Monday, March 26, 2007

On ICQ, leading directly on from a conversation about slimy dead frogs was this:

Lutra: <happy sigh> *finally* got a copy of Kate Bush's Suspended in Gaffa...

Joules:..... <blink> um - right.
whatever turns you on

(Is Gaffa some sort of bondage tape?)

loved the song since I was 12, or something...
it's the grey stuff they use to tape down wires

I thought that was geffer tape.
gaffer I mean

yes, that

so what the hell is Gaffa?
(Never heard the song, in case you hadn't gathered)

<g> I'll send you a copy if you like
gaffa/gaffer same thing

so it IS a song about bondage!
I think I have to hear it now

it's not! well, not in any obvious way...
[link to lyrics]


I can tell you don't believe me

<blink> and there's an advert for polythene bags on the page and you're STILL trying to tell me it's not about bondage?

this is the ad
Polythene Bags
Millions of bags in stock Call Nick Boyes 01277 626100

link's not working

I'll have one of whatever she was on when she wrote it.
I have a suspicion it's a mishearing of 'Eyeless in Gaza', personally


link doesn't matter - fact is the ad's still there!
Eyeless in Gaza

which is?
(<shakes head> I'm trying not to think too hard about polythene bags and their use in bondage)

incidentally, I also have a copy now of Venus in Furs

love a copy when you've a spare minute or five

neato. I'll add it to the list
ooh, interesting book

never read it myself. been on the list for years

nevertheless, the song is called Suspended in Gaffa, and I've always had the impression it's about being held in pl-

<poke snicker poke>

<giggling slap> oh piss off : ) this is why I was never any good in debates


[Incidentally, in the course of transcribing that text, I inadvertantly discovered how to make text blink...]

Friday, March 23, 2007

Tch, Summer's dragging its heels this year. 37 today, 34 yesterday. <grumble> Problem's been that we've already started acclimatising to the recent spate of lower temps so when it gets hot again... Erk. Eh well, we've got a week of mid-twenties or lower to look forward to from tomorrow. I really hope this is the last of the stupidhot, not least because poor Badger's been getting blood noses...

So, it's only 119 days 'til the final Harry Potter book is released. I don't envy JKR - no matter what she's written she's going to cop flak from somewhere. I wonder if she's been keeping an eye on the fansites? I wonder if she's ever felt like she had to change the ending cos we're too damn close to what she had planned? <g>
I've reserved my copy and while I have to admit I'm interested to see how she's going to wrap up the series I'm not wildly hopeful of the results - unless she's a better writer, story teller, than I've given her credit for. (Gah. Grammar. Blame the heat...) I have my speculations, naturally. I think Snape's going to die, regardless of whether he's 'redeemed' or not. There'll be another consequential death, as well, one that'll push oor Harry in the direction he needs to go to do the thing he's got to do. Sirius' and Dumbledore's deaths (oh please, don't squeak about spoilers now. It's been almost two years since HBP was released...) were traumatic for our hero but those charas could be considered parental. It'll be the death of one of his friends that'll kick him into UberRighteousAnger.
Other ideas? The Hogwart's inter-house rivalry will be healed when they all join together at the end and Harry and Draco will have hot smex. (Ok, perhaps not that. Especially as JKR is apparently precious about her charas being slashed. Mwahahah : )
And it's only 111 days 'til the next HP movie's released. <g> Not sure which event I'm anticipating more, to be honest...

Heh, it's almost the end of term. Already. Only a couple of weeks to go.
And then I'm off to Queensland for several day! Woohoo! (I'm deliberately ignoring the niggling wee things about this holiday that've gone awry so far...)

Sunday, March 18, 2007

<beaming> Yesterday, Niki and Soulsis hosted a fondue party for my birthday! Sooo much food! We started with a steam boat (was that what it's called, Niki?), more Chinese than Swiss, meat and vegies cooked in a ginger/garlic/lemongrass broth. Meat. Mmmm... Marinated pork, chicken and steak, and some rolled plain steak which - in my case - even made it into the soup before being scarfed.
Later, much later, we had a more traditional chocolate fondue. What can I say? The phrase 'chocolate bliss-out' just isn't adequate. We dipped fresh fruit, cake, lollies and <drooool> glacé cherries. Going to do that again, real soon, and I can cos I've now got a fondue set of my very own! Bright red! : )
I had a great time, thank you! And 12 hours later, I still don't feel hungry. <g>

Hehehehe. My poor cubs with their delicate sensibilities. "Don't look at the screen," I said, "I'm writing sex..." Never seen him move so fast. <snerk>
Yes, sex. I've just finished a short piece for the latest Pervy Werewolf Fanciers challenge. Did research and everything. I now know more about men's bottoms than I ever really wanted. :)

For my birthday I treated myself to a copy of Cleolinda Jones' Movies in fifteen minutes. Gods above it's so funny - though like a lot of parodies and spoofs I can't read more than one item at a time cos the humour dulls with close repetition.
But! Just thinking about her version of Attack of the Clones, or the LoTR trilogy, or Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Sorcerer's Philosopher's Stone makes me fall over laughing. I don't know that serious movie buffs would like this book - it takes the piss too well - but I love it .

And now some words of wisdom from 20 Sided: the DM of the Rings - a comic based on LotR as likely to be played by modern Dungeons and Dragons hack-slashers. Hee. The comic itself is very funny, but some of the DM's comments (at the bottom) are priceless. I've played with gamers like these, heck, to my shame I've been gamers like these. Though in my defence, I got better...

That which does not kill you was simply not permitted to do so for the purposes of the plot.

The DM will do a lot of talking, but if he’s not rolling the dice then what he’s saying is probably not important.

No matter how difficult or absurd you make a puzzle, your players will find an even more impossible and preposterous way of solving it.

Never provide a dungeon without treasure. The longer they search and find nothing, the more your players will be convinced that the treasure is bountiful and exceptionally well-hidden. If left unchecked, they will eventually dismantle and excavate the entire site in their search for loot.

No matter how epic the battle, once begun, the thing sounds more or less like a bingo game: People shout out numbers and other people get excited about them.

Players may blunder through dialog with shocking ineptitude, forget the name of the country they are in, or get confused about which side they are on, but once it comes time to roll for initiative they all turn into Sun Tzu.

... and finally:
Ask any fighter: A hammer is just a really heavy set of lockpicks.
Oh, so true. <smirk>

Sunday, March 04, 2007

<eyes full of sparklies> I'm being well and truly being distracted by the Kylie Showgirl Princess program on the ABC at the moment. I'm envisioning a range of teddy bears modelling the gorgeous costumes... oooh, that could keep me amused for hours.

(Ok, I've grudgingly switched over to the new Blogger system. How the hell do you keep the font from reverting to the default while you're doing an update?)

(Oh hang on, it appears to be staying...)
(Nope, have to reset it everytime I come back from previewing the post. <grump>)

It's been such a long time since I've bothered with a post that there's now, naturally, far too much to say, so a quick summation, perhaps?
I'm on to chapter 4 of the new novel. Though it's taken a looong time to get there. Procrastinations'r'us... <g>
Um, spending a lot of time at the school library this term, (and probly for the rest of the year). The school's been given a grant for rebuilding the library catalogue. Mwahahaha! Lots and lots of books. And I've got library monitors! Four of them, including the cubs. :)

I've managed to shoehorn some more furniture into my house. I think I mentioned that some time ago... Anyway, it's here now (thank you, Soulsis, Niki, Leonie!) and it's meant the taming [sort of] of the chaos corner in the kitchen. Going to be even betterer when I get the bookcases into my bedroom. Hee.

<snerk> Cubs' father brought me this soap back from the Phillipines...
Placenta Soap

It's been a mostly hot and humid month. Very unpleasant, though, fingers crossed, we seem to be heading towards Autumnal temperatures now. There'll be at least one more flare of hot weather - over my birthday weekend, as always - but then we should be in the clear. Having said that:
Imagine a sultry night, and a woman lying naked atop the bedclothes. And now imagine her reaction when - having recently had an altercation with a huntsman spider - she feels the lightest, ticklingest touch on her hip...
Yep, shat myself. Startled the cat, too, cos of course it was KittenKong's wee paw grazing my skin as she went to climb over me to get to the window. Tch.

Velvet Goldmine is still my favourite movie... Le sigh... :)