Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Forecast: 9-20°
Attained: 8-19°

Not much to say, really...


Monday, April 29, 2013

Forecast: 11-19°
Attained: 11-18°

Cubs and I went with their dad to see Iron Man 3 tonight. It was pretty good :)
I'm disappointed though that the Thor 2 trailer wasn't shown. [pout]


Sunday, April 28, 2013

Forecast: 16-20°
Attained: 16-19°

Weird day. Went off for a 40 minute nap and woke up four hours later. I probably shouldn't have done that...


Did I get anything crossed of my List this weekend? No, but I did some other things that weren't listed on it to start with so that's good.


Forecast: 15-24°
Attained: 15-24°

I went off for a nap this afternoon, slept longer than intended and woke up to an empty house.
Cubs had gone to their dad's for the night. I only know this because I txt'd to ask.

Mind you house-to-myself = chips! Mmmmm...


Earlier today:

Me: [poking about in a cub's room, making him change his sheets, get rid of some rubbish etc.]
Cub: Isn't there something in your room you could be tidying.
Me: Yep, but your room is irritating me more at the moment...

I mined the laundry basket today, dragging out and washing the stuff that's been lurking in there for months. Will be repurposing some of it - doona to quillow! - and donating some of it to the op shop.

This isn't a spring cleaning urge - it's autumn, anyway - but more of a oh-finally-it's-not-too-hot-too-move-dammit-I-need-to-sort-shit-out urge. :)


Saturday, April 27, 2013

Forecast: 14-22°
Attained: 16-23°

Sooo... it's the weekend again. Let's see if I can cross anything of my to-do list this time...


I'd heard about this...

I'll watch it all at some point. :)


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Forecast: 11-21°
Attained: 11-21°

For this public holiday I had planned on going to see Iron Man 3 but by the time I felt even vaguely inclined to leave the house it was 6.30pm so, no. I did however get 3 loads of washing done, rifled through the pantry and got rid of a few more bits and bobs, and finished reading The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest (spoilery link).

Everything else I'd planned to do today can wait for the weekend. :)


Forecast: 11-20°
Attained: 14-20°

Woohoo, ANZAC day public holiday tomorrow! I get two fridays this week :)


These biscuits are adorable. I wouldn't want to eat them.

(nicked from somewhere on tumblr.)


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Forecast: 12-18°
Attained: 12-19°

So, we've finally got an actual trailer for Thor: the Dark World.

On tumblr, the Thor fandom is spazzing out as are Loki's Army/Hiddlestoners. (TBH, I've watched the trailer about a dozen times already, but mostly only from 1:24 on. There was squeeing. BRB. Watching it again... :)


Monday, April 22, 2013

Forecast: 12-19°
Attained: 12-17°

Was my normal day-off today. I reviewed the list of things I could be doing at home and decided to screw that and use my complimentary movie ticket instead.

Jurassic Park 3D!

It's been years since I've seen this, long enough to have forgotten some of it. I jumped and squeaked a few times... :)
The 3D treatment worked well, mostly; there were a few bits where the foreground was blurred enough to be distracting.


Sunday, April 21, 2013

Forecast: 7-20°
Attained: 7-20°

Busy day. Started early with a trip to the shops to get supplies for Ms Raven's party this afternoon, then a quick dash up to the train station to pick up the cubs' father who's just come back from overseas. He came back to our place for a little while, catching up with the cubs while I made a pile of fairy bread.
We gave him a lift home then drove out to Studley Park Boathouse and Picnic Area for the party.

Well. That was an adventure.
It would've been fine if I hadn't misread the sodding street directory, taken a wrong turn and ended up three suburbs away. Then had to find my way back to where it all went wrong, in Sunday traffic, in a part of Melbourne that doesn't seem to hold much store in clearly labelling streets. Most of the delay was trying to find out where the frack we were then try to correlate it back to the directory. Grrr...
My poor cubs. They put up with a lot from me. There was swearing, and almost tears, and - frankly - histrionics as I became more and more pissed off.
Anyway, after a few more minor false turns we finally got back to where I'd originally decided that hang on, shouldn't we be going that way? The absolute pisser of the thing was that three streets down from where we should've gone was the turn-off we should've taken. I was incredulous, and there was more swearing cos now I was sure the gods were laughing at me. Humph.

After that it was relatively easy, except for arriving an hour late, and there being no convenient parking. I dropped the cubs off with the picnic stuff then went off to find parking on the main road. Ended up being ten minutes walk away, which doesn't sound like much but I was in a foul mood and begrudged every extra step...

But! The day was good! Lots of food, all the fairy bread was eaten, and there was walks and bridges and a river and games and shennanigans. Five of our assorted youngsters, including a cub and the birthday girl, hired a row boat -

- to go messing about on the river.

Hee, and in honour of the Wind in the Willows theme, here's soulsis in rabbit ears. (She doesn't know I took this picture.)

It was a lovely day, in a lovely spot. We made it home without incident - almost: a small wrong-turn but nowhere near as bad as previously - then a quiet evening at home, without dinner cos we were all so full of party food. :)


Forecast: 9-19°
Attained: 10-18°

Ridiculously, it wasn't that cold this morning but I was freezing. Had to go back to bed to warm up, and then was fine for the rest of the day. Just as the first few days of summer weather knock me about a little, so do the first cool days.


Cubs and I are going to Ms Raven's (my 20 y.o. neice) birthday party tomorrow. It's Wind in the Willows themed and is being held down by a river.
I have had plenty of time to come up with a costume, or at least ears of some description, but no, just wasn't quite that organised...


Saturday, April 20, 2013

Forecast: 10-18°
Attained: 10-17°

I was microwaving some veggies for tonights dinner when I smelt burnt plastic...

Annoyed. This was my favourite microwave container. Not quite sure how that happened.


It's chilly inside this evening. Though KittenKong is quite content.


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Forecast: 10-17°
Attained: 11-18°

I had to have some blood drawn today, to check if my vitD/vitK/haemoglobin levels are as laughably low as they were last year.
Was in and out of the place within five minutes, and had a really good phlebotomist, one of them as takes blood. She was gentle. We chatted, and she commiserated with me about I.V.s [shudder].

And then I nipped across the road to an op shop. It was one of the ones that tend to be expensive - they're doing this for charity, you hear me, charity! - so I wasn't expecting much.
But! I found this pressed-glass platter for $1! In very good nick! I've been collecting this pattern for close to thirty years now, and I don't have a piece like this. :)

In the background you can see cat haunches, for scale.

Close up of the pattern. I call it 'Cathedral Window'. No idea what it's actually called.


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Forecast: 9-20°
Attained: 12-19°

I've just spent three days at the main campus - instead of my usual dotted about all over the place - and it was rilly, rilly haaaaaard. Three days in a row of grrr-making parking, and three days in a row of having to wear corporate appropriate clothes. I don't have that many! That's one of the reasons I like going out to the other campuses: I can relax a bit about what I'm wearing...
In some ways, having a uniform for work is a great idea.

On the plus side, three days in the one place gave me a really good grip on the continuity of tasks and I got heaps done.

Day off tomorrow, then back on Friday - the main campus, again - then back to my regularly scheduled three day weekends. Phew...


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Forecast: 10-19°
Attained: 12-20°

[snicker] I gave the cubs a fright last night.
I'd gone to bed early but had to get up a little while later to use the loo. The floors here are really creaky, which means you can always tell when someone's moving about. The cubs were both in the back bedroom near the toilet and of course they weren't expecting to hear anything...
Two anxious little faces peering around the door. One of the cubs was holding his walking cane. :)
I didn't laugh. Really I didn't.


There's a reason otters aren't kept as pets...


Monday, April 15, 2013

Forecast: 13-19°
Attained: 14-16°

Tom Hiddleston won 'Best Villain' at the MTV awards and tumblr exploded. :)

I think he was the only one at the awards wearing a suit...


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Forecast (yesterday): 18-24°
Attained: 20-24°

Forecast (today): 15-21°
Attained: 16-22°

I usually have a 3 day weekend, but due to rostering it's only 2 days this time. I feel rushed and discombobulated.
I have at least already made my lunch and got my bag organised. That should help...


Cubs go back to school tomorrow. I overheard them this evening freaking out a bit cos they haven't finished their holiday homework. Ooops. I sometimes feel guilty for not pushing them harder about schoolwork/organising their time but honestly I'm no great shakes at it myself, and this is stuff they have to learn to deal with themselves.


Saturday, April 13, 2013

Forecast: 13-25°
Attained: 12-24°

Hey wow, this time last year I was in Queensland fondling appreciating Big Things. (Pics by me :)

(Big Banana, Coffs Harbour.)

(Giant Prawn, Ballina.)

(Big Pineapple, Woombye.)

Good times, good times...


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Forecast: 13-21°
Attained: 15-17°

The last hot (over 30°) day was almost two weeks ago. Since then the daytime temps have mostly been between 22-25° and the seven-day forecast is predicting much the same.
I think... I can probably finally relax...


I really enjoy being out at the remotest campus but the public parking is inconsistent.
For the first little while it was almost a given that the exit boom gate would be up at hometime and I could drive away, cackling, not having had to pay for parking. Then a few months ago, without warning, they 'fixed' the system and I mostly had to pay for parking. That was a fair cop, I thought, I'd been enjoying free parking for a while.

This evening the ticket thingy wouldn't accept notes. This was very annoying as I wasn't sure I had the same amount in coins. Scraped around and finally came up with the dosh only to find that it had taken so long to get the coins together the price had clicked up! I had absolutely no more coins; it looked like I was going to have to beg 50c from someone. grrrrr...
But now the machine wasn't accepting coins either and there were four of us locked in the carpark. One of the other staff members there rang security and explained what was happening. The boom gate was lifted remotely and we all just scarpered back to our cars and left as quickly as possible!

Bit aggravating but I ended up not having to pay for parking so that was a win. :)


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Forecast (yesterday): 15-24°
Attained: 14-23°

Forecast (today): 12-26°
Attained: 12-24°

So rat-shit tired yesterday that I basically came home from work, had dinner, then went to bed. Was asleep by 9.30 and slept all the way through to the alarm. Must've reeeeallly needed it.

Coped better today though it felt at times like I was running a low-grade fever. Nothing that needed meds, just feeling a bit off. Not wanting to leap to conclusions but I did have a lot more sugar than usual over the previous week. Could there be a connection? Just possibly.




Monday, April 08, 2013

Forecast: 15-23°
Attained: 17-23°

[pout] I went clothes shopping today. I loathe clothes shopping. I only do it when it's absolutely necessary, like when my (limited amount of) work-suitable clothes are really getting too close to catastrophic failure. [grump] I found one t-shirt top I may be able to get away with on the remote campuses.
Then I met up with Penny for coffee and the soul-anaesthetic of a vanilla slice. We found out one of the other cheap shops (Best 'n' Less) was having a closing down sale so we decided to go and pick over the corpse. Was too demoralised to look for stuff for myself but the cubs got a good swag of new tops and socks.


Sunday, April 07, 2013

Forecast: 16-27°
Attained: 16-26°

Heh, a pretty cruisey weekend. Didn't do a lot of anything, except perhaps nap.
Currently waiting for the cubs to let me know when they're coming back from Sydney. (They've had a great weekend, apparently.)



Can't remember if I've posted this before, but hey...


Forecast (yesterday): 10-24°
Attained: 10-25°

Forecast: 12-26°
Attained: 13-28°

Odd couple of days.
Cos the cubs had to be at the airport stupid early Saturday morning, we all made the attempt to get to bed early Friday night. I was more successful, managing 4 hours sleep compared to the cubs' one hour. :) Fortunately their dad was able to drive us all there and back - he's much better at night driving than I am, for a start, plus he's generally nocturnal anyway so being up at 3am is just a regular day for him.

We got the cubs to their flight in plenty of time and I finally got home about 7am. I stayed awake for the next few hours cos I wanted to catch any texts the cubs sent - all good: flight was fine, they got to the con in time, met up with friends etc - but I eventually had to crash around lunchtime. (Hee, I got a text from them around 8pm this evening saying g'night, they were going to bed now! It'd been a very long day for them...)

I'll be picking the cubs up from the airport late tomorrow (Sunday) night, and then I'm guessing they'll probly sleep away a fair chunk of Monday. Good thing they're still on holidays.


Jurassic Park has been rereleased in 3D!
The first time I saw this movie I cried cos the dinosaurs weren't real. I was almost 30 y.o. :)


Thursday, April 04, 2013

Forecast (yesterday): 12-19°
Attained: 14-17°

Forecast: 11-22°
Attained: 11-20°

The cubs have got their 'plane/hotel/convention tickets organised for this weekend! Exciting!
They'll be catching a stupid-early flight to Sydney, staying just the one night then flying back to Melbourne after the con. Guess which noble, self-sacrificing mother will be driving them out to and picking them up from the airport? :)


Remember this?

New Wave was so silly. (I can mock. I was there. :)


Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Forecast: 15-19°
Attained: 16-19°

I worked today, on my own, but it was so very, very quiet I mostly bobbed along in my own little bubble. Didn't have to interact much with anything/anyone outside my head. :)
All the work got done and the day zipped along quite nicely all by itself.
And now I have a further 4 days off. Mwahahaha...


Kittenkong, helping me with the washing up.


Monday, April 01, 2013

Forecast: 12-22°
Attained: 10-20°

Met up with a pair of old friends today. Haven't seen them for years and we spent the first twenty minutes trying to pinpoint when exactly was the the last time we saw each other. :)
I'm still not entirely sure, to be honest!
Was great seeing them, though, and I had a delicious iced mocha from the Lindt cafe. Bought some choc to take away, then came home, ate it, and unsurprisingly fell in to a chocolate coma. :)


Not sure if you can see what's happening here but a black house spider and a daddy longlegs (indicated by the yellow arrow) are squaring off over a wasp that's been caught in their overlapping webs.

I think the ddl won...

And that's why I'm quite happy to let them stay in the house!


Forecast (yesterday): 13-23°
Attained: 13-22°

Forecast: 15-20°
Attained: 14-19°

Oops, forgot to do a post yesterday...


Heh, happy man-on-a-stick day, I guess.
Tommorow is discount chocolate day.
Woot. :)