Monday, May 06, 2013

Forecast Thursday 2/5: 8-18°
Attained: 7-18°

Forecast Friday 3/5: 10-20°
Attained: 11-19°

Forecast Saturday 4/5: ?-15°
Attained: 11-17°

Forecast Sunday 5/5: 9-16°
Attained: 11-15°

Oops, been a few days since posting. Let's see if I can remember what's been happening?

Thursday: I took the cubs to see The Hobbit at the Astor. Their first time seeing the movie and they loved it. :) I reacquainted myself with the fabulosity of Gandalf's scarf.

Friday: Um. I worked, then had the house to myself overnight cos the cubs were at their dad's. I cooked roast chicken.

Saturday: I went to see Spartacus at the Astor. The management made an announcement before the show, apologising profusely for the poor quality of the print. It was a digital transfer from the film, but not a good one. The word 'travesty' was used and the announcer hoped we'd be able to get past the quality of the print and try and enjoy the movie anyway. (They're true Film Buffs there :)
Yes, the quality wasn't good - it was like watching a VHS tape projected on to a big screen - and it wasn't a patch on the 80's restoration, but it wasn't unwatchable. Plus there was no scratching or jumping of the film, which will turn me off straight away. Besides it's such a good movie I could overlook the minor fuzzing.
Spartacus is in my top 5 movies of all time. My reasons for loving it have changed around over the 35+ years I've been watching it - the epicness, the gladiatoryness, the campness, the homoeroticism, the zomg-Kubrik-is-a-geniusness - but this time 'round I fell in love with it again for the performances by Peter Ustinov and Laurence Olivier. Amazing, funny and subtle compared to most of the rest of the cast... :)

Sunday (today): Not a lot happened, admittedly. I've been picking away at the epilogue of some fanfic I'm writing, and cooking, and reading. Eh, could've been worse.



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