Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Is knowing what otaku means a sign that you are one? : )

The school had another fund-raising event last night, a performance of A.R. Gurney's 'Love Letters' starring Campbell McComas (local celebrity) and Jane Badler (remember her in 'V'?). Should've raised a tidy sum - all of the $25 ticket price was going to the school and there was easily 300 people attending. As for the play itself? Um… it's the sort of thing which will appeal to a wide spectrum of people - trite, in short. Perhaps I'm being unkind. It wasn't confronting, or challenging, the most controversy it would generate is that 'fuck' is used a couple of times. Essentially it's a conversation between two people, through the letters they write to each other, over about 50 years. In that respect it was interesting, watching them grow up, seeing the directions their lives go in, the decisions they make relative to the era of history, but - I don't know - there just seemed to be something missing. Despite the traumas hinted at in some of the letters it still seemed… facile. Is it an indication of overweening ego to think you can do a better job of something someone's written? <g>

Okay, I've removed most of the paper pieces in the quilt sections and last night I laid the bits out on the floor together. <blinks> It's enormous! And I haven't even done the edging bits yet. Fair enough I slavishly followed the pattern (which was for a queen-sized bed) without adjusting down for a double-sized bed but still… Hee, it's really bright and colourful though - if you squint a little it looks like a scattering of flowers. : )

I love the mermaid, Joules, she's sooo pretty! Definitely worthy of plastic grapes… high-quality ones of course…

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Squeeeee! Excel Saga!!

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