miss the Red Tulip peacock though... Cardboard peacock with a bigish egg in the body and several small caramel filled eggs in the fan of the tail...

Sunday, April 13, 2003

(Questionaire nicked from Talon's blog.. my own answers supplied, of course)

A - Act your age? Why? And how, precisely, is someone of my age supposed to act? It's all subjective.

B - Born on what day of the week? Thursday's child has far to go...

C - Chore you hate? Getting up early every morning to take the cubs to school.

D - Dad's name? Brian.

E - Essential makeup item? Chocolate and cuddles. Oh, you mean the stuff you put on your face? Erm, sunglasses.

F - Favorite actor? For actual acting or just eye-candy? Hn. Ewen McGregor would fit both of those categories.

G - Gold or silver? Rose gold.

H - Hometown? Melbourne.

I - Instruments you play? Narry a one.

J - Job title? Chibi herder (this was Talon's but still appropriate) Writer! Yes! I can say that with pride now!

K - Kids? Twins. No more, not ever.

L - Living arrangements? Shared house for the moment.

M - Mum's name? Lillian Mary Josephine. (catholic - can you guess? :)

N - Number of people you've slept with? Both more and less than I'm happy about.

O - Overnight hospital stays? Tonsils, wisdom teeth, child-birth (though that was more like 16 weeks of consecutive overnight stays).

P - Phobia? Dealt with.

Q - Quote you like? "No matter where you go, there you are" Buckaroo Banzai, and "Yippe kai-ay, motherfucker." Diehard.

R - Religious affiliation? Pagan, sort of celtic-ish.

S - Siblings? Blood? One younger brother. Kin? All my sisters - you know who you are - plus Aaron, who's an honorary girl :)

U - Unique habit? Be hard pressed to find a 'unique' habit... Maybe my tendency to yell 'knickers!' when I'm annoyed?

V - Vegetable you refuse to eat? Choko. Bleuch.

W- Worst habit? Self-pity.

X - X-rays you've had? Ankles, feet, knee (ballet injuries) Left forearm when 6 years old for greenstick fracture.

Y - Yummy food you make? I do a good roast chicken.

Z - Zodiac Sign? Pisces. All encompassing, the end and the beginning. (cor, did that sound mystical, or what!)

Saturday, April 12, 2003

Aaron came over and I helped him wax his (virgin) legs.
: )
That boy is going to make someone a wonderful sub - he whimpers and mewls so beautifully...

1st day of holidays. I went to bed early and slept in 'til 8.45am...

My Bebop soul mate is Alisa.

Who is Your Cowboy Bebop Soul Mate?

I am Jet

Which Cowboy Bebop Character are you?

Friday, April 11, 2003

This isn't so much a whinge as an observation - either way it'll be short. : )
Apart from my slippers (hot pink fuzzy and lavender with grapes - thank you Soulsis) I have 2 pairs of shoes - some slip on sandals and a pair of black lace-ups which are a very worn now but still fine in situations where it's dry and I don't need grip on my soles. I'm going to have to get another pair of shoes for winter or I'll have permanent cramps in my calves from clenching my toes in my shoes as I try not to slip...

Due to budget restrictions, I rarely buy luxury items outright, they're usually put onto lay-by. My rule for that is 'one lay-by at a time'...
Yeah right. What happens is I get momentarily flush with cash and spring about putting things away only to find I've over-extended myself, again, and either have to let some of them drop or take ages and ages to pay for things. Fortunately, I tend to put lay-bys on in the same shops and they know me so don't mind extending the time for payment...
Which reminds me.. I've finally found a 'bathroom set' (toilet brush, soap holder, toothbrush holder, lotion bottle) made of clear acrylic with shells in it! Weeeee! The shop doesn't do lay-bys, but they're holding it for me 'til next week.

I've hurt my wrist again (not a real problem) but one of the cubs saw me with the bandage on and said - "I'll look after you, mummy.'
*mush* My baby. ^~^

Thursday, April 10, 2003

This beautiful heian era poem I nicked from OkapiPrincess's blog...

Though I go to him constantly
on the paths of dream,
never resting my feet,
in the real world
it doesn't equal a single glance.

Waaaah! *sniffle*
That's just crying out for a fic... or maybe the sooky romantic has escaped from her cage. Hn.

[The 3 'R's - reading, riting, 'rithmatic - are still considered important, but not spelling...]

Woohoo! *little dance*
One day to go! One day to go!
I am so looking forward to these holidays, I have never felt so consistently tired as I have over this school term. 'Stress' has probably got something to do with it (when I get stressed I go to sleep) but, gods I need a break...
And unlike previous hols I've actually got a bunch of stuff lined up to do with the cubs, rather than vague ideas of what could be 'fun'. Ack, maybe I'm getting more organised with my advancing age?

'rein'? 'rein'?? You want a bit between your teeth and someone on your back? [lopes off snarling about the appalling standard of spelling these days...]

Wednesday, April 09, 2003

... and wednesday night is Quiz night...

The wings are quite pretty...

Green Goddess
Goddess of green. You probably prefer to be outside
where you can get some fresh air!

What element would you rein over? (For Girls)
brought to you by Quizilla

*Lutra mush*
Was watching a David Attenborough doco - Life of Mammals - and saw these little guys.
They make a sound like squeaky toys! 'eee!' 'eeeee!' ^~^

I really don't make things easy for myself, do I?
I bought the cubs a book - 101 Cool Magic Tricks...

'Mum! I need a coin/glass/water/paper/blunt pencil/hat...'
'Mum! Come and see this COOL trick!'



Youre comfortable with yourself and self-observant.
You also boast a tendency to flaunt your sexual
preference, but what the heck.

Which Eddie Izzard Joke Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

This was kind of cute...

Shirley Temple-- you're cute around people but
naughty when you get away from the crowd

What's your stripper name? (female)
brought to you by Quizilla

I wasn't very impressed with this quiz. The writer is one of those people who can't/won't spell properly, uses those annoying abreviations and too much/none at all punctuation... effing infuriating and stupid...

ur an ordinary unpure person

sexual purity test
brought to you by Quizilla

(Oh, those last two quizzes came from Soulsis, the first one from Talon)

This might seem like a pretty inane thing to get het up over but it really, really bugs me when people don't hang out their washing properly (ie: like I do) and we end up with all the pegs on one side of the Hills Hoist. Grrrr...

The cubs' father came home this morning with the news that the Golden Arches of Doom 'family restaurant' has pulled one of the current range of toys out of circulation. This latest lot are based on the Transformers and one of them transforms into a tank. Apparently some child psychologists suggested it might not be the best thing for little persons to play with at the moment.
However... Can you imagine how rare those toys are going to be? How much they'll cost - cos of course, without them, you can't make the 'mega-transformer' thing...

I had a very strange dream last night.
Future earth - kinda sorta - something to do with taking a duck back to it's right place in time before it infected everyone with salmonella... But anyway... There's sporadic, uncontrolled flooding world wide. The waters can come up only a few inches, to being deep enough to cover buildings. The floods can come and go for a week at a time, or a month, it's completely unpredictable.
Flooding happened while I was there and I kept an eye on the water creeping upwards as the people I was with set about sealing their building with little bits of thin plastic and rubber I thought would never keep the water out, but did.
It flooded 3 times, each time the water covered the buildings but life went on as normal inside, and by the end of it I could tell when the waters were receeding because the sun came out...

Monday, April 07, 2003

[Awww... those little rooms look so cute, onna! Do you hire them out?]

The ningen thought people might be getting confused by all this talk of stairs and doors and rooms at the Lemon Tree (which is, after all, a tree). So she did this (self-confessedly crappy) little sketch to show what she thinks it looks like. [smirk] Rather like the look of it, myself. Cuddly little 'lemon rooms'. Bet it smells wonderful...

Lemon Tree Bar, Restaurant and occasional Guest House...

Woohoo! My next Dystopia chapter, 'Leech' is finished, ready for coding. This story I've had mulling around in my head for ages, can't remember if I've mentioned that already, but this was the story Dystopia was created around. It's quite different from how I originally planned it, but I think it works...

Ack. Parent/teacher interviews.
The good news is the cubs have made improvements in their behaviour and attitudes since last year, but there's still a long way to go. They're both very bright but socially inept and easily frustrated which leads to tantrums - something that can be very isolating.
However, the teacher of one of them showed us the way he avoids working. This particular cub hates writing, it's 'boring' (ie: too much work). They have a page to fill twice a week or something... he's been filling the space with drawings, and comic style illustrations so he can show what's happening with the minimum of words. This is sort of an improvement, I guess, not that long ago he wouldn't draw anything at all... And - this cracked me up - his teacher came the heavy one day and told him in no uncertain terms she wanted him to write 8 sentences.
He did - the same sentence 8 times. : )
Don't you think that shows an certain amount of cunning? *g*

Heh, had a busy sort of weekend, but enjoyable.
Went to Niki's on saturday with the cubs. Soulsis was there with her chicks, and we herded them all - including Niki's two - off to the park for a couple of hours. It was very unstressed; the children are all old enough now that they don't need constant supervision so we (the mums) were able to sit down and chat while keeping half an eye on them all. The cubs and I stayed for dinner and we got home waaay past their bedtime so it was two very sleepy little boys I poured into bed. : ) (Hee, and I was showered with gifts again - books, purple curtains, chocolates - I really do have the best friends.)
On sunday the cubs and I went swimming then I came home and napped for a couple of hours. Another unstressed day. : )

Niki's mum was getting rid of some books, so naturally I pawed through them.
One of the gems I snaffled was 'The Science and Art of Married Love.' It was written in 1974 by a naturopathic doctor, Paul G. Bragg - Life Extension Specialist.
I don't know where to begin really... I can only read little bits of this book at a sitting cos a lot of the time I end up wanting to through it at the wall. : / The bits he want us to pay attention to are WRITTEN IN CAPITOL LETTERS, just so we understand their importance. One of the basic premises of this... epitome of wisdom.. is that women are more likely to achieve 'satisfaction' by playing their natural role of surrender and submission. I'm not making this up.
There are 41 titles, chapter things in the first 15 pages - some of them are only a paragraph long, and the rest of the 53 pages is made up of hightly pertinent questions that Dr. Paul answers.
Questions such as:
I have been married for 17 years, have 3 children and a fine husband. Sex means nothing to me. If I never had it again I could live contented. How important is sex to me?

...here's the answer...

Sex is an inescapable part of us. It is there from the moment of birth when we are given our sex identity - boy or girl - and it is with us until the day we die - when it goes on our death certificate. You're not going to be able to skip out on sex, so accept it and look toward the good. For good love-making enriches you emotionally and spiritually, and relaxes muscles, soothes our nervous system, makes you forget your pressures, strains and tensions for awhile, helps attain restful sleep and is one of the few satisfying experiences in this world. Please change your mental attitude towards sex. You want to be a full woman don't you?

.. but there's no pressure being brought to bear, of course, no prodding of guilt that to be unenthausiastic is anything other than unnatural. Humph. The key words there are 'good love-making'...
Not going to read any more, it's just making me cross.

The only other 'information' book that has made me as mad is one I got from the nuns at my catholic primary school, titled 'How to be a real girl.. That little tract of nonsense has almost been burnt a dozen times over the years. I'll have to dig it out and share with you all...

Saturday, April 05, 2003

Earlier this week I bid on and won a book that OkapiPrincess had listed on ebay, (really, really gorgeous needlepoint). She came 'round for a visit tonight so I could pay her for it, in theory, and then she gave it to me as a belated birthday present! *happysqueak!* I have the best friends!
And then on top of that she gave me this gorgeous birthday card which is actually a mouse mask, a PPG poster (from Somerley) and two ribbony hair-tie thingies (pale purple with glittery purple stars, and purple with butterflies!). Okapi also gave me printouts of two fake book sleeves (to wrap around your porn and such so what you're reading will be outwardly acceptable to other commuters : ) They came from the Black Books site and if you haven't seen any of this Brit comedy you're missing a real (odd) treat.)
Here's the 'blurbs' from them:
Bastard Squad
Rob McCabe didn't know the meaning of fear. Sometimes he claimed to have sex with it, but he was dimly aware that this was a metaphor.
However, with his collection of guns and ability to climb over stuff, he was regarded as the best soldier and acrobat in the Midlands. But even grizzled, cynical Rob didn't reckon on the charms of Rita, an Indian ladyboy with a taste for the finer things in life...

and this from The Goblin Troll
After three weeks at Magic Academy, Papamama had just about managed her first spell - a fireball the size of a bee, that burned some string. It had taken her an hour, and she had bits of dried magic on her hands, which was beginning to smell. She thought about going to the toilet to wipe the magic off with a sponge, but she was so tired that she couldn't be bothered.
It was the beginning of a long year at the Magic Academy.

*rolling around laughing...*

I've started on the next chapter of Dystopia. I'm enjoying it immensly, it's evolving as I type and I'm glad to see those couple of years writing Professionals fan-fic had a definite advantage...

Friday, April 04, 2003

[SMIRK] Well that's the ningen all over - 'don't dream it - BE it'......

This is Joules' result for the movie quote quiz... Can't say I'm surprised...

Rocky Horror Picture Show
You are... Rocky Horror Picture Show - "And
what charming underclothes you both have."
Can you say "sexfiend?" You've probably
been arrested (or almost arrested) for public
indecency, and you really don't care. You crave
kink, and everyone knows it. People in foreign
countries probably know of your wild
sexcapades! Sometimes love will come your way,
but it hasn't seemed to work out... yet.

What movie quote are YOU?
brought to you by Quizilla
My next Dystopia chapter, 'Angel pt2' is posted. Only a short one, but eh... Now on to the meaty stuff!

The cubs went to a birthday party last night for a friend they went to school with last year. 12 little boys hyped on sugar is not my idea of a blissful evening. Fortunately I didn't have to stay, so I went and browsed wishfully at a big furniture/computer/electrical place just over the way.

Thank you for this quiz, Okapiprincess...

The Battle of Pearl Harbor
You are the Battle of Pearl Harbor sketch. You're
all about little old ladies fighting each other
in a muddy field. Sick freak.

Which Monty Python's Flying Circus Sketch are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

... and this...

What Dreams May Come
You are... What Dreams May Come - "I would go
to hell to find you."
Love, above all else, is important to you. When you
love someone, you really love them, and you'd
do anything for them. Sometimes that an get you
into trouble, but to you that isn't important;
what is important is is maintaining the levels
of caring and trust in a healthy relationship.
You little romantic, you.

What movie quote are YOU?
brought to you by Quizilla

Thursday, April 03, 2003

The Ham-hams have been removed from their 7.30 am slot and put on at 3.30 pm which is when I'm picking the cubs up from school. I suspect I'm more put out by this than the cubs are...

Eating a whole packet of dried pineapple is not a good idea.

Yay! All the new books have been entered into the library database!

Just on the subject of rats...
I kept pet rats years ago, before I got involved with the cubs' father. I started out with 2 and ended up with 17. That wasn't very good, cos while rats are intelligent and affectionate little friends, you need to spend time with them or they lose their affinity with you. (Oh, the first 2 I had were sisters, Sous-sus and Bess, albinos, then Kismet a ginger hood. I never actually bred any of my rats, I just kept acquiring them from friends who did.) It was interesting to note the differences between male and female rats when it came to cage-keeping. Give them fresh bedding and the girls would take their time, moving it about, fixing and rearranging until it was just so - the boys, on the other paw, would just kick the lot into a corner and call it sorted.
I think there's a lesson for us all in that. : )

Wednesday, April 02, 2003

The ningen has noticed - yeah, occasionally she does notice what's happening on the planet her body is living on! - that monotheistic paternalistic cults - Judaism, Islam, Christianity - have promoted more and bloodier wars than the rest of human history added together, and that they promote neglect and abuse of the planet, and everything on it, in favour of a supposed blissful afterlife.

The ningen believes - in this lifetime, anyway - that the whole point of living is to leave the planet a little happier/cleaner/safer/more joyful than it was when she was born - and the way she's going she'll kill herself trying to prove her point.


Me, I'm surprised she's survived this long….

[*watching tokage-chibi interaction indulgently. Murmurs to self:* It's just not worth the agro mentioning how cute that is...]

I had a very odd dream last night. (apologies beforehand to any Christians - the views expressed by my subconscious are not necessarily what I'd have come out of my mouth.)
I was basically in charge of a group of people, a mix of men, women and children, and I was planning to take them somewhere lovely (Borneo springs to mind - I have no idea why). But, down the hill from us was an enclave of Christians. Some of my group started heading down the hill and I thought, fair enough, they're Christions, but then some more of my group began to peel away and I started to get worried. And angry. I knew the Christians were using magic to try and influence my people, despite their stance that 'magic' was sinful and all I could do was watch as my charges trickled away from me.
However, it wasn't all bad, end of the dream had me watching the dozen or so people I had 'saved' (that was definitely the word I used to myself) with a feeling of joy and contentment.
Anxiety dream, perhaps? Not feeling like I have control of my life? Eh...

[Lies on stomach at edge of bower, chin resting on crossed forearms, tail waving gently, watching small Saiyan brat inch closer - eyes wide, basket held out in front, glancing over shoulder occasionally at were-Saiyan hovering some distance away...] Hello bratling - is that for us? It smells wonderful... [moving slowly, without rising, reaches out hand to take basket, and hands over small Koi fish ki-carved from golden tigereye stone] That's to say 'thank you'...

Tuesday, April 01, 2003

I'm yearning after having a pet rat again. But I couldn't have it until I get my own place (the cubs' father is phobic) and do I really want to have a rat when KittenKong's such a good hunter? *sigh*

I was doing some shelving in the school library today and I saw a book titled 'Torturers, Terrorists & Turtles'.
I didn't have my glasses on - it was actually titled 'Tortoises, Terrapins & Turtles' *g*. I think the misread title has potential, though, don't you?

Okay, next Dystopia chapter is started, going to have to think about the next AC chapter soon too...