Sunday, January 08, 2006

Made the Yule cake today. Should've made two! It smells divine and judging by the little bits I've picked off the top, it's yummy, as well. : ) Going to be difficult putting it away for 6 months. (Sorry, Soulsis, I used wheat flour but I'm sure there's plenty of recipes for gluten-free lurking about.)

<evil smirk> I've been getting sneak previews of Joules' Band 3. (Yes, yes, BentenYOURS - I'm only looking...)

Finished Fruits Basket, thanks, Onna! Boy, that family's got issues, and some of the previous generation could've done with a few 'positive parenting' tips administered with a brick. Hmph.
It was a wonderful series - even though I was threatening to smack Tohru if she said 'sorry!' one more time. The story's continued in the manga, you say? Tempting, very tempting...

The cubs finally talked me in to watching The Polar Express. Was that ghost hobo supposed to look like Sean Bean?
While I can appreciate the technical wizardry that went into creating the movie, the people (including the elves) were ever so creepy. (And those elves were all Red Caps, don't think I didn't notice.) The animated body movements were nice and smooth - even the over-the-top comic-booky characters of the train's crew - but the faces just didn't work like faces are supposed to. It was offputting - I kept expecting them to morph into something horrible. Well, more horrible than they already were.
Fortunately, unlike the previous train movie they got their paws on <shudder>, the cubs don't seem intent on watching this one over and over and over.

Happy Birthday, Onna! (Have to confess that I didn't remember all on my own; I've just read Joules' blog... <g>)

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