Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The voice of my internal monologue is influenced by what I've been hearing/watching/reading. Currently - because of Torchwood - it's got a Welsh accent. : ) Quite pleasant, really...


The season IV finale of Dr Who screened over the weekend. It wasn't the most 'bwuh...?' episode I've ever seen.


[eyebrow] So the Doctor can choose not to regenerate, eh? Nice dodge, that, and now Rose has a Doctor of her very own, one who's human enough to say what she wants to hear. That's so sweet I might be ill.
Dalek Kahn: oh, come on! I knew what he was getting at straight away! 'The darkness is coming...' You might've wanted to ask a few more questions there, Davros. Der.
Why Donna? I liked her. (Though I did giggle at Jack's reaction to three doctors.)
And... ripped off! No Jack/Ianto reunion scene? [pout]


After watching something like Wall-E - with it's moral lessons about overconsumption and globalisation - it felt so eerie and wrong to be walking around a major shopping centre. I couldn't bring myself to buy anything...


Odd dream the other night. I decided to participate in a leisure centre's fun ride-obstacle course. First: bikes inside the centre. Second: it took place at 1am, cos the earlier sessions were fully booked, apparently. Third: there was talk of the ride going through the 'ice room', a tricky part of the course.
So anyway, I hopped on my bike (I think, I don't actually remember there being much bikeyness) but very quickly got lost! Found myself outside of the centre, on a beach, where I kicked around quite happily until the dawn broke. At that point I decided I'd better see if I could find the rest of the group so trooped off into town, up the narrow, cobbled streets, and eventually found some of my fellow fun riders in a coffee shop having breakfast. They told me how much fun it'd been and I was determined - nervous and excited - to join in properly next time.


The auto-focus on my camera phone works by laser. Fish don't like it...


And now a website of note:
Cake Wrecks. Hysterical! Thanks for passing this one on, GoodTwin!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Last term break I only managed to tick one thing on my 'to do' list. These hols we're not even a week in and I've already ticked off three and a half things! Go me. : )


Cubs and I went to the Melbourne Aquarium today. (Eeee! Jellyfish! Eeee! Cuddlefish!) [happy sigh] Such a relaxing place, and a good opportunity to get to know my new (phone)camera. Nifty wee thing.
I didn't get a photo of this unfortunately, but during the feeding time in the big tank one of the divers had a manta ray nomming on her head! Was very funny.


A couple of days ago the cubs and I went to see Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Again. All CGI, the background and detailing were superb but I found the characters at times moved like middling quality video games. A little distracting but not overly so, acceptable as they weren't aiming for realism.
The eyes though, were luminous. Beautifully done.


Sooo, last episode of current season Dr Who next week. Last week's episode was... interesting.
Do I need to warn for spoilers?
Anyway, Captain Jack's [le sigh] freak-out made me blink, as did Sarah-Jane's reaction (and since when has she had a son? Have I missed something?) though thinking about it later I wondered if those - to me - overreactions were a way of communicating to the jaded audience (us) that OMG! THERE'S SOME SERIOUS DOO-DOO GOING DOWN!!!1!
Meh, whatever. I've really enjoyed all these recent seasons of DW but the last eps are always a bit dodgy, a fault which has carried over to Torchwood's first season at least.
Ah yes, Torchwood. [purrr] I indulged myself horribly and forked out for the Season 1 box set. Really good to watch it again from the beginning, catching all those little nuances and clues. Finally got 'round to watching the few eps I'd missed when it screened here (cos the buggering TV station changed the broadcast time, without warning, from a reasonable 9.30 pm to midnight - on a different day! It was a few weeks before I discovered that, no, the show hadn't been dropped, just hidden. [grump]) and disturbing my children by squeeing over the rare, too rare, Jack/Ianto bits.
And now I want more! I'm not sure if Season 2 even screened anywhere here but the box set is coming out in [counting on fingers] 9 sleeps. Not that I'm counting the hours or anything, heavens no, that'd just be sad. : )


Aaaand the cubs and I are off to see Wall E again tomorrow. Very glad I bought a discount book of children's movie tickets - that saves us $4 a ticket...

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Prepping material for tie-dying is really boring.


Aww, I'm listening to Badger work with his brother on his D&D character sheet prior to running a game. [sigh] They grow up so fast...


We went en famille to see Wall-E after the P/T thingy. Nothing extraordinary about the animation but the story was very strong. The opening 10 minutes was sad and disturbing.
Oh, and the accompanying short was very funny and clever.


I didn't want to talk to anybody yesterday evening so instead of getting up after a nap I stayed in bed and read for hours. Finished the book. : )


[shakes head] Warhammer miniatures. I haz some. Please don't read anything in to this, I only wanted the pretty horsies. Squillions of years ago - when I had leisure time and before my eyesight started going... actually this is probably why my eyesight went - I used to paint fantasy miniatures. Strangely enough most of my collection were horses. Loved the barding.


(Squid emoticon nicked from someone over at Snarry Games.)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

(What? Another post? But it's been less than a week!)

[blink] I haz downloaded a computer version of Pass the Pigs to my 'phone. I've even played it a couple of times. Not sure what's come over me...
Here it comes again!
O-oh, I've been released -
*cough* Moving right along...

End of term. Huzzah! 'bout bloody time. This one's been a trial.
I got 92% on a particularly nasty test, though, so that was good.
Plus on the way home tonight I stopped in at an op shop and found a plastic dish shaped like Chinese cabbage! Quite pleased about that. :)

Later, while cooking dinner, I discovered that one of the fuses had blown. How did I discover the fault? Well, the microwave wouldn't work so my first thought was that that antique had finally failed, but no, neither the toaster nor the toasted sandwich maker - all hanging off the same outlet - were working as well. Perhaps there was a problem with the power board? No, plugging the things individually into the socket didn't help either so I concluded it must've been the plug...
Then I noticed a suspicious lack of noise from the fridge.
Uh oh.
Yup, a fuse had gone, but the cubs' father fixed it, even though that meant my modem sulked for about an hour after being subjected to an outage. [sigh] But that was my fault for not unplugging it first so I'm not going to whinge too much.

My 'phonekoi is called Twinkles.

Cubs had interim reports this week. Mostly positive and encouraging, but there's a few 'needs attention's that will be addressed. Parent/teacher night tomorrow. Oh joy.

Finally got to see the ep of Dr Who where chav girl Rose returns as the harbinger of Dooooom. I asked Joules afterwards if Billie Piper had always had that overbite and lishp.
I did squee a bit to see Captain Jack will be in next week's episode. Okay, it was more than a bit of a squee...

See, this is what happens when you don't watch commercial telly. Something odd on a poster prompts you to scamper over to google to find out what the hell is going on.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

It's quiet. Too quiet. The sort of quiet that makes you think 'Lazy cow. Never bothers to update...' : )
And goodness, look, it's been almost a term since my last post.

In short:
~I haz a new phone cos my lovely pink one was dying. The new one is black [pout] but haz a nifty animated koi wallpaper.
~The cubs got a phone for their birthday - then they lost it. The phone, not their birthday. That'd just be silly!
~In study: at first I just could not get my head 'round M$ Excel but I think I know enough now to pass the exam.
~I've been doing work experience at a real library. That's been neat.
~I've started knitting a jumper, gods help me.
~Saw Hell Boy II today with the cubs and their father. My sympathies were firmly with the vampire elfie.
~Snupin Santa is coming up! I haz begun work on my sekrit prompt. Mwahahah.
Anything else?
~Ah yes. Driving without a rear-vision mirror is actually quite relaxing as you don't notice the drivers trying to monster you from behind. : ) Tra la la...