Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Forecast: 9-20°
Attained: 12-19°

I've just spent three days at the main campus - instead of my usual dotted about all over the place - and it was rilly, rilly haaaaaard. Three days in a row of grrr-making parking, and three days in a row of having to wear corporate appropriate clothes. I don't have that many! That's one of the reasons I like going out to the other campuses: I can relax a bit about what I'm wearing...
In some ways, having a uniform for work is a great idea.

On the plus side, three days in the one place gave me a really good grip on the continuity of tasks and I got heaps done.

Day off tomorrow, then back on Friday - the main campus, again - then back to my regularly scheduled three day weekends. Phew...


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