Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Back home after a nice relaxing few days at Niki's. Back with my own computer, my own favourites list, my own cat (who apparently spent a lot of time sleeping underneath my computer chair...) and my earplugs. Oh gods, my earplugs - remind me never to leave home without them! The cubs just talk and talk and talk...
Not having my favourites list handy certainly made me realise what sites I'd actually make an effort to visit considering I had to either remember the URL or google them. There was an awful lot I was happy to leave until I got home. Mind you, I've caught up with them all now.
I got to watch my 'Kingdom of Heaven' DVD while I was away (le sigh...) and the first 12 episodes of Fruits Basket. Thank you, Onna! <tacklehug> I love it! That's the biggest percentage of bishies I've ever seen in any anime. I just get giggly over one then the next is introduced and I squee again. Current favourites are the Cat and the Cow. And the Rat. And the Dog. And the Dragon. <silly grin> I may have a problem...
Haven't met the Snake yet and I've already been warned off him. <smirk>
But anyway, I laughed a lot over the 12 eps and was mildly surprised at how easy they were to watch. (I mean, I sat through 12 in one sitting and would've watched more except that Niki came home.) Thanks again, Onna!
(One question though: if being hugged by a member of the opposite sex activates the Sohma curse, how do they procreate?)

Almost finished part 2 (of 3) of the snucious smut - and still trying to overcome the tentativeness with which I approach lemons.

There's new rebel cola posters appearing around town. At first glance it looked like someone was crowbarring the lid off a toilet, causing it to spray forth its nasty brown contents. On closer examination I discover that it's in fact David Hasslehoff opening an abnormally large bottle of the stuff. Riiight... And since when has The Hoff been cool? Or is this some retro, kitchy geek cool that I'm completely misunderstanding? <sigh> I'm just not hep to the jive anymore... : )

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