Monday, January 02, 2006

The good thing about stupidly hot days (40+ degrees) is that they make hot days (30+ degrees) seem not that bad. : )

... and some recent misreads:
An advert for the new CD, 'Walk on Waiter'. It was of course, 'Walk on Water'.
Here's a good one, glimpsed in a listing of local xmas events. 'Our Holy Reindeer'. Gosh, how... seasonal... Though it was actually a reference to a church, 'Our Holy Redeemer'. I prefer my version...

I've been scoffing so many of the lovely fresh beans from Niki's garden I've given myself stomach aches. <g> Completely worth it - they're delicious!

Bit of an interesting day today. Cubs and I went for a walk this morning up to the shops. I'd forgot how hilly this area is but it wasn't a long slog so I didn't feel like I was dying. <g> Had a wander around the small and mostly closed shopping area, grabbed a few things and wandered back with me pointing out old residences of mine and their dad's. When we got back, Sully, Niki's cat, was really agitating to go outside. He has a small run in the backyard and I was going to pop him in there but he wouldn't let me put his harness on, and he growled at me when I went to pick him up so I attached the lead to his collar, thinking it was only a short distance, what could go wrong? Heh. His collar broke, and he was off. Aaargh! I couldn't catch him so I decided to leave the door open and hoped he'd come back when he was hungry. I kept an eye on him over the next couple of hours, watching him have fun basking in the sun and rolling in the dirt. Grrr... Penny and Sarah dropped by for afternoon tea and I related my tale of woe - and then I got a message from Niki saying she was on her way home, a day early. B'ghack!! (That's a chicken squawk, by the way) Oh no! Sully was still outside! Niki would see what a lousy house-sitter I was!
<g> She just shook her head when I told her and said: 'He's still in the backyard? He usually just disappears...' Okay, didn't feel quite so bad now.
Anyway, long story short, Niki got her days mixed up but was happy for us to stay on another night, and she retrieved her rotten cat before she headed off again. So, the cubs and I are going home tomorrow, as planned. It's been fun, and Niki found me a very pinkly tacky flamingo garden ornament. <smirk> I love it - it's made of wood, with bamboo legs and its head is on the end of a looong bit of flexible metal so it bobs up and down in the breeze... Thanks, Niki!

Almost forgot. Stumbled over this - Bunny: the book of random. So funny! ... in a bizarre sort of way. (Make sure you read the title of each page as well as the comic itself; that's half the joke, I found.) Haven't had a chance to read all of it but what I did had me cackling out loud. GoodTwin, I think you'll enjoy this. Joules didn't. <g>

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