Monday, June 12, 2006

Heh, just about finished the follow-up to Lord Rakehell - and because it's lemony, naturally I dithered overlong on it. Tch, there's not even that much smut but still it took more time than it perhaps should've. Eh, well, it's more or less done. Perhaps I should start giving myself mini-challenges? See how much smut I can write in an hour? :)

Joules has finished beta'ing SFSG (the first beta, at least) so I have no excuses now. <g> Not a problem, really, only six chapters to go! With luck (read: determination) I can hopefully get the rewrite finished before the school holidays. That'd be neat.

Watched Coffee and Cigarettes yesterday. It's a series of vignettes about people smoking, drinking coffee and talking. It was odd, and though amusing in places I kept waiting for some deeper meaning to emerge. It was a little disorienting as well - were the actors (in some segments) playing themselves? Or playing characters that had their names and the same professions? Is Tom Waits really that prickly?
There was a lot of awkwardness in the segments too, lots of uncomfortable silences, the sort of silences you have when you're trying to make hesitant conversation with someone you don't really know.
Stylistically there were some wonderful images - some of those faces are fascinating in black and white - and it was fun looking out for and comparing the linking similarities in each segment, but ultimately this movie was a little duller than I'd expected. Though having said that I'll probly still be picking it over in my mind for a little while.

Perspective's a funny thing, innit? Joules and I were comparing temperatures the other day. At 25 degrees she was sweltering while I consider that quite comfortable. At 10 degrees I was shivering but that's apparently balmy in the UK. <g>
I also realised - after seeing a pic of the moon that Joules had taken - that we must be seeing the moon from a different angle down here in the Southern Hemisphere. Back to front (and upside down?) to be precise. No wonder I've never been able to see 'the man in the moon'! I can however easily pick the Japanese 'moon-rabbit'. <g>

This last week of term is mercifully short. Today (Monday) is the Queen's Birthday holiday, and school finishes on Thursday rather than Friday so we can begin the move over to the new building. It should be ready to move into by then. It better be, considering we were sposed to have been able to move at the end of last term.

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