Saturday, August 31, 2002

It's not even September and already the supermarket has Xmas crackers for sale...

I cleaned my room today. It took me 2 hours and I had to have a nap afterwards. Well, half-cleaned really - only did the floor. Didn't clear my bed (there's just enough room for me to sleep, the rest is taken up with mine and the cubs clothes), or my desk (, there's nothing on the keyboard, yet, and there's still enough room on the mousepad to use the mouse). And of course, having floor space now means the cubs have loads of area to spread my toys around. *grumble*.

It's the weekend. I have mixed feelings about weekends - and school holidays - yes, I don't have to get up at sparrow's fart and chivvy the cubs to get ready for school, but I also don't get any uninterrupted time to myself which I need if I'm going to do any writing. Could be worse, the cubs could still be babies... *shudder*.

Father's day tomorrow here in the land of weird animals beginning with 'K' (koala, kangaroo, kookaburra, quoll - ok, that doesn't begin with a 'k' per se, but it's a 'k' sound) and I have to trot off to the shops to get batteries for the present I'm giving the father of my children. And speaking of presents, the cubs have written a series of cunning clues for daddy to follow when he gets home from work tomorrow morning so he can find his presents. : )

Last night Pris and Niki came round for our regular, fortnightly, friday night girly night. All too tired to do much more than watch Pris channel surf, (it's a kindness - poor thing, not having cable telly, she normally only has 5 channels to flick through : ), and then when she was bored with that we watched Titan A.E.
Was a bit disappointed with it, actually, I think I was expecting less of a Holy Rodent Empire (Disney) feel from a Don Bluth movie. It was as predictable as all get out and while some of the CGI was brilliant, overall the animation was... ok. The characterisations were 'ok' as well, I suppose. John Leguizamo, Janeane Garofalo and Nathan Lane put in good performances, but they're accomplished, experienced voice actors. Matt Damon was very flat as the male lead, and while he may be a reasoable 'actor', voice acting is a whole different skill that not everyone can make a good job of. On the plus side, the female lead was very pretty (voiced by a confident Drew Barrymore) and definitely worth watching.
If I was going to rate Titan A.E., I'd give it a 6/10.

In other news... I've started my next chapter of the AC monster, er, series. If all goes well it'll be mostly finished by the end of the weekend.
Lutra - *laughingly optimistic*

Heh, one of my cubs told his father the other day that he 'didn't want babies' when he grew up so he was going to marry one of the boys in his class. This is an improvement, I guess, on the disbelieving looks I was given by my cubs last year when I told them that boys could have boyfriends and girls could have girlfriends. :)

Hehehehehe - while I've been online Joule's has been sending me snippets of the next part of Silk & Leather series as she's writing them... *fans self* Phwooaar!! Now how can I concetrate on housework and mummy stuff with those images in my mind?!

Friday, August 30, 2002

Oh, if anybody wants any of those DBZ stickers, let me know. Except for the Bardock ones.

Hmm... I may have gone overboard on the 'pretty-shiny' today. Picked up one of the cloisonne ball things I was drooling over earlier this week (a blue based one, beautiful), and I also bought myself a little 'pisces' resin trinket box, which is dead tacky but has 2 lovely fish perched playfully atop it; and a plastic garden pin-wheel ornament thing in the shape of (guess what?) a fish.
And I had sushi for lunch... :)

*evil smirk* re: Recreation just posted at The Zone....

(if you haven't read it yet)


Thank you, Joules...I LOVE Vejiita as uke..

Thursday, August 29, 2002

mmmmmm.... caramel crunch icecream with Baileys.... mmmmmm.....

I bought a box of DBZ bubble-gum the other day, cos it had stickers.
Out of the 151 stickers I ended up with:
Bardock (yum!) - 6
Goku, pissed off - 13
Goku, ugly uberSS - 6
Goku, SS with the naff earrings - 8
Goku, determined - 4
Goku, goofily determined - 12
Bulma and baby Trunks - 3
Hercule and a puppy - 7
Pikon - 10
Mirai Trunks (yum) - 14
kid Trunks - 8
Blobby Bu - 13
Buff Bu - 10
Some female with red hair - 2
Gotenks - 2
SS Gotenks - 5
Piccolo and the brats - 7
3 big guys in Frieza's armour - 9, tall, pointy eared, M on forehead, and a yoda without ears - 8
a villain that sorta looks like Frieza so I'm assuming he's a relative - 4

*sigh* all that bubble gum and no Vejiita, no Raditz, no Jeice...


Not meaning to tease or anything but I've seen the two inked halves of the Family Portrait.
I'm dead impressed!
Being totally biased of course, I'm in love with the Mahrayne/Zorun/Kel part of the pic, (the looks the saiyans are giving each other are priceless!). Seeing the rest of the family - especially those that aren't regularly drawn - on paper has brought them all to life for me. Joules has done a brill job at defining their personalities, even the brats that don't get much of a mention.

... and Hijau still makes me wriggle. :)

Wednesday, August 28, 2002

After Joule's threat to my fish... grrr... her goodtwin has sent me another fish as a back-up in case mine mysteriously get eaten. He's in a safe place, out of harms way, in case I need him.

And Joules, if I'm not here guarding the pond, then there's a dirty great dragon guarding it instead, who's got strict orders to roast anyone who looks covetously - or hungrily - at the fish. *glares in an attempt at a threatening manner* Understand?

A dilemma...

Dragged the cubs to the local shopping centre after school cos I had to buy some food, but on the way to the supermarket I got distracted by some pretty shiny things (not unusual) - little cloisonne mock chinese lantern decorations, that were bright and colourful and round, just beautiful. I was immediately enamoured of them, but, I didn't have much money...

Should I spend what little money I had on buying food for my hungry cubs, or on the pretty shiny things?

Of course, the responsible parent won out and I bought food, but believe me, it would have been a different story if there'd been anything at all at home for me to feed to the cubs...

I got a copy of Velvet Goldmine on dvd!
Wonderful movie, some of Eyecandy McDrooly's best work. (That's Ewen McGregor in case you're wondering).
Lot's of fabulous 70's glam-era costumes and pretty boys, what more could I ask?

Salt 'n' Vinegar chips and a cup of tea do not a good breakfast make. :)

I'm teaching myself to draw in a sort of manga-ish style, it's both harder and easier than I thought it would be. Working through the on-line tutorials is fine, and fun, so is looking at the lots, *lots* of pics - both professional and amateur manga - and seeing how those basic principles are put into practise is fascinating. The fun starts when I try to apply/adapt those principles to what I want to do. It's a challenge, but I think I'm making headway. Mind you, I've only really been concentrating of faces and expressions, and only 'face on' at that, haven't attempted 3/4 or profiles yet.
I can confidently say I have no talent as an artist, but if I can draw well enough that peeps recoqnise who I've drawn, and what emotion the characters are supposed to be expressing, then I'll be content... and who knows, 2-3 years ago I didn't think I could write either... : )

BIG *hugs* to Joules for putting the pic up here for me - I'm still at the banging the rocks together stage of web design so the help is much appreciated.

.. but you can still keep your thieving paws off my fish... grrrr....

"I like bouncing, boing, boing, boing,
up & down 'til I get a pain in me groin.
When I'm really happy, when it really counts,
Turn into a rubber ball and bounce, bounce, BOUNCE!"

(The Bouncing song - Not the Nine'o'clock News)

Why so bouncy?
The father of my children had the cubs up and dressed for school before I'd even woken up. All I had to do was make their lunches and supervise the teeth-brushing. He even drove them to school this morning. Cor!

Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Right, I'm back from the Australian Bureau of Statistics website, where I've spent minutes in exhaustive research...

Australia currently has a population of somewhere between 19.75 million and 20 million - my estimates obviously date from my High School geography class : )
Anyway, comparing the stats in the 'religious affiliation' section of the 1996 census, the Jedis having 70.000+ members brings them to having a similar percentage of the population as the Salvation Army... Is there a link? Think about it... lightsabres - tambourines, cool robes - little hats. I'm onto something here, aren't I?

... this was on Joules' blog...

Lutra has a blog - sorry, pond (glomps othertwin and hands over three large ghost koi as a contribution to the pool...)

awww, thanks, Joules - and see, the fishies are happily swimming there in the pond :)

Life is good... the sun is shining, the cubs are at school, we have a washing machine that works properly (first time in 2 years) and I've just finished Silk & Leather pt2, that will be posted on The Zone, um sometime tomorrow, UK time.

oh, heh, for last years 2001 national census (here in Aus) there was an email campaign urging people to put 'Jedi' down in the 'religion' section of the form... in the end, there were 70,509 peeps who did, not bad for a country of - *pause, ransacking memory* - how many people are there in Australia? 14 milliion? more? That's terrible, I must find out immediately!
To the Bureau of Statistics! *leap into the lutramobile and away...*

Monday, August 26, 2002

The First Cute Kid Story.

My cubs (twin boys, aged 7) are in grade 1 (year/level whatever) this year, and this term they've been studying the human body. The other day Marcus made a 3D model of a brain, spinal cord and nerves out of his mashed potato... isn't that cute? : )

I'd just like to say at the outset that I hate Melony [however it's spelt] from 'Josie and the Pussycats'.
She gives blondes a bad name.
I despise her - I want to do bad things to her....

Right, having got that off my chest, welcome to my pond!
(This is all Joules' fault, I wasn't going to get a blog, but who could resist the opportunity to share ones hopes and dreams... OK, so it's more likely to be whinges and whines, and cute little anecdotes about my kids or my cat that won't mean a thing to someone who isn't a parent or a cat-person : )