Tuesday, June 19, 2007

21 days 'til Order of the Phoenix is released! [boing]

I bought my first bit of merchandise a few days ago. The mini-sticker book. It's wonderfully vague - contains no spoilers whatsoever. :)
There's a handful of Snape stickers, but only 1 Lupin. At least, I think it's Lupin [peers]...

Citro Clean. Marvellous stuff, so tangy and citrusey. I think they've changed the formula, however. Used to be you had to use the stuff in a ventilated area cos, all natural ingredients or not, it stung; eyes, nose, throat. Smelt wonderful, though, and worked a treat on clearing your sinuses.
It still smells wonderful, and it still works really well, but it no longer has the bite. This is probably a good thing.

Caught the first episode of Torchwood last night. 'Bout bloody time it was shown over here! Joules has been teasing me with random, intriguing, non-spoilery comments for months.
So anyway, first ep... Honestly, plotwise it wasn't anything exceptional but damn, the more 'adult' nature of the series is like a long, cool drink. Sexuality is not at all covert, and to say there's a certain amount of flexibility demonstrated is an understatement. The potential is delicious! And Captain Jack certainly does cut a fine figure in that great coat of his. :)

Now, Deadwood - I love this series. On a whim - and after hearing some good reviews - I bought the first season box set last year when I noticed it was on special. Almost didn't make it through the first episode but I persisted and was well and truly hooked by the end. I devoured the first season then went looking for the second - which again I found discounted. Devoured that as well then had to sit back and wait blinkin' ages for the third season. [grump]
Yesterday on a whim, and as a reward for myself after the successful conclusion of a rent inspection, I thought I'd just have a look and see if the third season box set was out yet... It was! And as luck would have it, it was on special! Mwahahah. Itching to watch it but I'm schooling myself to patience. I'd like to rewatch the second series beforehand, so I can catch all the nuances. I'd like to, but I don't know that I will - I just wanna get on with the story! Eh, we'll see how I hold out, and how much quiet TV/DVD time I can wrest for myself. Sometimes the idea of having my own telly etc in my room is wonderfully tempting.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

(Egad, a post!)

Got a rental inspection coming up so I have, for once, pulled my finger out and got some housework done. Sooo much to do, though. But, it's coming together. The place is still cluttered, but it's neatly stacked clutter, with no obvious piles of mouldering refuse. No, that's all been cunningly hidden...
I even washed the floors today. The cat was following me around, wide-eyed and hesitant - 'What's this with the bucket...?' [rolls eyes] It's not like she hasn't seen me wash the floors before, I'm sure! Though, given the nature of a cat's memory and the infrequency of the floor washing... Ok, it's just possible she considered it enough of an out-of-the-ordinary activity to be alarming. :)
And off on a cat-related tangent:
I love the way KittenKong follows me around. She'll even abandon a lovely warm lounge room to come and snuggle on my bed. This morning, however, I think I pushed the friendship. We had our first frost of the season (such pretty feather shaped ice on the car windows!) so naturally I skipped outside to take some photos. KK followed but she was clearly unimpressed. [grin] I don't suppose anyone enjoys getting a cold bottom from sitting on frosty grass while waiting for someone to hurry up and get back inside.

Finally catching up with posting my Queensland photos. Just a couple more days worth to sort through then I can catch up with the stuff I've taken since then. :)

The new Transformers movie is coming out soon. Cubs are ecstatic. They keep asking me who's my favourite Transformer. Can't quite seem to understand I don't have one... :) Eh well, no doubt the movie will be entertaining. If not, then I'll have a lovely nap...

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Yay, well, made it through the Pervy Werewolf Lusty Month of May challenge. [evil grin] And didn't go entirely insane doing it, either. Go me.
Now I'd better get on with some real work before the Eyebrow of DOOOOM is cast in my direction... :)

I went to see a movie last night. At the cinema. It's been 5 months since I last saw a movie at the cinema. (And that was Flushed Away... which I'm still waiting on the DVD release.)
Oh yes, the movie was Pirates 3 (why yes, I am too lazy to be bothered writing out the whole name), and it was COOL. Much cooler than 2, which I got cross with, and more satisfying than 1, which was just fluff. Pretty fluff in corsets and baggy shirts, but still just fluff, let's admit it.
Caught a couple of previews, too. Order of the Phoenix (squee!) and the new Fantastic Four. It made me giggle cos Johnny was off chasing the Silver Surfer, who - in the last frames of the preview - catches him by the throat. "And so a thousand slash fics were launched..." I smirked to the cubs' father, (who incidentally had shouted me to the movie).

Mum's had a cataract removed from her left eye, and a new, synthetic lens put in. It makes her eye look uncannily clear. Fascinating... She's having her other eye done this week, and when that's all settled down she'll be going for her driver's license again. I sort of hope she's successful - she really, really misses the independence of getting herself around - but on the other hand... I'm not that keen on having to go back to public transport again. Eh, no big deal if I do - at least it's not Summer.

Quizzes. Nicked from various places via Joules.

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It amuses me that 'apathetic atheist' is second on the list...