Thursday, November 29, 2012

Forecast: 19-38
Attained: 19-39

Imagine, if you will, a day where the temperature reaches 39 degrees, then imagine a school hall, unairconditioned, filled with people...
And then imagine the main carpark at the school is closed - because there's building work starting - which entails parking some distance from the school then treking, in the 39 degree heat to the crowded hall...
And then imagine they'd run out of programmes so there isn't even anything to fan yourself with...*

But aside from that the evening went smoothly, and quickly, with lots of enthusiasm for award recipients and performers. One cub received the Maths award for Yr 11 while the other cub essentially received the runner-up Maths award.
And then we had icecream, and it was good.

(*Akshully, I was lucky enough to be sitting next to a lovely woman who was happy to share the air when fanning herself. Plus, we'd scored seats right next to the open doors so we benefitted from the tiny, tiny breezes that found their way in.)


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Forecast: 16-27
Attained: 15-28


D'awww, adorable!



This is the actual title of an actual book, published in England in 1742.
A cheap, sure, and ready guide to health : or, A cure for a disease call'd the doctor : instructing, how to prevent being cheated and destroyed by the exactions and unmerciful usage of ignorant and oppressive physicians and apothecaries : and to prepare at home the proper medicines for usual distempers : with the prices, to save ninteen shillings in twnety, and expend little more than a penny a dose : likewise a new account of the connection of distempers, key to all physic, and to know any disease/ set forth by the benefaction of a very worthy private gentleman, to contain more than any book of the kind, at the lowest rate, as necessary for all families, and all persons.

(The record is from the National Library of Medicine. Good gods, my love of the interwebs knows no bounds... :)




Building Safety Awareness on tumblr.
Temecula, CA—A fence crashed into a car on Monday. Witnesses said alcohol may have been a factor. The fence was cited for traveling against the flow of traffic and slapped with a “reckless endangerment” ticket. Courts are expected to demand the entire fence to stay out of traffic, be covered in reflective material, and have flashing red lights installed every five feet.



Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Forecast: 14-25
Attained: 15-23

Woke up to thunder and lightning this morning, it was fantastic!
The drive to work in the teeming rain was less fantastic, as was having to share the roads with dickheads who don't know how to drive in the rain. Sheesh.


Work has introduced a thing whereby you can buy extra time off. Normally, if you run out of accrued leave and need to take more, it becomes leave without pay which is no fun financially. Now with the bought leave, you still lose the pay for those days but the cost is spread over your salary for 12 months. Quite a sensible idea, really. Good to know there's options if needed rather than just taking time off and not getting paid.


Combat kitchenware. Oh yeah...


Monday, November 26, 2012

Forecast: 14-22
Attained: 14-21

It may have only got to 21 today but the UV was fierce.


Happy duckling. :)


Cubs are in their last week of school for the year. Short week, too, and they're being shown through the course requirements for their Yr 12 subjects. Akshully sounds like a lot of fun. :)


Sunday, November 25, 2012

Forecast: 16-22

Cute idea!
Mad Hatter Ornaments.


I would really really like to buy some books but alas, cubs' school fees need to at least have a deposit put down, added to which I was overpaid last fortnight so will probly have to give that back as well. [sigh]


Forecast: 15-34
Attained: 13-34

KittenKong, exiled from my lap for being annoying, sleeps instead on the printer...


Friday, November 23, 2012

Forecast: 12-27
Attained: 15-21

End of the cubs' exam week and their dad and I took them out for noms at the Piggy Place. So full...

Hee, and despite some issues with a couple of subjects both of the cubs are up for awards this year. No idea what for, we'll find out next week. :)


This is from Think Geek. It's called the Useless Box. I quite like it.


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Forecast: 12-21
Attained: 12-21

I feel the need for a hamsterball of solitude.
Possibly bigger than this one, though. :)

(thanks for the vid, Joules! :)


Crystal clear tape, indeed...

(Was I at a smidge of a loose end at work today? Perhaps...)


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Forecast: 19-22
Attained: 17-20

[rolling around laughing]

Lifted from Hilarious Subtitles on Chinese Bootleg of The Avengers.


Just been on a little bit of a muzic buying binge on itoons (yay, payday). I did kinda sorta make a dint in my wishlist, but then I promptly replaced the newly bought items with other tracks I'd like.

One of the songs I bought today was Lovesong, by The Cure. (Sorry, this is the only version of the clip I could find online. It has an annoying non-skippable, non-fast forwardable ad at the beginning.)

Absolutely gorgeous track but the video clip makes me titter.

They're surrounded by glistening penises!


Easily amused? Oh yes... :)


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Forecast: 13-28
Attained: 12-28

Ahahahahahahahah! [gasp] Aahahahahahahah!

Robot Chicken Avengers Parody


[solemn] It works.


Monday, November 19, 2012

Forecast: 10-23
Attained: 12-24

Girl's milk. Obviously. [snort]

(Pointed out to me by Penny. :)


I ❤ Carp?

A tablet of compressed tea I bought in Mildura. (Plus my favourite teapot.)

Beneath the pink foil was a coarse black tea that made an ok brew.


[snerking] A public service announcement from Metro Trains here in Melbourne.


Forecast: -19
Attained: 11-19

Oops, meant to do an update yesterday but got distracted.

Yay! Series 3 Wallander is showing on our ABC!
Boo! No Tom Hiddlestone...

(Still really like the series, though. :)


Friday, November 16, 2012

Forecast: 11-18
Attained: 12-18

I'd heard a little bit about Henrik Scharfe so I decided to look him up.
I only managed to get 30 seconds in to the first clip before I ran screaming. :-/

(Nope, no links. Go look for yourself.)


Professor John Murtagh is an excellent teacher and his books on General Practice are fantastic. However, I'm curious about the cover pic on this one.

Clearly this is meant to be a GP consulting with a patient and her young, not infant, daughter.
Why is there a fact-sheet about breast feeding on his monitor...?


I love pop-up books, really truly love 'em, and was intrigued and delighted to see one demonstrated at the conference I went to a few weeks ago. It was on an ipoop but I figured there'd have to be some for android devices, surely?

Found some!
I bought one today: Sandra Boynton's 'The Going to Bed Book'. I spent most of my lunchtime playing with it, making the characters move, and things spring out of drawers, and turning on the hot water tap in the bathroom and having the screen fog up. So much fun! :)

A screenshot. I'd tilted the 'phone to one side and the characters all slid down the deck. Hee.


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Forecast: 11-19
Attained: 11-19

I logged on to the computer at work today and was briefly stymied by the fact that none of my folders, shortcuts etc were loading. I was mildly aggrieved - if there was a problem I'd have to contact IT and get them to reload stuff blah blah. And then it dawned on me that I'd logged in with the library's generic username, not my own. [sigh] Blame it on the rubbish sleep I had last night. Still, it meant I didn't have to negotiate with IT...


A dilemma. The Astor is showing Branagh's Hamlet this weekend. It's been a long time since I've seen it and I'd really like to go but it's a few days before payday and I'm basically skint. It is however showing again in a couple of months, and the cubs have indicated they'd like to go then, so I could wait.
Eh will see. If the need is burning I'll wrangle something.


Via soulsis on fb:



Wow, cubs have only got a couple of weeks before the end of the school year. Better get a move on and sort out their fees/booklists then, hadn't we?


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Forecast: 9-22
Attained: 11-19

We had a total solar eclipse this morning! Akshully, it was visible as a total eclipse at the pointy end (North) of the continent, but down here in Melbourne we were only able to see a partial. But I did get a glimpse!

The action was happening as I was driving to work but after I'd parked, a kind gentleman, weilding a double-thickness (black) x-ray film, was letting people have a few seconds look-see. :) So cool!

This is what I saw:

(Artist's impression. Mine. I am not an artist.)

The bite out of the sun was a bit fuller than that, but you get the idea.


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Forecast: 11-19
Attained: 12-20

My tastebuds are still a bit weird after the ear surgery so when I received a bunch of 'herbs' in the weekly veggie delivery I couldn't tell just by nibbling a leaf if it was parsley or coriander.

I was almost certain it was parsley, but when I used it in dumplings I was very pleased to discover it was akshully coriander.
Coriander is best pony herb.


Not overly keen on the song but the clip is awesome sauce! Intriguing narrative.

Thanks, Ms Raven, for the heads up. :)
(Hm, actually, the song's growing on me...)


Monday, November 12, 2012

Forecast: 19-25
Attained: 20-26

Yes, so last week I got a box from Joules. This week I got 'round to recording m' booty. (Aaarr, etc.)


Look! Look! My supply of life giving pink-stuff has been replenished!
Also note the plastic UK flags. They are for waving - along with wearing the UK 'fun party glasses' (see below) - when watching the recordings of the London 2012 Opening & Closing Ceremonies (thanks, GoodTwin!)


The piggie (in the middle) grunts!
Mmmmm sachets of flavoured hot chocolates...
The red sack contains a present which I've been asked to leave opening until Xmas. I did shake it a bit but other than that I've been very good in leaving it alone.
Also, note the aforementioned 'fun party glasses'. There's also a gorgeous shiny star, a gorgeous bag charm - shiny & blue - and a snowman candle holder that will be shiny when the candle is lit. :)


Rainbow shiny xmas crackers - what more do I need? :)

Thanks, Joules!


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Forecast: 8-27
Attained: 8-27

Adorable cat adorably enjoying the sunshine. (She's batting at a weed... :)

First apple on the tree.


Mentioned to BadgerCub today that I was writing a Hawkeye/Black Widow ficlet.
His response? Good grief, a straight pairing?
Cheeky bugger. :)



Sad dinosaur funny cross stitch.


Saturday, November 10, 2012

Forecast: 10-20
Attained: 10-19

"Have some fruit. Sorry, that's the extent of my mothering today..."

I said this to the cubs this afternoon, after a nap when I was still very fuzzy.
The cubs found this hysterically funny. :)


Existential cat comments on Halloween. Is funny.


Forecast: 12-18
Attained: 13-18

Annual Performance Review aggravation at work is finally sorted. The boss had some quite nice things to say about me, too. :)


Hee, I've downloaded an epub app for my 'phone, primarily so I can d/l and read fanfic. The only drawback is that I have to d/l it directly to my 'phone from the 'net.


Thursday, November 08, 2012

Forecast: 13-21
Attained: 13-23

Wow, tomorrow's friday. Already. I remember now why I like 3 day weeks...


I can't pretend to know what's going on here but visually, this clip is stunning.

It's one of the nominees for this years Music Video J Award.


Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Forecast: 14-22
Attained: 15-19

This is a song currently on the Triple J Unearthed playlists. Love it to bits! At first I thought it was a love song but then piping it directly in to my ears on the train to Mildura I got a chance to really hear the lyrics, and realised it was about alien abduction. :)
And there's a kooky video clip, as well. So much fun.


Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Forecast: 21-26
Attained: 20-22

I was going to cook myself something for dinner but I'm so full of trifle I really couldn't be arsed...


Melbourne Cup Holiday!
I have no idea who won the race. The cubs and I largely ignored that aspect of the public holiday and just enjoyed a day at home. And then we went to see a movie.

I don't like monster/horror movies, and I'm no fan of the macabre but I know enough to pick up on the in-jokes and cliches here. :) Fun movie, a bit ew in a couple of places. The animation was great, though, and I was impressed with the continuity of the sets and props. There was a definite 70's vibe to the thing, right down to the furnishings and homewares.


Forecast; 20-27
Attained: 23-26

I remain ambivalent about xmas but I do quite like the shinies.


Spotted in the supermarket this evening.
Who the heck is the gay cowboy chicken thing s'posed to appeal to?


Sunday, November 04, 2012

Forecast: 13-28
Attained: 12-29

Had a fun day, yesterday. Cubs and I went to see Soulsis et al. We spent the afternoon grazing on crackers and dips and cheese and fruit, and then we had mashed spuds and various meaty comestibles for dinner. :)
Was also introduced to A Monster in Paris. Cute movie. There's a full version on Youtube.


I settled down to watch The Avengers this afternoon but ended up sleeping through most of it. I guess I needed sleep more than I needed to fangirl. :)
Is ok, I'm watching it again now. (FrostEye!squee!)


One of my rediscovered 80's favs. As one of the comments says, cocaine is a hell of a drug...


Friday, November 02, 2012

Forecast: 11-17
Attained: 11-16

It's official! After the surgery my bad ear is 'almost normal'. Confirmed by a hearing test today, and seconded by the surgeon. [happy dance]


I don't normally work mondays and next tuesday is a public holiday. Four day weekend! [happy dance]


I'm tired of not having an oven, so I bought one of these.

Works quite well and it doesn't take up any more room than a toaster oven. I can do roasty things again! [there would be happy dancing but I'm too full of chicken wings]


This is very funny, on two levels.
At first I was just snorfling at the Engrish (transcript follows, cos I couldn't work out how to embed the url - which you used to be able to do with cheezburger stuff - and couldn't find a bigger version of the pic):

"Captain America in frozen a few years later, wake up. The world is not what he used to familiar appearance, various types of evil opponent to emerge in an endless stream, the whole society turbulent, sheet relies on a person's power is unable to save the world. So the United States of America captain, iron man, Thor, the hulk and other super heroes together, consisting of the history of the most "powerful Avengers" team, the common good and evil, fighting for peace. Stocks come unexpectedly powerful evil forces on earth caused a deadly threat, no a s uper hero alone can resist. Long term commitment to protecting global saftey shield board (SHIELD) was the commander be taken by surprise, "the one-eyed man" Nick fairui realizes he must....."
(Mistakes are not my own. I'm just typing what I see. :)

So, yes, that was funny enough, then I noticed Hill's face - she's standing behind the 'one-eyed man' - and how she appears to be scowling at the text. That sent me off in to a fresh round of hysterical snorfling!


Is it time for more chicken wings? Oh, I think so...


Thursday, November 01, 2012

Forecast: 13-17
Attained: 13-15

Got a parcel today! From Joules! [bounce] Full of all manner of goodness, including copies of both the opening and closing ceremonies from the London Olympics, courtesy of GoodTwin! [bouncebounce] I've watched part-way through the first disc, and yes, Joules, you're right, it's completely bonkers, but wow!

There'll be photos of the rest of the loot when I'm organised, hee.


I didn't get online yesterday cos I was having an "I must retreat to my hamster-ball of solitude" [hand to forehead] kind of moment. So, I took myself off to my bedroom with a couple of dvds - yay, laptop! (Bonus, I could recharge my 'phone while watching something.)
And then I went to bed early and consequently I feel much more betterer, and sociable, today.


A novel pre-flight safety briefing from Air NewZealand (I'm saying that in an atrocious NZ accent. The cat doesn't seem to care, however.)