Sunday, December 02, 2012

Forecast: 19-26
Attained: 18-27

Cubs and I took their cousins to see Skyfall today, for their birthday.

Wow! I like the Bond movies, especially when they go beyond the 'action ride' to something deeper, as this one has. Plus, it has the best opening credits of any Bond film. Ever. Everything in it is relevant.

Also, the bad guy is really, really scary, yet sympathetic. Completely messed with my head. :)


There was stuff happening near/at the cinema, too!

Yes, the tree has been wrapped in knit/crochet. It's a thing, apparently. Yarn bombing.

Soulsis was saying the 'artists' had just bought old stuff from the second hand shops but, no, I'm pretty sure at least some of it's been custom made.

And here's a good way to brighten up those dull dull dull chain link fences! Note the red-back spider in the bottom left corner...

Ah, you've gotta love independent cinemas in the outer suburbs... I do! :)



Joules *Dances with Haddock* Taylor said...

We get trees with scarves too - very odd.

Lutra said...

[solemn nod] Yes, it's a thing. Something to do with reclaiming the urban environment. Or something.